The Help Ari Buy Her Cat a Cat Stroller Perfume Sale!

A non-Zelda cat. FOR NOW.

I don’t even care how weird this makes me. ZELDA WILL KNOW THE JOY OF A CAT STROLLER. (Yes, I have already tried walking her on a leash. She hid under a car for twenty minutes.) If you’re interested in buying a perfume, please let me know in a comment. Prices are somewhat negotiable. You can pay for your perfume(s) using my Paypal username,

ON HOLD FOR KILLERRABBIT! Cartier Baiser Vole, 1.6 fl oz, $60

ON HOLD FOR KILLERRABBIT! Hermes Ambre Narguile, 15 ml, $40

L’Artisan Patchouli Patch, 15 ml, $35

ON HOLD FOR CM! Cartier Baiser Vole mini, 15 ml, $25

28 thoughts on “The Help Ari Buy Her Cat a Cat Stroller Perfume Sale!

  1. What is shipping to LA 90064? Let me know, I will pay. I don’t like to negotiate. Seems like almost full, seems fair! Thank you!

    1. That’s so generous of you, Judith, thank you! The USPS website estimated shipping to be $3.14. I have put the Prada Candy on hold for you and will remove it as soon as I have received a confirmation email from Paypal!

  2. Zelda should and will have her stroller! I think it is delightful! I want a mini Doxie, and I would stroll her everywhere! Someday!

  3. My son has Moxie, the New Orleans Doxie, his graduation from college gift, she is 4? now, and I adore her. She visits me in Los Angeles! I at one point will look for a rescue, maybe a geriatric pooch, that will suit me fine! I don’t have it in me for a puppy! OK, going to pay!

    1. Hi Judith! I received your notification and address, thank you so much! Moxie is undoubtedly the best possible name for a Doxie.

  4. I used to walk my cat on a leash and he did kinda slink around. Lots of patience and a quiet environment helped. Mostly, he liked to go ouside and wiggle like a worm on the Sidewalk. Bhakti also liked to ride in cars and would sit on my lap. Often he’d stare out the window to the delight of other drivers. If you ever saw the toonces the driving cat sketch on snl, he’d often stand on my lap at the steering wheel. I loved him! Alas cats have shorter lifespans than humans.

    My PayPal is depleted of funds but I am interested in you mini Basier vole. If you can wait a few days for a transfer of funds, I’m in.

    1. Hi CM, I’m happy to put the mini Baiser Vole on hold for you! Bhakti must have been a very well-behaved cat, I can’t imagine how fast Zelda would cause an accident if I let her sit on my lap while driving!!

      1. Excellent! Thanks for holding it. It usually takes about 3days for funds to clear. Hopefully, by Wednesday.

        Bhakti was a handful. He used to like to flush the toilet to watch the water swirl. He climb the tapestries tacked to the wall. And he’d put his head in your hand while you slept. Zelda will *love* er stroller.

      2. Just checked PP this morning and it STILL hasn’t made it to PP even though my checking account cleared it on Wednesaday. Perhaps later today as PP seems to be laggy. I’m still committed to purchasing this and appreciate your patience while we wait.

  5. I would love the big Baiser Voile and the hermes Amber. Postage to Australia ok? I dont need anymore perfumes but it is for a good cause after all.

    1. Hi Killerrabbit! I am happy to ship to Australia! I will put these two perfumes on hold for you and will remove their listings as soon as I receive your Paypal notice!

    2. Sorry for the delay, my house was hit by the plague but we are on the mend now. Let me know if you don’t get the payment

      1. No problem, Killerrabbit! I hope you are feeling better from the bout of plague! I haven’t received any payment notifications from you yet, but don’t worry- I will keep your perfumes on hold for as long as necessary!

        1. Did you get the payment? It is all complete at my end so I hope I didn’t send it to some lucky person who doesn’t have perfumes.

  6. Dear Ari — I would love the Jo Malone 154. Just let me know the total with shipping to 20850 and I’ll paypal you right away. I’m still trying to figure out how to upload a photo of Zoe-cat, who can pass for Zelda’s twin. Guess I’ll have to find an elementary school kid to help me with that.

    1. Zelda, 20850 is so close to me that you don’t even need to worry about shipping. I will put the Jo Malone on hold for you and will take down the listing as soon as I have received your Paypal notification!

      1. Hi Ari, you should have my payment by now! I’ve been lusting after this particular Jo Malone for quite some time, so I was delighted to be able to get this. Thanks so much!

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