Hermès Kelly Calèche. Couldn’t care less about its negative review in The Guide; Luca is welcome to his Calice Becker shrine. Kelly Calèche has really grown on me since it was released in 2007. It has the most delightfully tart rose-and-grapefruit topnote, and its soft leather underpinnings set it apart from the countless other pink mainstream perfumes.


Marvel’s Ozma of Oz graphic novel. Ozma of Oz was my absolute favorite of the Oz series growing up (it’s the one with the Nome King and the princess with all the heads!), and I’m honestly thrilled with this adaption. The artist, Skottie Young, has such a talent for making the sinister seem cute and the cute seem sinister.


Endless episodes of Star Trek: Voyager on Netflix. I’m so impressed by the amount of nuance to Captain Janeway, the first and only Star Trek female lead, but I still miss McCoy. At least Voyager’s doctor is appropriately grumpy.


Pop! Vinyl bobble heads. I don’t know where this brand came from, but I’ve suddenly been seeing it everywhere: at Barnes & Noble, at independent bookstores, even at Hot Topic (THEY WERE HAVING A SALE DON’T YOU JUDGE ME). Pop! Vinyl makes the cutest freaking bobble heads out of Marvel characters, Disney characters, and… deceased rappers? I’m on the lookout for an Iron Man to introduce some romantic tension into Thor and Leah’s relationship.


Bond No. 9 I LOVE NEW YORK for Marriage Equality. I don’t know, or care, what this smells like. The concept itself is just outrageously tacky to me. You’re going to profit off of people’s passion for this cause without donating even a single cent of the proceeds to organizations that support/drive marriage equality? That’s cold, y’all. It’s even worse than Jay-Z’s Occupy Wall Street shirts. At least those were only $20!

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  1. Kelly Caleche is a favorite of mine as well! That graphic novel looks really interesting. I used to read a lot of graphic novels, but not in recent years. Recently though I bought a bunch of graphic novels by Alan Moore to read on my vacation.

    1. It barely makes sense to buy graphic novels these days, with all of the great free webcomics! I have a theory (not a particularly popular theory, mind you) that Alan Moore is actually Rasputin. It’s the beard.

    1. No, I’ve never seen it, but IMDB tells me it’s based on the same book!! Just looked for it on Netflix, but tragically it’s envelope-only, and my stupid computer doesn’t have a damn CD drive.

  2. I have missed out entirely on graphic novels, probably due to my age. Oh well. (Ozma of Oz was the best of the Oz books, anyway. Princess Langwidere fascinated me!) I cannot love any Star Trek except the original… Next Gen started when I was in college, and although it was interesting it just… didn’t… wasn’t… I dunno. Did not hit the spot somehow. And although those bobbleheads are cute, they are TOO cute. Their heads are too big. Never smelled Kelly Caleche, but I can tell you I hate Caleche Fleurs de Mediteranee, the mimosa flanker. Probably I hate mimosa. I dunno.

    I AM CRANKY. I must be PMS-ing or something.

    But this week, I fell unexpectedly for Cartier La Treizieme Heure (not buying it, it’s too spendy). And I spent alllll day yesterday planning a college tour trip for Bookworm, to see some of the places that have been sending her brochures (we’re going very Ivy League, her SATs were that good – and also William and Mary and UVa – hadn’t planned on Johns Hopkins, but maybe… hmm… maybe we should fit that in too). And yesterday, I went outside to get the dry clothes off the line, and there were cows in the pasture behind the field, wading around in the grass like they were breasting ocean waves, and everything smelled good. FResh air. That weird bready smell you get when all the grass in a field gets tall and heads out, and all the grass seeds sort of bake in the sun. Cows. Clean laundry. It was awesome.

    1. OMG! It would be utterly selfish of me to suggest that Bookworm tours Hopkins, because I honestly believe that intelligent young women SHOULD NOT COME HERE if they would like to maintain any semblance of self-esteem, but if y’all do decide to come, I will be utterly thrilled and will give you the completest of tours!

      I hope that those wonderful farm smells helped a bit in soothing your crankiness! And I assure you that I don’t smell a bit of mimosa in Kelly Caleche. They probably just claimed it had that note to appeal to the ladies-who-lunch, and drink multiple mimosas at those lunches!

      1. MUST ASK: How is JH any different than any other college campus for intelligent young women? Totally serious question, I assure you. ‘Cos I don’t know.

        Yeah, the farm smells helped. Also my heliotrope plants, which smell wunderbar. Still cranky though.

        1. Allow me to refer you to this list:, which tells you when many universities began accepting female students. As you can see, Hopkins was one of the very last to do so, and there’s still very much a “this is the boys’ treehouse” environment. But it would definitely also depend on what Bookworm wants to study. (What does she want to study??) The science majors are still heavily male-dominated, but non-science majors may be more welcoming towards women. I don’t know a ton of women in non-science majors, but the ones that I do know seem to be having a significantly less traumatic experience.

    2. Hello, Mals. I work at Dartmouth (and was a student here ages ago) in our events office. If it’s one of the Ivies bookworm has an interest in and there’s anything I could do to answer questions or otherwise be of assistance, please do let me know. Our international “Friendship Family” student who just graduated would, I am sure, be happy to chat with her and help introduce her to some current students, and I could ask my colleagues to recommend students to talk to who are studying in whatever her areas of interest are and set up a lunch or other get-together.

      1. Thanks very much, Christy! Dartmouth has not so far sent her any info, but it’s something we’d consider. The trip is kind of jam-packed at the moment, and I don’t know that we will be able to make time on this jaunt to visit, but we might be able to squeeze in another trip before senior year, or even during it, and if so I’ll be sure to contact you. So kind of you to offer!

        1. Just if she ends up being interested–I *highly* valued not having people try to push me toward one college or another! I hope she has a wonderful tour, and I highly suspect she will be accepted into her first choice!

  3. I could not agree more about the tacky new Bond No. 9, Kelly Caleche, or Luca’s Calice Becker fetish.
    I am wearing a Jo Malone today in a concession to the ridiculous heat. How about you?

    1. Whoa! Same, Lola! It’s positively steaming today in Baltimore, so I’m wearing my one Jo Malone, BVC. Which one are you wearing??

        1. English Pear and Freesia. I had to think about it for a minute because the JMs sometimes blend together in my mind in an amorphous blob of pleasant inoffensiveness. Pomegranate Noir is the only really standout for me, but the rest of the line is just perfect for this ungodly heat. I’m in Phila, by the way, so I might actually be suffering slightly less than you are further south.

  4. Man, now I am feeling guilty because there are a *bunch* of others I visit almost every day and also adore. Perfume bloggers, I need you all, with all your many different ways of writing and smelling!

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