22 thoughts on “Holy Crap, I’m on Perfume Posse!

  1. very well done, Ari
    here’s to many more- you’re such fun to read
    I am so glad to know I’m not the only one that loves Douce Amere
    good luck with youe finals, my dear

    1. Thank you so much, Irina! And you are far from the only one who enjoys Douce Amere! Several people are singing its praises in the Perfume Posse comments.

  2. This is exceedingly excellent news! It’s wonderful that you will be getting more well-deserved exposure and Perfume Posse can definitely use the breath of fresh (and funny) air. I will get my butt over there and leave a comment saying what a wonderful new contributor you are. Does Zelda get her paws in there too?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, Linda! Posting for the Posse is honestly a dream come true for me (I have been reading it ever since I was but a wee wannabe goth back in 2006). Zelda was not featured in this post, but I have no doubt that her pawsies will pop up somewhere down the line.

  3. Brilliant. I spent the morning reading your blog and now I’m gonna be late for work.

    Your blog might just be my new favorite… Its a tie with Texts from Dog. That texting dog is hilarious, especially with no thumbs! Yours is my new favorite fume blog, though! Bonus points for having thumbs. You do have thumbs, right.


    On the blog, not thumbs.

    I mean, I’m glad you have thumbs, but we’re not talking about thumbs, we’re talking about perfume blogs and how I discovered your blog via Perfume Posse. Maybe I should be congratulating myself for clicking the link?

    No, this is about you and your awesome Scents of Self blog.

    And thumbs. 🙂

    I’m stopping now.

    1. And you are my new favorite reader for introducing me to the glory that is Texts from Dogs, CM!!! Thank you so much for your generous praise of my post and my thumbs 😉

  4. You are great as ever. You either have me lmao or crying buckets. Anyway congrats on another great post

  5. Oh, cool! I really liked the man repellent idea, post, and certainly your funniest execution! 🙂 I have already went over there and commented — I hope you liked my addition to your list, not to mention the repelling strategies 😉 I myself am quite proud of “playing undead” bit 😉

    1. Thank you so much, Warum! I loved your comment, although I think that you might be underestimating the appeal of the undead in this post-Twilight era 😉

      1. Twilight! I actually have not read it.
        But I understand the point — so no playing undead any more… hummm… *turns around, tries to hide, goes to the perfume stash for some Infusion d’Iris*

  6. Fantastic post over on the Posse and now I have discovered ‘Scents of Self’ as well. Double win for me!

    1. It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here, KillerRabbit! (Your username is surely a Monty Python reference, I hope?)

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