3 thoughts on “No post today! Blame Zelda.

  1. Yes, blame the cat. She can’t defend herself. It’s like when my mum blamed the family cat for a broken lamp. The cat just glowered at her. Though, this same cat was certainly deserving of the blame. She has proven herself quite capable of mischief and destruction.

    I’ve been on a perfume buying frenzy lately, Ari. I think we may need to meet up for coffee some time and sort through this treasure trove of fragrance. I was searching for a bottle of Evening in Paris after it was alleged to me that it smelled like Shalimar … if Shalimar was worn by a Parisian whore. I snagged a set of unopened vintage bottles for $30 … only to realize that it was for a perfume lot that included 3 vintage coffrets resulting in roughly 15 or so bottles. Some bottles contain little more than a drop but others are completely untouched. They’re still in transit, but I’m beside myself with excitement. I also just bought several vintage minis including a bottle of Mitsuko off Etsy. And then of course lost my mind and bought a much coveted bell jar of Serge Lutens De Profundis. I plan on dressing in black silk and rolling around in that perfume once it arrives.

    Perfume party, lady. This needs to happen.

  2. FORGOT to pay the bill? Sounds like the explanation (excuse) my fur babies use when I notice my credit card balance creeping up. THEN the Petco and PetSmart deliveries begin arriving… 🙂

  3. I love that you post lol cats. Sometimes I have friends asking how it is that I seem so be so meme-savvy, which makes me laugh: isnt’ it obvious? I have geek teenagers. The Wild Things are constantly finding new funnies at places like I Can Haz Cheezburger and saving them. If I ever wanted to go that route in my posts, imagine the resources at my disposal…..

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