Updates and Additions to the Smell Good, Do Good Perfume Sale!

A taste of what the future holds for poor Zelda.

First, it is my absolute pleasure to tell you that we have raised the staggering amount of $1,050 for domestic violence charity Refuge. According to the Refuge website, £10 covers the cost of securing a protective order against one abuse perpetrator, so SIXTY SEVEN abuse perpetrators just got served thanks to y’all. I hope that you are as proud as I am.

I previously promised that if we reached the $1000 mark, I would take a picture of Zelda dressed in a Zelda costume. However, it turned out that what I had been thinking of as Zelda was actually Princess Peach. So now I am planning to dress her up as a Pokemon instead. I’m not sure which one yet (Meowth seems too obvious), but rest assured that I will share the picture with you the minute I have captured that beautiful moment on film.

Finally, a few new items have just been added to the Smell Good, Do Good sale! Please check them out here.

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