Too Itchy To Post

Hi everyone! There will be no post today because I am having a bad eczema flair-up, and am too itchy to do much of anything besides constantly apply steroid creams and whimper in agony. In lieu of a post, I present this photo of my lesser-known pet: Galadrial, the red-eared slider! I hope to be back (and less itchy) tomorrow.

14 thoughts on “Too Itchy To Post

    1. They are awfully cute, aren’t they?? But I have to tell you that turtles do not make very good pets. You cannot touch them, or they will scratch you. And they live as long or longer than humans, so a turtle pet is a pet for life!

      1. I used to work in a pet store. Never had any problem handling sliders. It was the ferrets that tore my arms up. Anyway, since you’re itchy, dont you want to be scratched? lol. Clean the shell!!! I dont think Galadrial likes growing so much algae on her back.

  1. Ouch! Wincing in sympathy. My dragongirl is going to love this picture, she’s got a thing for turtles (and penguins, and snakes, and dragons of course.)

    1. Thank you so much! I am thinking of getting that Dragon Dictation thingy, so that if my arms ever start hurting too much to write again, I can still produce (somewhat error-prone) posts.

  2. Where I come from, a slider is an ice cream wafer. Just saying… : – )

    Hope the cream has kicked in by the time you read this (I’ve been away!)

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