So a very foolish perfume blogger underestimated the amount of time it would take a check to go through into her account, which means that I will not be getting any breakfast this morning. (Not to worry- Zelda still gets breakfast! I have my priorities here, people.) That means that I’m too hungry to write a post with actual words. So just for fun, I have decided to take on the enormously important project of compiling the definitive guide to the perfume bloggers’ cats. (All photos come from some intense Facebook stalking.)

The Alembicated Genie

Hairy Krishna
Janice Divacat

Angela Sanders

Mae West

Beauty on the Outside

Cho (Dee’s kitteh)

Bonkers About Perfume

Charlie Bonkers
Poppy Bonkers

The Candy Perfume Boy


No Disassemble Charlie No. 5



Frink (not a cat, but a frug! I love pugs and all of their derivatives!)

Eyeliner on a Cat


I Smell Therefore I Am

Greta and Gunther (decidedly NOT cats, but I love dem pugs!)

Memory of Scent


The Muse in Wooden Shoes


The Non-Blonde




Scents of Self


Undina’s Looking Glass


The Unseen Censer


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  1. I love this post, but it makes me sad too. My beloved Ottilie (black half-Persian) would have fit right in with the others, she was a diva.

    I hope you get some food into you soon, poor girl! ❤

    1. Awww, I’m so sorry that Ottillie is no longer with us, Birgit. I think that Persians are the most beautiful cats (though I can’t quite handle all their fur!) Thank you very much for the food wishes. It sounds like the check will not be going through until tomorrow or Wednesday. But Zelda has food, and that’s what matters!

    1. How totally cute is this post? I love it. Pets are so important to perfume bloggers (more than any other type of blogger, I believe that). One of these days, we need to have someone lead a scientific trial for us and find out exactly why that is. xox

      1. Because perfume bloggers are writers! Or, at least, we do a lot more writing relative to makeup or fashion bloggers. And all writers need a kitteh! As Barbara Holland said, “A cat-less writer is almost inconceivable”!

  2. If there was an option to “love” this post I would totes click it, but alas I shall settle with merely “liking” it!

    My day has been a bit rotten and this cheered me up no end (it’s the secret power of kittehs), so thank you!

  3. Oh, such a fun post! All of these cats are adorable. The picture of Rusty looking up so pensively as he sits next to the lily of the valley made me laugh out loud.

    1. I think that Rusty is the most photogenic kitteh in the perfume blogging community! Those piercing green eyes, that pale orange fur!

  4. Newman is either extremely chuffed about being included in this post with so many other fine felines… or he is silently biding his time until he can steal my cell phone to call his lawyer. With this inscrutable Kittyboy, it is really hard to tell. Me, I am THRILLED TO BITS and thank you from the bottom of my kitty-worshipping heart! >^-.-^< (a cat kiss!)

    1. It was my pleasure, Meg! And please don’t sue me, Newman! I’m sure we can resolve this out of court, perhaps with some Meow Mix?

  5. Sooooo cute and what a brilliant idea! Understandably, it takes a while to scroll through The Non-Blonde’s particularly photogenic “litter”: – ) Then Bloody Frida recently lost her Rose, sadly.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that! If you ever read this, Bloody Frida, I hope that you are doing okay. Finding pictures of ALL of The Non-Blonde’s kittehs took me the better part of a half-hour, and I’m still not sure that I didn’t miss one or two!

  6. I’m favoriting this in my phone for when I feel blue! But I think we have a bit of a Diva on our hands…Ezra meowed at me to get him a publicist. 😉

    1. I’m so happy you think so, Irina! If you ever decide to start a perfume blog, I insist on adding Dagobert to this list!

  7. Ari, did someone say this was a cutest post ever? In case no one did (BS!), this is the cutest post ever! (I am typing this as my cat is purring loudly snuggled right next to me). Meow!

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