22 thoughts on “Iceland!

      1. You may have brought huldufolk home with you. They are tricksy. Check your luggage. If any sassy small people emerge, let Zelda deal with them. 😀

  1. Yeeeeey, my home country 🙂 Have a great time and don’t let the locals fool you into tasting the shark. It tastes just as bad as it smells! 🙂

    Another thing, I visited Iceland earlier this summer and I found I didn’t enjoy wearing my usual favourite perfumes as much as I normally do. I contribute this abnormality to the clean and oxygen rich air and I have a theory that most perfumes are made to be smelled with a certain amout of “background noice smells” in the air. Or maybe it was all in my imagination. But I’m very curious to hear what you think! Do perfumes smell the same, to you, in Iceland as back home?

    1. I successfully avoided the shark, Sigrun!! Thank you so much for the advance warning! 😀
      I find your theory very intriguing! I’m not sure I have an answer, but one thing I did notice is that perfume did not seem very popular in Iceland. I very rarely saw it in stores (except for celeb perfumes in pharmacies), and only ever smelled perfume on one woman.

  2. Behave myself? Are you kidding? I’ve only got two weeks left to be irresponsible and stay up too late and laze about before the Wild Things head off to school. Today I read “The Night Circus” and ate chocolate instead of the big list of things I’m supposed to be accomplishing. (I’m such a rebel.)

    Have a grand time, Ari.

    1. I leave for ONE WEEK, and she’s already back on the chocolate… Hope that you’re having a wonderful time of lazing, Dionne!

    1. Thank you so much, Lindaloo! All pictures were taken from Drew’s phone, of course… I don’t know how the iPhone gets away with having such a bad camera!

  3. I just know you’re having an amazing trip! My grandparents were from Iceland and I’ve always wanted to go. I look forward to reading about your impressions.

    1. Your prediction was totally accurate, Sujaan- we had a wonderful time! A few more impressions and pictures are in today’s post!

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