Weekend Plans and Perfumes

Hi y’all! So I thought of this new feature where everyone can drop in sometime during the weekend and share their plans for the weekend and the perfumes that they’ve been wearing with us. I don’t have enough material for proper posts on the weekends, but I still miss hearing from y’all!

Okay, I’ll start! I’ll be spending this weekend hunkered down with some Oregon Chai Tea, working on my final paper for Wimminz in Hollywood class. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a brief break and peruse the Aftelier Perfumes website, which has a 10% discount today. I’ve been wearing a lot of my new Hermès Ambre Narguilé (pictured at top with Zelda) and the Cartier Panthère that I found at a yard sale for FIFTY FREAKING CENTS.

32 thoughts on “Weekend Plans and Perfumes

  1. My weekend plans were a bit unexpected – my copy of Perfume Legends by Michael Edwards has arrived from Australia, so I’ve been draped over the sofa enjoying it (between several washing machine loads and a big supermarket shop!). Brilliant book. Tomorrow there’s a perfume course in London with Karen Gilbert which I’ll be at. All in all a very perfumed weekend. How about you?

    1. I’m soooo jealous of all of you Brits and your London Perfume Lovers events!! I hope that you have a wonderful time. What’s the theme of tomorrow’s course?

      1. I did a course with Karen using only natural materials, tomorrow’s introduces aroma chemicals. London is a great place for perfume events at the moment, Katie Puckrik is back in town (she’s doing a few) and as well as Perfume Lovers London there is also Scratch and Sniff (Lizzie Ostrom AKA Odette Toilette). Move over Paris!

  2. I’ve had a real spate of luck in perfume samples lately, mostly due to amazing perfume friends that I’ve made since I started my blog… plus a few lucky contest wins. At the same time, I haven’t had a lot of time for sampling things lately because I’ve been working on an extended project testing an entire line to choose a wedding favor fragrance (you can read about this on my blog). Then last week I came down with a cold and couldn’t smell much of anything. So, I have a backlog of samples to try and write about.

    Tonight, I’m going to a backyard Texas BBQ with smoked brisket, and I think I’m going to try out Neela Vermeire’s Bombay Bling, which I won in a draw on her Facebook page! Tomorrow, we’re going to a new church – we’ve decided to become Quakers and have been going for a few weeks now. Quaker service is basically an hour of meditative silence, so I have to wear something meaningful or contemplative, and scented like the smell of spring renewal. I think I might go with Sweet Anthem Gwendolyn (a beautiful lily of the valley) or Annick Goutal Petite Cherie – I wore Petite Cherie to church last weekend and found it so lovely and meaningful. I think the backstory makes me like it more than I would otherwise. Part of the reason I want to find a church in the first place is to find a way forward as a better mother… not that I’m a bad mother, but I want to be the best one I can be. You know?

    1. Everybody check out Susan’s wedding favor perfume posts! They’re really fun.

      I wish I still had my Neela Vermeire samples. Like you, I won them in a giveaway (The Candy Perfume Boy’s), but I haven’t been able to find them for months, no matter how many suspicious looks I give Zelda.

      I hope that the new church is perfect for your family! I grew up right next to a very famous Quaker school (Sidwell friends, where Chelsea Clinton went and the Obama girls currently go), but I don’t know much about Quakerism. I also don’t know much about being a mother, but I’m sure that you will find that at your new church, too. My father is a staunch atheist, but still goes to synagogue every week. No one really knows why…

    2. I hate to be the only one not to know–but what IS Susan’s blog? Is it okay to ask that here? Ari-just wipe this right out if I’m out of line. As for Petite Cherie–that’s my favorite spring scent, I think. Not offensive and a nice choice for when you are around others.

      My weekend–hmmm. Scrubbed the bathrooms til they shone and did the rest of the mundane household chores while my poor ill hubby slept. Started the day with Jil Sander #4, and am currently contemplating Hiris for the afternoon. I ended up coming into my office to work because I just couldn’t seem to keep quiet enough for the hubby. Such a waste of a gorgeous day, but catching up on some work won’t hurt me a bit. At least I can spray Hiris to my heart’s content as there’s nobody here to offend today!

      1. OMG, you’re sooooo out of line, Joanne *rolls eyes* I am delighted to share Susan’s blog with you! It is: finefragrants.com
        Your work ethic is insane! I tried Hiris for the first time a little bit ago and it was just lovely. Can’t understand its bizarre bad review in Perfumes: The Guide.

