Lush Dirty

I can’t believe that Lush is discontinuing Dirty only a year after it was released, you guys! Oh wait, I totally can. Hell, I can’t believe that crazy perfume lasted an entire year. Dirty is a seriously weird perfume. And that’s coming from me, a hardened perfume veteran. To the average mall rat, raised on fruity florals and celebuscents, I imagine that Dirty would seem downright alien.

Lush is an aggressively minty perfume. I promise that this is the mintiest perfume you’ve ever tried. This mint is of the savory shiso variety, however, rather than an icy spearmint. The mint note is accompanied by several other herbs – I get mostly thyme, but the official Lush list of notes also mentions tarragon. Underneath the mint lurks an odd aquatic aspect. Luca Turin’s review in Perfumes: The Guide identifies it as “a bitter, faintly metallic saline note”. Turin calls this a “brilliantly unexpected juxtaposition”; all I can tell you is that the combination makes me vaguely nauseous. (Yes, literally nauseous. My hyperbole is generally accompanied by CAPS LOCK.)

I virtually never wear my Dirty solid perfume (see above nausea), but I’m still sad to see it go. This is a truly unique perfume, and the world will be a little less interesting without it. Will you be stocking up on Dirty, or any of the other soon-to-be-discontinued Lush fragrances?

12 thoughts on “Lush Dirty

  1. Uh, what else are they discontinuing???

    *goes to look*

    OK, so I enjoy 25:43, but probably not enough to own it. I want to get some 1000 Kisses, but they’ve never actually had that in store at my small-ish local Lush. And I want to try Orange Blossom, but ditto, never actually seen that in store. So… no big loss for me.

    Have you tried the Yuzu & Cocoa or Snowshowers limited editions?

    1. I’m not too devastated about any of the ones being discontinued either, except for Tuca-Tuca. And I bet they’ll be bringing in some exciting new fumes! I haven’t tried either Yuzu & Cocoa or Snowshowers. Y&C has always intrigued me, though.

      1. I wish they had samples of both of those because I would order them in a heartbeat.

        It sounds like they will still be carrying most of these online still, anyway. And I love newness! I do. I know we perfumistas whine about the pace of release, but I love new things and the thrill of the chase.

        I recently got Lust, so the next LUSHs on my list by priority would probably be B Scent and Cocktail. I haven’t even got through my little sampler set from them yet because every time I pull it out I just want to wear B Scent or Cocktail again. 🙂

  2. That is sad! I always feel down when I hear that a fragrance has been discontinued, even if I didn’t wear it. I just think that someone out there must love it, and I imagine how distressed I would be if they discontinued something that I really liked.

    That being said, I have always found Lush’s fragrances a little on the challenging side to wear . . .

    1. Wait, I’m totally sad now. Poor distressed Dirty lovers!! 😦

      Lush’s fragrances are some of the weirdest around (for a mainstream line, anyway), and I noticed that most of the perfumes they’re discontinuing are among their LESS challenging. So I suspect that their replacements may be even stranger! Personally, I’m very excited 😀

  3. I love Superworldunknown – it too smells like nothing else. Salty, burnt sugar, beach tar and a sharp citrus. It’s meant to smell like a circus by the seaside. I grew up in a seaside resort and the notes do have resonance for me – it really does capture something of the sea breeze and candyfloss, glitter and sawdust feeling. But I can’t imagine it ever being popular enough to be profitable.

  4. Souds interesting. I have no experience with Lush, they’re unobtainable here and you know I’m from an anti-blind-buy camp. Too bad they’re taking it off from their stores.

  5. I picked up their sampler of the online scents in January, but unfortunately nothing really spoke to me. (I say unfortunately, because I really *wanted* to like these. I do love a good deal.) One thing I appreciate about Lush is their “Retro” section, where they bring back stuff for a limited time if there’s enough consumer demand. Wouldn’t it be amazing if most perfume companies had a retro section? We can only dream.

    1. Never mind, I just followed that link you had so helpfully provided! I do like Orange Blossom, which is just what it says it is… and my mother is a fan of Dirty (!), but at least I’ll be able to order some online for her when she runs out. My own favorite is Imogen Rose (not a surprise).

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