Perfumed Philanthropy: Which Charity Should Scents of Self Support?

Ever since breast cancer charity Susan G. Komen inexplicably jumped the shark by defunding Planned Parenthood last month, I’ve been thinking of hosting a perfume sale here on Scents of Self for which 100% of the money raised would go to a charity. So I have two questions for y’all. First, would anyone be interested in donating unwanted perfumes to this sale? (Unwanted makeup should probably be donated to the Beauty Bloggers for Charity auction instead.) I was thinking that I could set up a Paypal account specifically for the sale (separate from my personal one), so that everyone could see where their money was going and there wouldn’t be issues with paying multiple people. Second, where should the money go? Please comment and suggest/campaign for your favorite organizations or causes. When we’ve got enough answers, I’ll put it to a vote!

7 thoughts on “Perfumed Philanthropy: Which Charity Should Scents of Self Support?

  1. I would participate if you thought people would bid on bottles I tried that are now sitting alone in the back of my perfume closet. I’ve always liked donating to charities that support women and children such as support for battered women, or charities that help to feed needy children on the weekends and during the summer when they have no access to school meals.

  2. I like small charities, low or no over head, so that all the money goes toward whatever it is I’m trying to help instead of something like Unicef. I think corporations are already paying attention to those. I also like finding orphanages that are in need. And I like because even a small amount feels like it helps so much and the money can always be rolled over to help someone else.

  3. I like all three of these. All three help women a lot (even things like Heifer International tend to support women with families more than anything else), and I feel like a perfume auction should support women.

    Plus, phttptptptptptpt on Susan G. Komen. (And I told them so.)

  4. there is an American charity called Women for Women….based in Washington..which supports women recover/rebuild their lives ,predominately in war ravished countries; democratic republic of congo,bosnia-herzogovia to name a couple.

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