Ineke/Illuminum Giveaway!

This week, I had the pleasure of posting on Perfume Posse about some of the recent negativity towards inexperienced or “unqualified” perfume critics/bloggers. Having gotten the ranting out of my system, I would now like to take this discussion in a more positive direction! For a while now, I’ve been trying to think of ways to welcome and encourage new perfume bloggers. I’d like to think that most of us are definitely open to reading new perfume blogs, but don’t necessarily have the time to actively seek them out. So I’ve put together this here giveaway to introduce y’all to some of the most exciting new perfume blogs!

What’s the giveaway? An Ineke Deluxe Sample Collection, which contains samples of Ineke’s first 6 fragrances, or an Illuminum Haute Perfume introduction Set, which contains samples of 16 Illumnium fragrances. (Illuminum, as you may recall, is the perfume line from which Kate Middleton chose her wedding day perfume.)

Who can enter? Absolutely anyone, regardless of geographic location!

How can I enter? To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment reporting on a blog post that you enjoyed from one of the blogs highlighted in this post. This means that you must also read at least one blog post from one of those highlighted blogs! Which will be totally fun, because reading new perfume blogs is the best! Yaaaaay! You should also specify which of the two sample sets you would prefer to win in your comment.

When does the giveaway end? This Monday, June 18th!

The Blogs:

Australian Perfume Junkies

Confessions of a Mad Perfumista

Fine Fragrants

Memory of Scent

No Disassemble Charlie No. 5

Nosy Girl


Return to Scenter

Tinsel Creation

The Unseen Censer

Disclaimer: I am defining “new” perfume blogs as blogs that have been around for one year or less. None of the featured perfume bloggers asked to be on this list or compensated me in any way for including them. If you know of any other new perfume blogs that you believe deserve to be on this list, please let me know via comment and I would be happy to add them. 

41 thoughts on “Ineke/Illuminum Giveaway!

  1. Yay! Not entering the draw, just wanted to say that I LOVE Nosy Girl. It’s a great concept and she gets a lot of quirky, tender, poignant, hilarious things out of her interviewees. Also a big thumbs up on Jessica’s Tinsel Creation, which has quickly become one of my new staples. I look forward to checking out the others, Ari, thanks for the community building list!

    1. Nosy Girl has one of those concepts that makes you sooo sad that you didn’t think of it first! Elizabeth was actually gracious enough to interview me, and I can’t wait for it to be posted!!

    2. Ari & Alyssa: Thank you so much! I’ve been away from regular internet access this summer, and behind on all my blog-reading. What a delight to discover Nosy Girl on this list! (And now I find I’m even *more* behind on blog-reading, as I must check out everything on this list!) Ari, you are the most generous perfume blogger around–I heart your huge heart! And Alyssa, I’m blushing with glee at your kind words!

  2. Hi, Ari! The first link took me to The Alembicated Genie instead of Australian Perfume Junkies. Was it something I said?
    Fine Fragrants just got added to my perfume links based on the very touching post about Petite Cherie, her daughter, and attending a Quaker meeting. I’ve loved that scent for years, so it was gratifying to read that someone else finds it meaningful and not just another frooty floral.
    I look forward to exploring the other sites over the weekend. If I were lucky enough to win your generous draw, I would be thrilled to receive either set of samples. I’m not familiar with either line, and it would be fun to explore something entirely new.

  3. YAY!! I am on your list. Thank you Arielle. And you had to watch the video to have that pic. Did you laugh, smile, er, grimace? You rock. I have now added a couple of new blogs to my reading list also,
    Portia xx

  4. I really like Confessions of a Mad Perfumistas mix of perfume and art, I’ll come back to check out the rest!
    I would really like to try the Ineke line, which of course isn’t available in Sweden.

  5. Awesome! I have more than half of these bookmarked (which means I probably check them 3 or more times a week). And I can’t wait to check out the rest–thank you for pointing them out! Hmm, which post should I mention? Well, of course “Dear Boobs, Thanks For Helping Me Love Perfume!” on No Disassemble Charlie #5 (May) does stand out in one’s memory. She is very funny and fun to read! And I loooove Australian Perfume Junkie, and not just because I won some samples from their Bud Perfume post–it is *great* fun to read and Portia is wonderful! Thank you for the draw! If I win, I would love the Illuminum Haute Perfume sample set.