      2. Yes, Petite Cherie is gorgeous! It’s like one of the ur-fruity florals, I think.

        I’m trying to motivate to do housework/wedding planning stuff this weekend too, but doing a much poorer job than you apparently!

  3. Testing a sample of Borneo 1834 given to me by a perfumista friend with whom I plan to meet tomorrow (not sure if a sniffing session will be involved – we’ll see) and trying to figure out what perfume to wear tonight to a tango class. I was thinking of the one the name of which scares you, Ari (so, I’m not mentioning it ;)) but I’m not sure yet.

    1. Oooh, a tango class! Is this your first time? I’ve always wanted to do dance classes, but after a truly horrendous experience with a hip-hop class (at a very prestigious institution, mind you), I don’t dance in public anymore. It’s clearly a Lutens day for you- let us know if you end up wearing The-Perfume-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named!

      1. Nah, not the first lesson: we’re perpetual students 🙂
        I have to report back though: The-Perfume-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named is not a good match for that activity. I enjoyed it on my way to the lesson but I thought it wasn’t the best companion for the body heat during the lesson.

  4. This makes me want to go yard sale shopping so badly. 50 cents was incredible!. I’ve wanted to go for weeks, and to the antique stores to search for vintage perfume bottles.

    1. You must, you must! I’ve been having good luck at antique stores lately- found a ton of old Avons in exciting bottles the other day. Parfumieren must live near the best antique stores in the world- her blog always has the best stories of vintage perfume finds.

  5. I was supposed to work today, but I got called out. I’m guessing that the unseasonably chilly weather tamped down on shopping. (Luckily it was today and not tomorrow as Sunday’s are time and a 1/2 in MA). So I slapped my pjs back on (ironically they say “Let it Snow” all over them) and some of Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend. I’ve spent my day watching oceanic documentaries and perfume blog creepin’.

    I also managed to order 6 samples!!!
    1) CB I Hate Perfume’s Eternal Return
    2) Profumum’s Acqua di Sale
    3) Lutens’ L’Eau Froide
    Those three in prepartation for 2nd love as a Manta Ray! 😉
    4) Byredo’s Pulp
    5) Malle’s Le Parfum de Therese (for a Musical Monday project)
    6) Lutens’ Muscs Koublai Khan (also hopefully for a Musical Monday project is it has nads big enough!)

    Making whole wheat crust and pancetta pizza for dinner and watching a movie in my pjs tonight as all of my friends are studying or practicing for juries. ‘Tis the Season!

    I should try and get some blog writing done for next week, but I’ll wait and see in inspiration strikes.

    As for perfumes for tomorrow….I reserve the right to wait and see what the weather does. 🙂

    Also contemplating buying Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab’s Bayou. I wonder if it would meet this Cajun Queen’s approval!

    1. Sounds like a super fun day! I looooove making my own pizza, but I’ve never been quite virtuous enough to try making it whole wheat 🙂 All of those samples sound awesome! I’ve only tried the Malle, so please report back on the others! I’m especially curious about Muscs Koublai Khan.
      Have you bought any BPALs before? The line looks so interesting, but the website is dizzying!

      1. Thanks! The whole wheat was…OK. A little bland. I still have 1/2 the bag and I think I’ll mix in some smashed garlic for the next go round. I ended up watching Dolphin Tale…highly recommended. Be prepared to cry. Harley and I are now contemplating opening our own aquarium. Has a cat ever been an Aquarium COO? Hmmmm…

        I shall report back. I’m very excited re my “Manta Scents”.

        I REALLY need Muscs Koublai Khan to have a big ol’ pair!

        I haven’t tried any BPALs before. You’re right, the website IS dizzying. I think a Beach Boys album and National Geographic Magazine subscription is going to win out. I need to be somewhat careful as while Al’s out of town we’re living two separate financial lives on one combined income… :-/ We won’t see the benefits of the crazy amount of work he’s doing…3 weeks w/ ONE day off! CRAZY!

        Hope your paper’s going well!

  6. Last night and this morning I pulled the dreaded “clopen” at work, the back-to-back closing and opening shift with only 8 hours between 2 full 8 hour shifts. I was not a happy camper when I woke up exhausted this morning to drizzly, chilly weather. For some reason my foul mood made me crave what I consider a sort of “foul perfume” Ava Luxe’s Cafe Noir. Haha, I know I got it from you Ari, I just happen to get more of a wet animal/camel dung/slightly rotting spices thing from it than coffee. I thought I didn’t like it at all but for some reason I wanted it this morning and it seemed to work!, fitting with my “don’t mess with me” mood. Weird!

