What’s Your Uniform?

Ahh, the grey-wearing days.

Perfume Posse’s March just did a great post about establishing a uniform for her new job. My definition of a uniform is a type of outfit that one tends to fall back on day after day. Identifying my sartorial uniform was relatively simple, as I only wear one type of shirt (polo), one type of dress (short-sleeved or sleeveless knee-length A-line), and three colors (black, pink, and yellow). I also used to wear grey, but was ultimately overwhelmed by having four whole colors to choose from.

Colors are for the weak.

But what of the perfume uniform? Which perfumes are my constants, wearable in almost any situation? The perfume uniform must be special enough that you are happy to wear it practically every day. It cannot make you feel under- or over-dressed. And unless you spend most of your days in dens of sin and ill repute, it is most likely not going to be your sexiest perfume.

I was ultimately able to narrow down my perfume uniform to 2 fragrances: L’Artisan Safran Troublant and Prada Candy. I honestly can’t think of a situation in which the fresh, luminous Safran Troublant would be inappropriate. As I said in a previous review of Safran Troublant, its rose note is so clean that I initially mistook it for some strange new kind of citrus! Prada Candy is the perfume I choose for nearly all social situations. I wear this sweet, light-hearted scent in the hopes that no one will notice that I am a socially inept nervous wreck who really just wants to go home and watch Star Trek with the cat.

What is your perfume uniform? (And feel free to tell us about your fashion uniform, too!)

19 thoughts on “What’s Your Uniform?

  1. Hmm, mine would be something like SJP Lovely (it’s the ultimate school-run Mum easy squirt and go frag), and Andy Tauer’s L’Air du Desert Marocain, because incense goes everywhere and does everything, and finally Ava Luxe’s Mousse de Chine, which is totally go-anywhere indispensible and usually lives in my handbag.

    Important question though: what perfume do you wear to stay home, watch Star Trek and cuddle the cat? 🙂

    1. Lovely was MADE to be a uniform perfume, no doubt about it. When it gets a tiny bit cheaper at the discount stores, I’m totally getting a bottle.

      There is actually very little cuddling of the cat going on, as she is EXTREMELY active. The best I can hope for is that she will see fit to lie next to me on the couch. Thierry Mugler Alien would clearly be perfect for Star Trek watching, but it’s just too much jasmine for me! I often go with Parfumerie Generale Tonkamande, which is one of the weirder comfort scents.

  2. Lovely post Ari, with lovely pics of you. Your “uniform” really suits you.

    My uniform perfumes are probably Bois d’Argent and 31 Rue Cambon (son to be joined by Bottega Veneta). Easy to wear anytime, anywhere. Though I don’t have any perfume that will prevent people from noticing that I am socially inept nervous wreck.

    I need to try Safran Troublant again. It was so like the saffron rice which I eat that I found it lovely but rather off-putting as a personal fragrance.

    “Colors are for the weak” LOL!

    1. Rue Cambon is one of the very last Les Exclusifs I haven’t tried yet, and now I clearly have to! Your choices sound so elegant. I am very lucky to not have any foody associations with Safran Troublant, as I did not eat much Indian food growing up. But now I must beg for your recipe for saffron rice, which must be divine!

  3. I had to throw fragrances I wear to work out the window, since I feel that my situation isn’t very true to life….

    I’m going to go with By Kilian’s Liaisons Dangereuses and Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend for me.

    As for a personal uniform. I prefer to think of it as “a commitment to a distinctly curated wardrobe.” I’m pretty much allergic to color in all forms with the exception of a few prints and my accessories. I’m on a big dress, cardigan, leggings, ballet falts bent as of late. It is my dream that I can just reach for one of each at random on any given day, and it will come out in an acceptable/public “o.k.” permutation!

      1. I’ll normally wear Gorilla perfumes to work, not because I have to, but because it just seams like the right thing to do, and I truly love a lot of them. I have both the original Gorilla perfume sample set (minus Vanillary – I used it up), the B sides sample set, full bottles of both Lust and Imogen Rose, and a stick of 25:43. So the only ones that are available in store in some form that I don’t own are Vanillary and Dirty. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT!?!? I’ll have to remedy that tomorrow!

