Lush Friends With Benefits

I know what you’re thinking, y’all. “A massage bar on a perfume blog? How low will you stoop, Scents of Self?” (The answer is pretty freaking low, y’all. Pretty freaking low.) But hear me out, non-believers. Lush massage bars are pretty much bulky solid perfumes that cannot be taken outside of the house. Okay, I’m not exactly talking them up here, but my point is that they are very highly fragranced in addition to being impressively moisturizing.

Now, I’m not much for “friends with benefits”. I’m a serial monogamist all the way, because if I find someone willing to deal with my various oddities, I DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY. However, I am fully willing to commit to this Friends with Benefits massage bar. Friends with Benefits smells like the most gloriously bitter dark chocolate. I have some baking chocolate on hand, and I swear to you that Friends with Benefits is only slightly sweeter. I actually mistook its scent for coffee upon first sniff. I have no intention of using Friends with Benefits for actual massage purposes- why would I waste it on someone else?- but I do recommend it very highly. Please note that I cannot be held responsible for anyone who tries to nom their own arm off under the influence of Friends with Benefits.

5 thoughts on “Lush Friends With Benefits

  1. If I had a $1 for every time this happened….

    Sweet lady sees FWB, not knowing its name. I’m guessing drawn in my the pretty flowers molded on to….

    asks me, “What’s the name of this one?”
    Me *OK, here we go…* “It has Marigold oil in it.”
    Lady, “But what’s the name of it?”
    Me, “It’s called Friends with Benefits.”
    Lady, “Oh…? Oh…!” *Down goes the massage bar*
    Me *resisting urge to grab Therapy or Manage Too* “Perhaps Peace or Each Peach?”

    It IS one of the prettier massage bars. I think they had this exact awkwardly hysterical interaction in mind when they developed it. Hell, I would!

    I do think it smells like an awesomely strong mocha! There’s also a Starbucks across from our store….

  2. Priceless name! Shame I don’t like the smell of coffee if it has a leaning that way – or bitter chocolate indeed. Is the marigold relief pattern the thing that does the massaging?.

  3. I have a love hate relationship with this massage bar. I so wanted to smell that bitter choclolate/orange note that everyone keeps raving about. Instead all I get is crushed marigold flowers. I still find myself reaching out for this a lot though.

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