25 thoughts on “A Humble Offering

  1. good luck with the finals!
    Zelda is a real beauty
    If you visit ( as you wrote once) I will share My Candy with you ( I have too much and I won’t let you miss anything I can share)

    1. Thank you so much, Irina! I can’t wait for my last final to be over so that I can finally respond to everyone’s comments and emails. I hate having to drop off the face of the earth like this!

  2. Good luck on finals! It sounds like saturday needs to be a day of rest after all of that work. My cure for stress is some good perfume, a cup of earl grey tea, and action movies starring hot men. If your friends try to get you to go out, you can be like, “Sorry, I have a date with Pierce Brosnan/Christian Bale/Matt Damon etc” 😉

    Give zelda a rub behind the ears for me!

    1. Thank you, Selina! I will take your excellent advice and watch Hellboy II this weekend. Ron Perlman isn’t really anyone’s idea of a hot man, but…

      I have nommed on Zelda’s ears in your honor. She tolerated it, and then tried to eat a dangling strand of my hair.

  3. I’ll add my wishes for you to do well on your finals. I don’t miss the stress beforehand, but few things beat the rush of walking out of that last final knowing you’re done for a while. Happy post-exam rush! I’m having fun trying to figure out what all the bottles are.

    1. Thank you so much, Dionne! I’ll give you a hint on the two that are impossible to see: Ambre Narguile and TokyoMilk Bittersweet.

  4. Good luck on the finals! How long was the semester?

    Loved looking at your collection. I have some decants from your bottles from V-Day sale, but I do not recognize some. Which SL do you have? And what other Artisan, not the Saffran Troublant?

    1. Thank you, Warum! My classes started on June 2nd, so this summer session has been exactly 2 months. And fall classes start on September 2nd! 😦

      The Lutens is Un Bois Vanille, and the L’Artisan is Bois Farine!

      1. Arrrgggghhh. Wow. This is quite a different schedule! My Summer courses will go till mid-August, but the Fall quarter starts in the last week of September. There will be a chance to get some rest.


      1. I totally understand! My dissertation is due in 11 days, so I know how it feels to look forward to the end. I can’t wait to get back to the kitchen, and catching up on blogging!

    1. Thank you so much, killerrabbit! I think I will go with Comptoir Sud Pacifique Vanille Mokha- the coffee scent should keep me awake!

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