        More often than not I spritz on Orange Blossom, Breath of God, Tuca Tuca, Superworld Unknow, Dear John, Lady Boy & 25:43. I, of coarse, end up smelling like Eau de Lush once I leave the store.

        BTW – I started the day by wearing Boyfriend and then ended it by stealing some of my husband’s Eau Duelle and wore a big ol’ Mr. Rogers sweater as I taught my lessons.

  4. Ah, if it were that simple…I love color and variety, and get bored easily, so settling on a “uniform” has been very difficult for me. Having said that, my wardrobe falls in the range of colors that flatter me, plus neutrals like black, brown, and gray to set them off. I often wear outfits in a combination of red (my favorite color) and black. I also love the look of a long sweater or tunic over leggings, with ankle- or calf-length boots. I’m a yoga teacher and have been totally spoiled by the comfort of yoga pants, so I don’t even want to wear regular pants or jeans anymore.

    As for perfumes, I can’t settle on one or two – it has to be a different one every day. However, I can see how White Linen would make a great “uniform” fragrance, as it seems appropriate for every situation.

    Who is the lovely lady with you in the first photo? She really rocks royal blue!

    1. It has literally been two years since I wore legit jeans. They feel so stiff now! Jeggings are the future, baby. And I swear I am THIS close to ordering pajama jeans.

      The lovely lady is Drew’s grandmother! Her style is matched only by her sweetness 🙂

  5. Drew’s grandmother’s necklace reminds me of my grandma. She definitely loved all kinds of color and huge, huge, jewelry 🙂

    I think the only constant in my wardrobe are my jeans, which I wear 85 percent of the time. Other than that, I love playing with color, texture, and shape. My perfume uniform has just as little, well, uniformity. My usual picks are Darling Clandestine’s Serpentina perfume oil, Burberry London, and L de Lolita Lempika, which I wore non-stop from the day I got it in the mail to when I had to go on a work trip. The stuff is like candy, and I start craving it. We’ll see how it does in warmer weather though.

    (I hate to admit it, but I also wear B&BW Japanese Cherry Blossom too. It smells like dryer sheets, for some reason, and I love fresh laundry)

    1. HOORAY!!! L de Lolita Lempicka has integrated its way into your uniform!! I find it really beautiful in warm weather, too. That’s when that cheerful orange note really comes out!

      My grandma loved huge jewelry too! Mostly costume, though 😉

  6. Absolutely Safran Troublant for me too. I just got an almost full bottle off eBay for a decent price and I’m so glad I did. L’Artisan bottles are just so darn pretty!
    My other new go anywhere scent that has surprised me, and I think it will work much better once spring hits, is Parfums de Nicolai Odalisque. It’s an easy to wear chypre.
    I love seeing the cute photos of you. And that shot of Zelda….oh man she is darling!

    1. Thank you so much, Sujaan! I really regret not trying more Parfums de Nicolai while i was in Paris… SOMEBODY (little brother) was not as thrilled by the idea of spending his vacation in perfume shops. How could we be related??

  7. My uniform are jeans most days, with tops and knitted cardigans (I think is the correct english term?) mostly in black, blue, pink, lilac-only cold colors.
    When it comes to perfume it’s Mitsouko, Bandit and nowadays Bottega Beneta and Voyage d’Hermes.

  8. My uniform sounds much like Eva S’s, though with more autumnal shades in my case.

    Perfumewise L’Eau Ambree never feels wrong except in high summer, when I reach for Kenzo L’Eau de Fleur de Magnolia or Juniper Sling. And for an evening out – OJ Ta’if and Prada Candy are easy – slightly sultry – choices!

    1. I am going to give Ta’if a few more chances for you. And I should revisit L’Eau Ambree, too, at the very least for that GORGEOUS Prada bottle!

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