Marc Jacobs Dot

You know what? I’m not even going to make fun of the Dot bottle. That would be like making fun of Michele Bachmann, or Bronies. It’s just too easy.

I’ve never been much of a Marc Jacobs fan. I enjoy his Spongebob tattoo, but I hate his twee, shapeless clothes. Still, I think it’s fair to say that the Marc Jacobs perfume line is relatively decent. The original Marc Jacobs perfume was a perfectly nice aquatic gardenia. Quite a few of the Marc Jacobs Splashes have been very good. Daisy and Lola certainly weren’t masterpieces, but they weren’t straight-up bad, either. Dot is straight-up bad.

Dot smells like sweet red fruit punch (most likely the “berry” flavor). It is indistinguishable from the legions of other sweet red fruit punch perfumes that have flooded the market recently (Taylor Swift Wonderstruck, Sarah Jessica Parker SJP NYC, Justin Bieber Girlfriend et al). I hate this genre of perfumes, but tweenage girls obviously feel differently. Dot will undoubtedly be a best seller, and I just can’t wait to start smelling it everywhere.

17 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Dot

  1. The bottle is ladybug hillarious! But I like Marc Jacobs bottles he’s used for the trio of Rain, Kumquat and Hibiscus tropical colognes this year. Especially rain looks great. The juice is blue so the bottle looks like a big ice cube

  2. Ha! Hard not to be grumpy when so many releases aimed at the youth market repeat the same Hawaiian-punch formula. And I’m not above making fun of the toy-like bottle. I joked on another blog that if Marc Jacobs keeps on this way (Lola being Daisy’s teenaged sister, Dot being their preteen little sis), his next fragrance will be for infants and come in a bottle shaped like a rattle. What will it smell like? Notes of milk, strained peaches, and cream of rice cereal?

  3. I’m Asian so I have a genetic weakness to any bottle that looks like it was inspired by Cute Overload 🙂 The bottle is super adorable to me, but I would be kind of embarrassed to own it at my age.

    I haven’t really been that impressed by anything MJ has put out. His first fragrance is the one I liked best, but Daisy and Lola and all the flankers just make me sad!

    1. Don’t you dare be embarrassed, baconbiscuit! This particular bottle doesn’t appeal to me, but I am completely unable to resist the cuteness of the Harajuku Lovers bottles.
      The original MJ perfume is also my favorite! I’d love to try his Violet splash, but I’ve never seen it anywhere. 😦

  4. I do hope the ugly bug bottle is the end of this particular line for him. I liked his first one,and some of the splashes were good, not to mention great value. I have massive bottles of Fig and Basil and they are great in summer when you need to cool down – and I use them as room sprays as well!

    1. Oh, I very much doubt that Dot is the end of the line for Marc Jacobs! Daisy, Lola, and their various flankers have been enormously profitable for MJ. Our great-great grandchildren will be wearing Dot Eau So Fresh! 😉

  5. I never cared for this perfume but I hoped the bottle will be weird enough to wait for it to appear at some discounters… It is weird, I’ll give them that. But it looks soooo cheap in person. Disappointed.

    1. I still haven’t seen it in person, Undina! My Neiman’s only had a laboratory tester. Shame to hear the bottle looks cheap. Cheap AND weird is a bad combination!

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