TokyoMilk Bittersweet. This smells just like my beloved Dylan’s Candy Bar chocolate frosting body cream (briefly sold at Sephora)- for the first 15 minutes, anyway. Then all that chocolatey goodness gives way to an undistinguished white floral. I don’t regret buying a bottle (how could I, at $36?), but I deeply wish that I could have more time with that glorious top note.


So Delushious. Reading a model’s food blog does not sound like anyone’s idea of a good time (I deeply apologize to anyone whose idea of a good time involves wheatgrass juice fasts). But Chrissy Teigen, supermodel and fiancee of should-be-a-supermodel-but-is-actually-a-singer John Legend, has won me over with her profane ramblings and precious bulldogs. I came for the shirtless John Legend pictures, but I stay for the impressive Thai recipes.

Did I mention the shirtless John Legend pictures? There are shirtless John Legend pictures, you guys.


Masterchef is back, y’all! Gordon Ramsey has three modes: supportive (Masterchef), stern (Kitchen Nightmares), and hellbeast (Hell’s Kitchen). Masterchef is the cooking show for those of us who prefer a kinder, gentler Gordon. (I maintain that Gordon beats out Clooney in the “delicious older man” category any day of the week.)


The Etat Libre d’Orange Discovery Coffret. Show me another brand that offers 24 samples for $60! Etat Libre d’Orange seems to be moving away from their predictably sleazy sex-for-the-shock-factor image, which suits me just fine. Their latest scents have been smarter and more interesting, and I was getting tired of feeling sexually harassed by my perfume bottles.


The new Charlotte Ronson perfume. Having a sister that briefly dated Lindsay Lohan is enough to get you a perfume line now? One time my best friend saw David Beckham at LAX and he totally said hi. Where’s my perfume line?

She totally did, though. That’s the back of his head and everything. Photo credit: Michelle Hinkes.

I’d love to hear your own “Currently” lists in the comments! Please feel free to make your answers as perfume-related or -unrelated as you’d like!

This post is (obviously!) inspired by The Non-Blonde‘s “Currently” posts.

18 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. I imagine that you would do better with your perfume line than Charlotte Ronson. And because I do not like chocolate in my perfume, we should split that TokyoMilk down the middle – you take the chocolate, I’ll take the white florals.

    And John Legend is cuuuuuuute! But you are wrong about Gordon. Not because George floats my boat, because he just doesn’t, but because Gordon is Mean. Major, major turnoff for me. Hot Older Guy, though? Got three words for ya, three words that will be ALL you ever need: TOMMY. LEE. JONES. Srsly. I’d crawl down six miles o’ bad road to date that man.

    Not hating anything recently. But totally totally digging writing smutty Hunger Games fanfiction on Funfunfun. (I KNOW. I am double, or maybe triple, the age of the average THG fanfic writers. Means I can write circles around them. HA.)

    1. The perfect fate for Bittersweet! You’ll take the bitter, I’ll take the sweet!

      I really don’t know what to think about Gordon’s meanness. I can’t tell how much of it is for the cameras. I feel like he would be much nicer and more reasonable in real life, but how can anyone really know?

      Would you feel comfortable sharing your FF username with us, Mals? There’s some truly great writing swirling around, which is why it’s so baffling that 50 Shades of Gray was the one to get famous!!

      1. It’s Mals86. One story as of now, “The Light in Your Eyes,” 19 chapters and more in the hopper. Link:

        (Huh, link does not appear to be working.) I confess, it is really smutty. Over 18-only stuff. HOWEVER: I just found out today that will be purging all material rated “M” in the near future, so I’m strongly considering taking down the story and finding another place to post it… maybe a private blog. Suggestions, anybody?

  2. Currently…
    Wearing: With love by Hillary Duff. Don’t laugh, it’s actually a pretty good celebrity scent- a very warm mix of amber and mango. Rather golden-y if we can pretend that’s an actual term. And.. ok, so a small reason I bought it was because Hillary Duff was the bomb when I was a tween. I memorized ALL of her songs.
    Reading: The Man Who Knew Too Much by G.K. Chesterton. Almost an amateur detective story, but not quite. Chesterton is witty and brilliant and a fantastic writer, but sometimes he gets so caught up in smacking you over the head with the “moral” of the story that I get a bit irritated.
    Watching: Agatha Christie’s Marple. A pet theory of mine is that Miss Marple herself is a sociopath murderer. How else would she find murders wherever she went… and so conveniently solve them all herself? No one suspects the old lady!
    Loving: Orange! The fruit and the color. Lately I’ve been wearing orange clothes, lipstick, nail polish, even eyeshadow. Not all at the same time, though. That would be strange.
    Hating: Waiting. I’m currently trying to talk a few colleges down in prices and right now I’m sending an email and then waiting a few days, then getting an email, then responding, then waiting. It’s starting to get old.

    Also, the man who wins the “delicious older man” category is obviously Liam Neeson you guys. That accent! That physique! The way he can take on a whole pack of wolves armed only with broken beer bottles! Dreamboat.

    1. With Love is one of my favorite celeb scents! I guess that it’s not sold anymore because she’s not as big of a celebrity these days, but it was so much nicer than most of its celebuscent counterparts.

      Good luck with your college negotiations, Selina!! I’m sure it’s no fun to have to deal with their financial aid departments, but how exciting that you have several to negotiate with! Will you let us know which one you end up choosing?

        1. I’m feeling pretty celeb-ignorant myself these days. I don’t recognize most of the women in the the tabloid mags. Or if I do, I recognize them as being famous, but I don’t know why.

    1. I did know this, actually! But I’d NEVER heard of her as a designer until SamRo and LiLo hooked up. Now I hear about Charlotte fairly often, but I still suspect that she’s about as much of a designer as Nicky Hilton was.

  3. Currently wearing Opium Fleur du Shanghai. Tells you how old I am that I love old style Opium and it’s flankers. My hot older man was Peter Jennings. I was sad when he died.
    As far as TV chefs/food guys, I love Anthony Bourdain and Chris Cosentino.
    I wish you hadn’t listed the link to the Etat Libre d’Orange Discovery Coffret. Sigh. Now I’m going to have to struggle with my self-control not to buy it. Must wait until fall birthday to even consider it.
    Totally hating doing laundry right now.

    1. Fleur du Shanghai is so much nicer than the new Opium flanker, Belle de Opium! That one smells so unpolished to me (and not in a good, “raw” way). I’m so sorry to tempt you with the EL’dO discovery set! It really is an incredible bargain considering what it is, but $60 still isn’t a REAL bargain like, say, $25 would be.

  4. I didn’t mind the sexual reference titles of the ELDO. I do mind the recent and racist “Philipino houseboy” – it is the subtitle of the fils de dieu perfume in Europe. The very catholic countries got Philipino houseboy promoted as the title. I suppose they meant to be sensitive that way.

    1. AGREED AGREED a million times over, Zazie. “Filipino Houseboy” made me truly uncomfortable. I was so glad to see that they changed it for the U.S. release, but so disheartened to hear it’s still being used elsewhere. I have no idea what could possibly be “sensitive” about using that name in Catholic countries!

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