Weekend Plans and Perfumes

The Weekend Plans and Perfume post is a place where everyone can drop in sometime during the weekend and share their plans for the weekend and the perfumes that they’ve been wearing. I don’t have enough material for proper posts on the weekends, but I still miss hearing from y’all!

My plans? Earlier this week, I promised on Twitter that when I hit 300 followers, I would celebrate with a 300-themed giveaway. Well, I woke up this morning with 300 followers! So now I have to figure out a way to incorporate perfume into a hella violent movie about Spartans. Any suggestions??

As for my perfume, it’s been way too hot in Baltimore to wear anything other than the bottle of CK One that I found in Drew’s basement. Refreshing and mercifully subdued, especially compared to the overpowering men’s colognes we all know and love. I smell a lot of grapefruit in this, although it’s not listed in the official notes.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Plans and Perfumes

  1. Congratulations on hitting 300 followers. Perhaps you might do a post on leather fumes to tie in with the movie. No actual plans today, it’s cold and rainy so I am kicking back with my kindle and A Clash of Kings. I may try some Sospiro samples later. I hope Baltimore cools off for you.

  2. Congratulations on the 300 Twitter followers. I guess I’m getting old because I refuse to sign up for Twitter, too much time spent on-line as it is.
    Pleasantly warm here, especially when compared to the high 90s weather we had last weekend. Just going to groom and then wrap my horses legs as I’m sending him out to pasture for a prolonged rest. He has a soft tissue injury that is not getting better and he is bored in his stall/paddock, so perhaps a change of scenery will do him some good. He’ll be staying with his previous owners, so I know he’ll be in familiar surroundings and will be well taken care of.
    SOTD- a heavy spill of DelRae Mythique. I am such a klutz with those sample tubes.

    1. Oh, but Twitter is seriously so fun, Tatiana! It’s such an easy way to hear what all of my favorite perfume bloggers have to say. I’m very sorry to hear that your horse is going away- will he ever be coming back? (By the way, you’re totally living my six-year-old self’s dream by owning a horsie.)

      1. Ari- I think having a horse own you is every little girls dream. It only took me until I was 50 yrs. old to fulfill that dream. Depending on whether he gets better or not determines if my horse comes back. But in the mean time, I know he’s in loving hands and will be very happy in pasture. Horses lurve pasture! It’s all day of eat, play, roll and laze about. And his shoes will get pulled, too. Horses love going barefoot as much as we do.

  3. Congratulations on hitting 300 followers. You could do a post on scenting Gerard Butler and Rodrigo Santoro.
    It has been a lovely, grey, drizzly day here at the edge of the storm spinning out in the Gulf. I have been verrry lazily enjoying the absense of sun. Yay!

    1. Thank you, Julie! I think I am one of the VERY few ladies who doesn’t see the Gerard Butler charm, so I wouldn’t scent him with anything special. Chris Hemingsworth, on the other hand…

  4. Woo Hoo! 300 followers is AH MAY ZING! Congratulations Arielle. Sometimes good things happen to good people.
    We’re off to the movies to see Snow White and then fixing a power box in the unit in town. That all while wearing Terre D’Hermes.
    Portia xx

  5. Ran some errands today and think we’ll go out to get Vietnamese food for dinner. Then we are having friends over for fire pit and beers and s’mores out in our backyard, so I will be sporting eau de campfire. It’s finally feeling summery here in San Diego, so maybe I will hit up the pool tomorrow. No perfume for me on the weekends due to migraine-y husband : (

  6. Congrats on the 300!
    We went hiking today, and tomorrow I have a board meeting for the game convention I help run. I tried Diptyque Philosykos for the first time–very nice, and didn’t clash with the woods 😉 My 11-year-old begged for a spritz from my Rubj edp decant. She smelled *expensive* LOL!

  7. Congratulations on the 300 followers! Now how interesting that you reckon CK One may contain undisclosed grapefruit. This may explain why I have never been able to get its appeal.

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