  6. Australian P.J. is by far my favorite new perfume blog….The videos are to die for….could watch them all day(I SWOON at the thought,I tell ya’)

  7. I liked the Quest for the Wedding Perfume series on the Fine Fragrants blog. It introduced me to Sweet Anthem, an indie perfume house that I would have otherwise never known about. I just got my first samples in the mail and am actually testing Cordelia on my wrists right now!

  8. Ari! I’m so happy to be on the list and in such super fun company! Thing 1 is VERY excited to be in the picture representing No Disassemble Charlie No. 5, but Thing 2 is causing quite a scene trying to knock over all the niche perfumes. He’ll simmer down eventually!

    Christy, thanks so much for the kind words!

  9. I’ll go very conservative here:
    confessions of a mad parumista caught my eye for the beautiful Proust post
    I’ll take a deeper look into this list
    heartfully subscribe to Annie’s call ” carry on Parfumistas, carry on…”
    Thanks , Ari
    PS. I would go for the Ineke set, too

  10. Thanks so much for including me here. I have spent some time looking at the blogs you feature and I have found some amazing stuff. I was impressed by the a post by Nosy Girl with a map of culinary flavour associations. I think it is the kind of stuff Undina is going to love and I can’t stop thinking that there must be a way of doing this for perfume ingredients as well.

    Ari you keep spreading good vibes on the blogosphere. This is amazing. Of course I did not comment to enter the draw. Just to express my appreciation and point people to something great that I learned from here.

    Lots of good vibes from me!

  11. Great quest! 🙂 Love it. First I added all of them (those that i didn’t have already) in my Google Reader and that I checked their blog posts… I like small reviews like Fine fragrants did in last post. Also, it is always interesting to read (Reminiscent’s posts) on meeting with perfumers… Feels like I am there. 🙂

  12. Ah, thanks so much for putting together that list! I will be stalking these blogs when I get more of a chance. I particularly enjoyed nosy girl’s interview with Natalie Bakopaoulos- Natalie’s description of her favorite scents were beautiful, and the perfume bottle war between Gaga’s Fame and Selena Gomez’s perfume by No Disassemble Charlie no 5 (what a great name!) made me laugh. I would really be happy to get either of the sample sets. Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I’m having a great time reading these wonderful blogs. I am familiar with The Unseen Censer and Memory of Scent, both very well written, with distinctive voices and memorable posts. A recent post from the Unseen Censer was on Vero Perfumo’s Rubj and I enjoyed that very much. (“Rubj travels, and brings back hostages.”) Memory of Scent’s post on “The Spirit of Kerosene: Being John Pegg” was brilliant and created a lemming!

    Kudos to all these perfume bloggers, whose words create an evocative nosegay for us readers.

    Either sample set would be lovely. Thank you for the giveaway!

  14. Gosh, you have really expanded my reading list . . . By a lot! Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark. I really couldn’t choose one over another–so I’ll just say THANKS for all of them. Each was enjoyable. As for choosing in the giveaway, I have no experience with either line, so I’d leave that decision to you!

  15. Thanks for all the new links — I love reading more perspectives on perfume and smelling.

    I was already familiar with Australian Perfume Junkies — that latest video on Secretions Magnifique is just so Portia (who is my second favourite 😉 new columnist on Perfume Posse. Fine Fragrants (great name) had already entered my consciousness too. But, I had lost track of Memory of Scent (and Toupee) and was delighted to find it again and enjoy the review of Kerosene Whips and Roses (along with Santalum Slivers). I like Christos’ perfume portrait page too. Nosy Girl is totally new to me and I am enjoying browsing thru all her interviews (I too am nosy about what people think of smells.) Really liked her two interviews with Mandy Aftel in the January 2012 archives. I’m pouting that she’s taking a summer break. And I’m thinking the fates are toying with us because Return to Scenter is taking a (forced) break too. I want more of those one sentence portraits: Thierry Mugler Alien — “Honeysuckle and disappointment–which is to say William Faulkner.”

