Anné Pliska

When the hell did niche perfumes get so expensive?? I started getting into perfume in 2006, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and had to walk 5 miles uphill in the snow to get to dinosaur school. Back then, nobody was charging above $200 for 50 ml of perfume; today, several brands charge as much as $250. I don’t know about y’all, but a $250 perfume is completely out of the question for me. $250 is 2.5 bottles of Après l’Ondée! 3.57 kittens! 25.025 Tupac bobbleheads!

I bet you thought I was joking about the Tupac bobblehead. Tupac bobbleheads are no joke.

At least we still have Anné Pliska, an incredible bargain at $55 for 50 ml (5.5 Tupac bobbleheads). Is everyone familiar with L de Lolita Lempicka, the happy-go-lucky orange creamsicle perfume? Anné Pliska is best described as its sophisticated older sister. It’s deeper, richer, with a spiced orange topnote and a positively delicious amber base. (The official notes say bergamot, but I smell orange, dammit!)

If L de Lolita Lempicka is a sundress, Anné Pliska is your most touchable cashmere sweater. It’s warm and sweet, but much more sheer than the typical heavy amber fragrance. There’s really not much to say about Anné Pliska. It’s very simple, and very satisfying. The bottle is… unfortunate, but at these prices, who could complain? Anné Pliska is one of the last great perfumes that comes with an equally great price.

19 thoughts on “Anné Pliska

  1. Tupac bobbleheads, who knew?

    I like the orange creamsicle opening of Anne Pliska, but eventually that pretty amber gets too resinous and Youth Dew-esque for me. It is, however, a stunningly good value and a really good perfume.

    I am now off to see if I can find a) the cost of my Sweet Redemption travel bottle in Tupac bobbleheads and b) a Michael Phelps bobblehead. (Nathan Adrian is way hotter, but Phelps is the Pool King.)

    1. Oh, I can definitely see the resemblance to Youth Dew in Anne Pliska. I wonder if this type of perfume is particularly cheap to produce, since Youth Dew is also so inexpensive.

      I haven’t seen any Olympic bobbleheads yet, but I know that Hobbit bobbleheads will be coming out soon in anticipation of the new movie!! I’m DEFINITELY getting Bilbo.

  2. You bet, Anné Pilska!
    It is a nice one. I do not own a bottle, but I introduced Dee to it and gave my sample to her — and I missed it enough to replace the sample. I do not wear it often, but I love to know that it is around. A dab does it for me. It’s strong.

  3. I love L de Lolita Lempicka. So much that I keep stealing decants from my daughter’s bottle. Maybe I should check out Anne Pliska, since I also like Youth Dew. Where do you find all these bobbleheads?

  4. Thank God there are still good perfume that can be found for a very reasonable price. I would never and I never will pay 200-250$ for a 50ml bottle. Never in this life!

  5. I love when perfumes are reasonably priced and actually smell good. I’ve heard a little about this one and think I might give it a try. Sometimes simple perfumes are exactly what you need.

  6. I have been wanting to try Anné Pliska for forever, but still haven’t. I need to get on this soon before they revoke my frugal perfumista status; thanks for the reminder.

  7. Another perfume synchronicity! I was just testing this yesterday, and thinking how similar it is to Cuir Beluga, at a fraction of the price! Literally the only difference I can detect is that Cuir Beluga smells just slightly more sour. All I get from Anne Pliska is amber and vanilla – pretty much just like Cuir Beluga, to my nose!

  8. Ooh, this is good! There’s sweet orange & vanilla in the opening, but also something deep & smokey in there, cool & yet warm. There’s a hint of spice & then a salty sweetness, & it does remind me of Shalimar. The heart is creamy & smooth, with a raw, resinous amber weaving in & out, & the drydown is a powdery, cookie-like vanilla. Sillage & longevity are good. l think this is one of the few ambers that would work well at any time of the day or year & in any situation. lt’s gorgeous, comforting & sexy, but never in-your-face, & it’s the one l’d turn to when l want to smell good without being too obvious.

    I go thru 3-4 bottles a year so I love Anne Pliska, for a better buy try

    “” they are cheeper then anybody on this great fragrance.

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