Etat Libre d’Orange Bijou Romantique

The tale of how I met Bijou Romantique is an epic love story for the ages. After reading a Now Smell This review that called Bijou Romantique an “enchanting homage to a traditional [oriental] genre”, I marched into Henri Bendel determined to try it. I was almost thwarted by an elusive tester- it wasn’t at the Etat Libre d’Orange counter (or any of the counters, for that matter). I finally gave up and took my Ineke sample set to the cash register. As I was handing over my card, I suddenly spotted the rogue tester hiding next to the cash register! I brought it home to the Etat Libre d’Orange counter and then triumphantly sprayed it on my wrists. Five minutes later, I was right back in line for that cash register.

For years now, Guerlain L’Heure Bleue (in the parfum formulation) has been my all-time favorite perfume. The best way that I can describe Bijou Romantique would be “L’Heure Bleue went up two cup sizes”. The delicate, romantic combination of iris, bergamot and vanilla in L’Heure Bleue is rendered voluptuous and lascivious in Bijou Romantique. Other reviewers have commented on Bijou Romantique’s similarities to Shalimar, but I’m telling you, this is L’Heure Bleue’s filled-out little sister. This doesn’t speak very highly to my skills as a reviewer, but I couldn’t possibly put into words how much I enjoy smelling Bijou Romantique. It’s unquestionably the sexiest perfume I own, and my very favorite Etat Libre d’Orange.

15 thoughts on “Etat Libre d’Orange Bijou Romantique

  1. Oh my Ari! I MUST try Bijou Romantique. I love L’Heure Bleue and I adore Shalimar (Parfum Initial more). A combination of these two might be very intoxicating for me. GOT TO TRY IT! Do you think it would smell good on a man like me?

    1. lucasai, I believe that Bijou Romantique would be just as intoxicating (and perhaps even more intriguing) on a man. Knowing that you also enjoy Shalimar PI, I would definitely say that this is a must-try for you!

    1. You must, TSH, you must!! I concede that Bijou Romantique is definitely feminine, but if you’re manly enough for Shalimar or L’Heure Bleue, I bet you could take it!

  2. This reminds me of Shalimar. I’m not a fan of L’Heure Bleue but I do like Bijou Romantique. I think it would work on a man too.

  3. I’m in a whole category by myself–I LOVE L’Heure Bleue, but cannot stand Shalimar. Wondering where I’d land on the Bijou Romanique scale. Hmmmm. I probably owe it to myself, and all of humanity, to give the one a whiff. Oh, the sacrifice. 😉

  4. Oh gosh, now you’ve got me wanting to try this. I’m glad to know it’s available at Bendel’s. Will need to stop in and try when I’m in NY next month. Mmm, iris and vanilla.

  5. Goddammit woman, you are not going to get me to revisit l’Heure Bleue too.

    Well, you probably are.

    I don’t adore Bijou Romantique, but now that you make this comparison I wonder what I would make of L’Heure again. Also, like Apres l’Ondee, I suspect it would be better sprayed with abandon than dabbed in fear.

  6. Innnteresstink. I sort of like L’HB in parfum, but I think I agree, it’s not really sexaay. I sort of like Shalimar in parfum, too. Would I love this? probably not. You never know when love is going to strike, though…

  7. And here I thought I was actually getting caught up on lemmings caused by bloggers with my last sample order. Stop it, Ari, stop it I say! I love Shalimar, and tried LHB for the first time this summer. First impressions were “very nice, but not me” except I kept smelling myself all day, which is usually an indicator to revisit a perfume. And now you tell me Bijou Romantique is LHB with “huge… tracts of land.”

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