    Just getting acquainted with these blogs has been a reward, but I’d be delighted to win the Ineke sample set too (and wouldn’t sneer at the Illuminum).

    1. To be honest the Perfume Portrait is Undina’s concept and I just thought it is a very good way of describing a perfume lover’s personality. I akcnowledged the inspiration on facebook but thanks for reminding me to do so on my page too.

  16. Thanks Ari – now I’ll be spending even more time reading about perfume! Of the blogs I was unfamiliar with I enjoyed reading Confessions of a Mad Perfumista’s article on Loise Bourgeois, An Empty Bottle of Shalimar. I love Cell II , which I believe I saw for the first time on Mal’s blog. Thanks for the draw, would like to try Illuminum because I have never sampled any from this brand.

  17. Ari, first of all I’d love to say, how great is your post on the Posse! I think at times we need to express our power.
    And thanks for introducing me to new blogs!
    I loved the name Return to Scenter, and yes, my nose also had become much more sensitive since I’ve been a perfumista. Not to a point of taking a hiatus (I even want to start a blog! if I ever get to it). But sensitive. I can tell what people around me were eating — creeeeeeepy….
    I loved the brave Reminiscent and if I’m ever in NY I’ll try to stop at Saks.
    Which brings me to the point of how hard it may be to shop in NY… and be a big-city perfumista… Hello, The Unseen Censer!
    And I loved “When the writers make art” series from Mad Perfumista.
    Please count me in! I’d love the Illuminum, since I am intimately familiar with Ineke and don’t know any of Illuminum.

  18. Not entering the draw, but just wanted to say thank you for being such a nice idea and for being a community builder. 🙂
    And your prize is fantastic–Ineke perfumes are so lovely! I was wearing Evening Edged in Gold the other day and enjoying its saffron-plum notes very much.

  19. I enjoyed reading the Unseen Censer. I was glad to know that Fracas has some new brothers and sister that have just come out. All the blogs look interesting. Trying to find the time to add extra blogs with all the others that are read daily, gets harder and harder. No matter how many new ones I add, yours is the first I read every morning. Thanks for all the hard work you put into making the blog so special, and thanks for your generosity in all the give aways that you do.

  20. Oh, I haven’t gone through the list yet, and I don’t need to be entered, but that is such a lovely idea! I almost never have time to go visiting on blogs anymore or commenting, but I was thinking about it and thinking I need to make time to do it. I’m not sure how, but I will! It’s a big step for me just to start updating my perfume blog links!

  21. Thanks for all of the links to the blogs…which some I am familiar with (I love me some Portia and Katherine of Confessions and I go way back…ok way back to the beginning of this year :)!) And if you haven’t checked out Christos’ posts, they magnificent as well as his Facebook page (the best links by far!). As for the others, I now have more to discover. Thanks. As for recent posts, Portia’s video on Secretions Magnifique was incredibly funny…trying to see if they could smell the nasty parts was priceless! OK, I’m not shy, I wouldn’t run away from the Illuminum set! Besides, Undina keeps tweeting to enter the draw and I obey Undina unconditionally!

  22. hoping i’m not to late to enter,Ari. Only the last fortnight i’ve discovered Aust.P.J……Portia is so cute! I watched her do the Secretions Video and followed since.I now have many new bloggers to catch up on…if I were to be lucky..i’d like either prize. keep it fragrant baby!!!!!!

  23. Oh man, Australian Perfume Junkies’ Sunday Quicksniff made me laugh out loud several times. Now then, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go read all teh blogz. (This is an awesome idea––thanks so much, Ari!) If I win, I would love to try the Illuminum scents.

  24. wow, Ari, I think I missed the draw, but thanks so much for listing me as one of the candidate blogs… sorry I’m just now getting around to commenting, life has been wacky but hopefully I’ll be back fullforce in the perfumosphere soon…

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