The Indie Brands Are On To Us

Remember when I told you that you are all enormous nerds? I think the indie perfume brands are onto us. Lately I’ve been seeing all of these perfumes based on the most delightfully geeky themes. zomg smells (tagline: fine nerdy scents for fine nerdy people) carries the official perfume line for one of my favorite webcomics, Girl Genius. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has perfumes inspired by Hellboy and Labyrinth. (How exciting do the notes for Hellboy- “aftershave, candy wrappers, brimstone, and cat”- sound??) Esscentual Alchemy has a freaking Doctor Who perfume.

Obviously, my first instinct was to buy all the things. Except for the Doctor Who perfume. I don’t watch Doctor Who. It just seems awfully complicated. There’s time travel and reincarnation and TARDISes and Companions and Daleks and I only have so many hours in a day, you know? But then I started wondering: could these fine nerdy scents be too good to be true? Maybe the nerdy angle is just another kind of (super clever) marketing, a cute shtick meant to distract us from the fact that the perfume itself is mediocre. Does anyone have experience with any of these lines, or any other allegedly geeky perfumes that I’ve missed? Do y’all think that these are worth sampling?

15 thoughts on “The Indie Brands Are On To Us

  1. Hey 🙂 The Doctor came about, due to my just musing about what WOULD he smell like? In the show they talk about the smell of earth after rain, petrichor, but what things would you use to create that kinda smell? It was a creative challenge that I put to myself, using essential oils.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  2. I agree, about Doctor Who. I did catch the ‘Wheeping Angels’ episode because it was interesting. I think it’s fun that they’re coming out with new ideas. I did check out BPAL’s Fraggle Rock. 🙂

    1. Good call on the “fun” aspect, Rebecca. Even if it’s still marketing, at least it’s more enjoyable than the “sexity sexy sex” perfume ads we’re all so used to.

  3. I just looked up the Labyrinth BPALs and I’m really surprised they don’t have one for Sarah! Peach would obviously have to be a note.

    I may just end up with Hoggle’s – it’s pumpkin and leather, not oubliettes and regret like I expected.

    1. I knoooow, isn’t that weird?? She’s the female protagonist! Maybe they thought that it would be too obvious.

      Hoggle sounds awesome, and even if it doesn’t work out, you’ll still have a perfume named Hoggle! Either way, you win! 😉

  4. I love ZOMG Smells! Maybe you saw the review on them I posted on my site? I feel about BPAL the way you do about Dr. Who: Too much back catalog! I have some samples from Esscentual Alchemy but didn’t fall in love enough with any one thing to buy a FB…

    1. Oh, somehow I missed that great post! Now I’ve got to order some squees. I’m so glad to hear that the scents live up to the adorable concepts. So you got to try Camping in a Vanilla Forest?? That’s going in my shopping cart, along with Baby Gorgon Birthday Party. (Like I could ever resist that name.)

  5. You know, there was a small part of me really hoping that BPAL would show up at Calgary’s ComicCon, but no. Not even Shirtless Kirk or Pon Farr was there, dagnabit. Count me in as another who hasn’t gotten into Doctor Who, just because it’s so overwhelming, but I may eventually cave as something needs to fill this gaping Joss Whedon hole in my life.

    And if I had a massive budget and the arms of Kali, I’d definitely be over at BPAL ordering the Shakespeare line, and the Cthulhu line (it’d be sooo much fun telling someone you were wearing Shoggoth) and all the Neil Gaimans and Hellboy and the Last Unicorn and Labyrinth and Fraggle Rock, just because.

  6. I use “I am Love” Danica perfumes.
    The truth is that it sounds a bit odd to say Indie brand perfume, but if you think about it makes perfect sense!. The Indie film is well qualified to be a film that departs from the usual commercial market, why would not be the same with perfumes? Fragrances Danica Siegel increasingly being more known now …. But when I first saw 14 years ago nobody knew about them and were much less known!. These fragrances are a collection, but I am loyal to a scent and since then I have not strayed from that aroma, and everyone identifies me by that smell.
    What caught my attention in this collection of perfumes is that had names like “I am Love, I am Naked …. etc..” And each of these perfume bottles with a single message was tailored to the needs and mood of each. It is what might be called aromatherapy. And I can guarantee that it works, what if it works.

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