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Today is the 46th anniversary of the premiere of my all-time favorite TV show, Star Trek! To celebrate, I will be shirking my blogging today and binging on Season Two episodes instead. So let’s use this post as a scent of the day poll! What’s your SOTD, and why did you choose it? I’m wearing Ginestet Botrytis, which has the most gorgeously bright honey note. My perfume choice is a loving tribute to the classic episode “Obsession”, in which Kirk goes all Captain Ahab on a glittery, honey-scented cloud.

33 thoughts on “Star Trek SOTD

  1. If I had it I would be wearing L`Interdit Givenchy for women in honor of the wonderful episode entitled. Elaan of Troyius 1968 guest staring the beautiful France Nuyen as the spoiled princess who biochemical forces Kirk to fall in love with her.

  2. Right now I’m wearing Bronze Goddess in celebration of the glorious summer-y day it is outside, because there’ll be just a few more of those before it’s time to start breaking out the long-sleeved shirts. As it is, the morning are already getting priiiitty chilly ’round here, Dragongirl requested a toque for walking to school in the mornings as her ears are feeling cold. (Toque! Am I Canadian or what?)

    1. Oh heavens, I forgot to mention in my ramblings that I just fell hard for Olympic Orchids’ Golden Cattleya, another honey-infused perfume. Isn’t it interesting how honey gives such a different sweetness to something than say… sugar-cookie-accord?

      1. Ooh, I keep meaning to try the Olympic Orchids line! Honey adds a more sensual sweetness than sugar-cookie accord, in my opinion. Wish it was used more often!

    2. I have noooo idea what a toque is. Am I American or what??? (PS Wikipedia informs me that the toque is “primarily known as the headgear for professional cooks”. Now I’m even more confused!)

  3. Bottega Veneta because I’m in Anaheim and only brought three purse decants w me. The other two are Chanel Cristalle (which I wore yesterday) and 31 Rue Cambon. Although if I knew it was going to be this warm I would have brought Tommy Girl or Bronze Goddess.

    1. Bottega Veneta is so lovely! But I’m a little concerned about how it’s selling- the packaging is so simple, I hope that it doesn’t get passed over in favor of the fancier perfume bottles on the shelves. I want it to stay around for a long time!

  4. My FAVORITE show. I’m wearing Thierry Muglier’s Alien, my signature scent.

    But I LOVE all things honey too, so will have to check that out.

    I grew up in a house full of boys, and learned how to apply my make-up by watching Star Trek.
    True story,

    1. Alien is the PERFECT perfume for a day devoted to Star Trek! I wanted so badly to love it (how awesome is the bottle??), but my jasmine phobia sadly won out.
      Uhura was always rocking flawless a cat-eye!

  5. I haven’t watched the original series for years! SOTD is Puredistance I, it felt fitting since I was dressed up in nice dress and heals for a party with people from work.

  6. I have been on a Coer de Vetiver Sacre kick lately. But today I was testing L’Artisan Timbuktu and liked it at first but then decided it wasn’t my cup of tea…Maybe I should try Tea for Two?

    1. I want to try Tea for Two too!! I’ve heard such wonderful things about it. If you get to try it, please let me know what you think, Sujaan!

      1. yeah. through til the next morning for me, when I wash it off in the shower! I’ve actually been noticing it must have gotten on some of my linens in the bedroom, because I’ve been smelling it nightly when I get into bed… LOL.

  7. I went to buy perfume today. I gave myself an ample budget, time, destination. I even had a kind of idea that I would buy Midnight Oudh by Juliette Has A Gun. Wouldn’t it be funnier if Juliette had a GNU? The SA was out. So I waltzed over to the DIOR counter, I have been woo-ing DUNE in FB but today when I put it on there was nothing, no thrill, no whispered “You need ME”. Nothing. So I smell like DUNE but I’m not well pleased. To pick me up I grabbed a complete sample selection of the Tom Ford range. Expect to be bored by too much Tom Ford on APJ soon.
    Thanks for asking,
    Portia xx

    1. I will personally pledge at least $25 to the founding of Juliette Has a GNU!
      I can’t wait to read your many Tom Ford reviews! I haven’t tried very many of them because I can never tear myself away from Tobacco Vanille when I go to the Tom Ford counter.

  8. Hubby is away so this weekend is a wear all the stuff I love and he doesn’t weekend. SOTD is Avignon straight up. I find it very comforting. It’s very churchy but for some reason I just love love love that incense. If I wear it when hubby’s around I layer it with something to soften it a bit. I was never a Trekkie but I did watch all the time when I was a kid mainly because we had like what, 4 channels back then so you watched because there really was no other option. I liked the episode with the fuzzy things, I think they were called tribbles. I wanted one of those so bad. Cute, fuzzy and they made cute noises. Everything a little girl loves. Mom got me a teddy bear hamster instead.

    1. At least hamsters don’t reproduce like tribbles.

      I recently bought a DVD with four original episodes, just so my kids could see them. Taz, who’s 11, giggled his HEAD OFF at the tribbles.

      1. I know how old I’m supposed to be but the 8 year old in me wants a tribble. I think my dogs would not approve of it though.

  9. We watched the JJ Abrams ST movie last night in semi tribute, and all day yesterday I worked Shatner impersonations into my library reference work. SOTD was LUSH Breath of God.

    1. Your SOTD seems entirely appropriate to me, as Shatner likely believes he is the Breath of God. The JJ Abrams movie is AMAZING, and I am SO PUMPED for the sequel!!

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