    Now just trying to decide if I should go surfing, clean, or nap. Probably having a quiet dinner night in with my man later, which is the perfect saturday evening in my books.

    1. LOL! The reason that I sold Cafe Noir is that it didn’t smell like coffee to me, either! But I’m so glad that that strange perfume has finally served its purpose for you. I hope you have a wonderful night in after all that work!

  7. G’Day!!!!! Arielle ,as I write this,it is Sunday morning @11.45am. I have been busy this weekend because as well as attending my normal work shifts,I worked extra both Friday/Saturday evenings.Operation Bathroom begins on Monday morning,so “i’ve been cleaning out bathroom cabinents.Operation Bathroom involves the entire area being gutted and being rebuilt!!!! No more worrying if we will fall through the floor lol.So Fri/Sat. wore Unforgettable by Revlon.Right now Straight to Heaven…for work will wear Jungle L’Elephant.Oh and…a bit of sleep sometime

    1. Busy bee!! I hope that you can get your bit of sleep soon! I have a sample of that Straight to Heaven that I haven’t yet managed to try- I’ll have to do that today.

  8. I don’t know which kitty I find more hypnotic– Zelda or that little feline on the top of your bottle of Panthere. 🙂 Cat scratch fever!

    Today I visited a friend in the hospital & was extremely happy to find her much improved. I also raided two of my favorite antique stores for vintage smellies: Revlon Intimate EDT, Germaine Monteil Royal Secret perfume oil (wearing it right now, yum!), Crepe de Chine EdP and a bottle of Shalimar w/ a stuck stopper over which I SHALL prevail. Tomorrow, artwork, sleep, and stillness to make up for all of today’s travel. May your chai tea be strong and spicy, and the Wimmenz also!

    1. I knooooow! I would have bought Panthere even if it smelled like Secretions Magnifique just for that kitteh on top! Fortunately, it actually smells quite nice!
      Good luck with your Shalimar stopper! I know that you won’t let something as small as a mere stopper keep you from that Shalimar. I’m so glad that your friend was doing better, and so happy that you are now strong enough to be the hospital visitor instead of the visited!!

  9. Dude, I went to my very first Comic-Con this weekend! Went on Friday with The Engineer, Frodo (18) and Archimedes (16) to scope the place out, saw Adam Baldwin, Marina Sirtis, Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden and Lance Henriksen signing autographs at their booths and then goggled at the trade floor. Went scent-less just in case BPAL was there, but nope.

    Today we went with the four youngest (I wore Tocade, wanted something fun and a bit trashy), and discovered to our dismay that the Fire Marshall wasn’t letting ANYBODY in because the crowds were over capacity. It didn’t matter if you’d driven from Vancouver or had a VIP pass or had bought a $500 ticket for a photo op with the whole TNG cast, no way josé.

    It turned out to be pretty fun though, because a lot of people were hanging out outside in some freakin’ amazing costumes, and were very cool about letting you take your picture with them. My little ones had a BLAST. The Engineer took them home after a couple of hours and I stayed with the older ones and we eventually got in. Saw a couple of panels, shopped, did a lot of people-watching. My feet are *sore.* It was grand.

    1. SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!! What an amazing weekend for you and your family! Did you guys wear any costumes? Was Adam Baldwin as hunky in person? Squeeeeeeeee!

    1. I would love to, Portia! I’ve really been enjoying it. And Panthere seems to have been discontinued, so I consider it an extremely lucky find!

  10. I had a pretty fragrant weekend. I went to the mall to see if Nieman Marcus had the JM tea scents, and other new ones. I fell victim to not one, but 2 marketing ploys! First, the “limited edition” one – scarcity is a powerful motivator! And second, it was their “scent event” and if you spent $X on perfume, you got a really cute straw tote bag with a bunch of samples. So I bought JM Plum Blossom and Assam & Grapefruit, even though I hadn’t had time to sample properly. I figure if I don’t like them, the JM limited editions are always going for high prices on ebay! And Ari – I asked about Sweet Milk and the rep said they didn’t even get it this time around so it wasn’t sold out, they just never had any. : ( Also, they were already sold out of the Lilac & Rhubarb and weren’t getting more, so I didn’t get to try it. The JM rep was super nice, not pushy and gave me 4 or 5 samples. I haven’t even gone through all the free samples that were with the bag, but there were at least 5 or 6 in there and saw Baiser Vole was one.

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