Your College Perfumes

Hello, gentle readers! As you may have noticed, I have been posting infrequently and erratically. Allow me to explain! I am majorly behind on college credits due to a bad case of mono that I caught during the very first week of college. In order to graduate on time (which I am going to do, and no one, not even God-as-played-by-Alanis-Morisette, can stop me), I am extra busy this semester! If you’d like to show your solidarity, I have a college-themed poll for y’all today: what perfumes did you wear in college? Do you still wear them, or are they best left to the past?

41 thoughts on “Your College Perfumes

  1. My college perfume was Lancome Miracle. I remember my grandmother — the only person in my family who would gift me perfume — giving me a bottle of it Christmas 2001. I wore Tresor, as well, but really had been wearing that since I was 14 so I dunno if it would really be considered a ‘college’ perfume.

    I remember tossing out the mostly empty bottle of Miracle around 2007, sniffing it beforehand and instantly being transported to my spring semester 2002 World Civ I class. I remember not particularly liking it when I owned a bottle, but wearing it nonetheless. These days, I couldn’t image wearing it. But it will forever be the perfume I associate w/ my college days … which I realize are going on a decade past.

    1. Thank you, Lucas! Clearly I phrased this wrong- I am currently completely healthy, and have not had mono since freshman year, but the medical withdrawal that resulted from the mono put me behind in credits.

  2. I wore Aliage in college (it had only been out a couple of years then – yeah, I am dating myself). Really loved it, and more recent sniffing has confirmed that my taste was good! I’d wear it again.

    1. I didn’t wear Rush, but I remember it being everywhere in college. I love it! It transports me back to those times.

    1. Thank you, Meg! But clearly I phrased this wrong- I am currently completely healthy, and have not had mono since freshman year, but the medical withdrawal that resulted from the mono put me behind in credits. Don’t worry, I will be in prime condition for Sniffapalooza this weekend!

      1. Aaaaaaaahhhh! I thought you meant the first week of THIS semester– that ‘splains it all. But health and strength anyway and ALWAYS to you, and I can’t wait to see you at Sniffapalooza. (I haz gifties for youse! Yiz o yiz!)

  3. I went to college in the 90s, so that was the time for aquatic perfumes. I had CK Escape, Elizabeth Taylor Diamonds & Sapphires, and Escada Ocean Blue. Probably also some Body Shop White Musk and Dewberry. I also had some Chloe Narcisse, which I find truly vile now. What was I thinking? I haven’t smelled or worn any of those in years and years. I remember my college roommate wore YSL Paris and it seemed like such a “grown-up” perfume compared to what I was wearing, but it wasn’t my style then or now!

    1. Other people regret their college haircuts or fashion choices… we regret the perfume! Aquatics are still very popular among college-age bros, but I rarely smell them on girls these days.

    2. I thought Chloe Narcisse was truly vile THEN. But I had worn plain ol’ KL Chloe and was expecting something that smelled like, you know, Actual Flowers. Which Chloe Narcisse did NOT. I recoiled in horror from the tester bottle.

  4. Wishing you better, Ari.

    The scent I recall best from university days was “Climat” by Lancome (which leaked in my weekend bag without me noticing it).

    cheerio, and look after yourself, please.

    1. Thank you so much, Anna! But not to fear, I am currently completely healthy! I have not had mono since freshman year, but the medical withdrawal that resulted from the mono put me behind in credits. I lost a bottle of Chanel parfum to purse leakage- I have never hated glass stoppers more.

  5. Hi I was at College in the mid 70s and I wore Charlie during the day and at night a personal mix of patchouli, musk and vanilla oil – that turned the skin on my wrists green! Sigh – those were the days…… I promise I will never, ever go back to either fragrance.

  6. My college scent was Rive Gauche. I had a roommate from India that introduced me to campari & soda, along with some very British cigarettes. What a year!

  7. Heh. Well, THIS is fun… I think I was quite the Scent Ho in college, because my Prince Matchabelli Cachet (a floral chypre) had just run out and I was still wearing Karl Lagerfeld Chloe for dress-up occasions, but I went to the drugstore and picked up little mini bottles of this and that alllll the time. I’ll describe them because most of them are either d/c or Totally Screwed Up these days, and I doubt you’d be familiar with them at all:

    Dana Navy, an oriental floral (green notes, peach, white florals, spices and amber). Is still made, but is now Cheap Drugstore Crap.

