Madonna Truth or Dare

Madonna is an 80’s icon. I was born in 1991. Like a Prayer, Like a Virgin, Vogue, Material Girl- all before my time. For me, Madonna is just that lady who made out with Britney Spears that one time. I don’t know who she was in the 80’s, but these days she’s just another pop singer whose business savvy is much stronger than her actual singing. I respect the lady’s hustle, but I wouldn’t really call myself a fan.

That’s why you can really trust that I’m being neutral and unbiased when I tell you that this is the best celebrity fragrance that I’ve ever tried. (Yes, I’ve tried Like This; no, I haven’t tried Cumming or Denevue.) There’s no fruit punch in Truth or Dare. There’s no fruit at all. There’s no sugar. Truth or Dare is unbelievably sophisticated for a celebrity fragrance, and it smells great.

We’ve all read that Truth or Dare was inspired by the Robert Piguet Fracas that Madonna’s mother used to wear, and the resemblance is immediately obvious. Like Fracas, Truth or Dare is a sultry, buttery tuberose fragrance. Truth or Dare does smell less like popcorn butter than Fracas, to the relief of those who find Fracas “rancid”.

So why should anyone choose Truth or Dare over Fracas? I can see two reasons. First, Truth or Dare is cheaper and easier to find. But more importantly, Truth or Dare has a completely different vibe than the louder, more dramatic Fracas. It’s more relaxed, more informal. It’s sexy, sure, but it’s not trying too hard. When I smell Truth or Dare, I think that I can smell the woman that Madonna wants to be. Someone sophisticated, self-assured, someone who doesn’t have to prove her sex appeal through an endless deluge of “accidental” nip slips. I’m grateful and impressed that this is the side of herself that Madonna chose to bottle.

12 thoughts on “Madonna Truth or Dare

    1. The nip slips certainly WORK, in terms of generating publicity. But so would a great album. I do wish she’d go that route instead!

  1. One spray was one too many for me. I only got what I thought was gardenia. A big ol’ wallop of it. Between the eyes. Ouch.

    1. Joanne, that’s exactly what I experienced. The sprayer I used deposited a huge amount of perfume on my wrist, too. Even after dabbing it off, all I smelled was very strong gardenia, which kept intensifying for about 10 minutes before I scrubbed it off. Instant headache! It’s too bad, since I really wanted to see what the drydown that I had heard so much about was like.

  2. I kinda, sorta, almost like Fracas, depending on what day I wear it. Some days it plays nice with me and others, it doesn’t. And I mostly hate fruit and I hate sugar and honey because they get amped on my skin. So maybe I ought to get myself over to the local department store and try this one. Who knows, maybe it will play nicer than Fracas.

  3. YAY YAY YAY!!! You tried it and liked it. I’m SO HAPPY!
    Thank you for going out of your way to try something you thought we were totally wrong about.
    Portia xx
    PS If she put out a great song or album we may have ended up with Kylie Minogue’s Darling. I think this is better.

  4. I’ve never been a Madonna fan either (or a tuberose lover!) but I was very impressed by Truth or Dare. The tuberose is not overwhelming, and the gardenia smells fresh and true to the flower. For anyone who is wary of sultry white flowers, I’d suggest they try this as an introduction.

  5. Another impressed person here – I feel pretty darn good wearing this, even though the cut off age for its target audience is only 45. Which is cheeky of old Madge if you ask me, as we are both 53!

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