Rochas Tocade

Tocade’s reputation precedes her. Long before I ever got my hands on that cheerfully ridiculous bottle, I knew her as That Slut Tocade. She earned that title from The Muse in Wooden Shoes, who declared Tocade “so friendly and affectionate that one imagines Tocade to be unable not to flirt outrageously with absolutely everyone (yes, everyone) she meets.” Much to my disappointment, Tocade didn’t flirt with me at all, much less outrageously. Rose-vanilla perfumes are traditionally warm, soft comfort scents (think Frederic Malle Lipstick Rose or Bulgari Rose Essentielle). Tocade, however, has a greenish floral aspect that keeps it cool-toned and somewhat reserved. She strikes me as more of a former flirt who has learned to be a little more careful with her affections. She’ll smile at you, but she doesn’t want to hold your hand. That’s just fine with me; I like a little standoffishness in a woman.

16 thoughts on “Rochas Tocade

  1. Heh. Maybe you just aren’t her type, Ari. 😉

    I SWEAR, she came stumbling drunkenly out of my closet, all “Hhhiiiiiiiiii! Take me home!” I have noticed, though, that my bottle has become increasingly smoky/ashy, which is both weird and off-putting. I probably have not worn Tocade in more than a year. Don’t know if my bottle is aging badly or has some sort of evaporation issue (which might make sense, the way it was wafting out of the closet even with the cap on), or what.

    1. I’m just not woman enough for her, Mals! But it’s all for the best- I probably shouldn’t be wearing Drew’s mother’s favorite perfume anyway. How unfortunate about your bottle! I really can’t imagine an ashy version of Tocade.

  2. I know how you feel Ari, Tocade did not warm to me either. She gets along great with my niece though. I guess I am not enough of a party girl for her.

  3. Interesting! I get an extremely smooth rosy-marshmallow vibe from this. Definitely Party Girl, but the seamlessness of the way the rose becomes vanilla is almost creepy to me… maybe a little too synthetic or something? I like it, but I also… don’t understand it. If that makes sense.

  4. The bottle’s a keeper, though. If they can make strings of “chili pepper” or “pickle” party lights, someone has GOT to be able to do the same to Tocade bottles. Festive!

  5. Whoa! That’s an unusual take, but I get your point. Tocade isn’t anywhere near as aggressive as, say, Carnal Flower.

    It smells really buttery to me. Does it to you?

    1. Hmmm! I didn’t get buttery right off, but I will go searching for it! It certainly isn’t anywhere near as crisp as something like Carnal Flower. You usually only hear about buttery with regard to tuberose perfumes! A buttery rose intrigues me.

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