    Diane von Furstenberg Tatiana, another one of those BWFs I love so much – and one that I was forbidden to wear at home because my mother hated it so much (lily, tuberose, spices). Also currently CDC.

    Revlon Xia Xi’ang, another oriental floral that had a lot in common with Samsara, except perhaps more rose in it. Discontinued. Brings ridiculous prices on ebay. This one was the scent of my Choir Trip to Europe. Ahhhh… Poland. And hostels.

    Coty Aspen for Women, which was released in 1990, right when I graduated college. I fell so hard for the stuff that I luxuriated in it, but when I used up my bottle and went looking for another, it was already discontinued. You can still buy old bottles on ebay, which I know because I, uh, bought one still in its original packaging, but it hasn’t survived the decades unharmed. This one was Extremely LOUD (rare for me), and sort of weird, because it was essentially a floral amber with pine notes and, yeah, I can see you cringing all the way over here, Calone.

    I also completely lusted for the original Victoria’s Secret scent, called Victoria. It was a very beautiful soft aldehydic floral chypre, something like Deneuve. I wanted a bottle then and couldn’t afford one, just walked by VS every time I went to the mall and grabbed a tester spritz. It’s another one that time has not been kind to. Every one of my ebay scores, even the one that came in its original box and had never been sprayed before, has turned. Maple syrup, chlorine, and hairspray. Bleargh. If I’m patient enough to sit around for forty minutes, I can still smell the glory that Victoria used to be. I’m just not that patient anymore.

    1. OMG OMG REVELATION!! Aspen for Women (BTW, the men’s version is still made, and still nice but nothing like For Women) shares a buncha stuff with Amouage Memoir Woman. Innnnnteresssstink.

  8. I wore L’Interdit in college, the fruity strawberry one,not the classic. I scored a used bottle on ebay. It is pleasant smelling but nothing I would wear now. I love to eat strawberries,not to smell like them. Ari, we need pictures of your haircut when you get a chance.

  9. Get to feeling better Ari! As for college perfume??? It was so long ago that I can’t remember! Although I do remember that Polo for Men was launched (please don’t look up the date) and it was basically the Axe for the day. It was horrible and all the boys were wearing it.

  10. Glad you’re better. In college I wore Ysatis, Jardins de Bagatelle, Cinnabar, and Ombré Rose. What an odd mix now that I look at it. I don’t wear any of those now. Some bad memories attached to two of them.

  11. I went to college back in the early 90’s. The perfumes I wore were Mackie by Bob Mackie, Perry Ellis 360, Laila by Geir Ness and Van Cleef and Arpel’s First. I don’t wear any of them now, I’ve moved on.

  12. I wore Allure Homme by Chanel. It’s best left (mostly) to the past, although I enjoy it now and then. I wore it because a high school teacher I admired wore it, and pretty much copied his fashion sense until I got a mind of my own, sometime around junior/senior year.

  13. My college perfume was Oscar by Oscar de la Renta. Sort of weird, considering I was in college 2001-2005. Honestly I wore it pretty much exclusively. I also had Burberry Week-end and I would wear that from time to time…

    I remember the halls of my sorority house (PI BETA PHI BABY) being scented with Gucci Rush… mmm

  14. Mostly delurking to wish you luck with the workload! A ton of my friends have been in the same spot of making up credits, and it’s always painful, but I think it’s worth it for the feeling of achievement you get by graduating on time despite.

    I only graduated this past May, so most of my college perfumes are still current ones too. Freshman year was all about Rochas Byzance, because it had been my mother’s perfume when I was a child and I was desperately homesick (my college was 8000 miles from my high school…). After a very drawn out long distance break up, I needed a change, so then my perfumes for sophomore and junior years were Parfum Sacre, Ambre Fetiche and Femme (another of my mother’s old standbys from my toddlerhood- she always wore Rochas). The summer after junior year I went to Paris and discovered Serge Lutens, so senior year was frantic bouncing between MKK, Fleurs d’Oranger, Serge Noire and Jeux de Peau. JdP was the most fun, because something in it was so appealing to my roommate that he’d follow me about for the sillage- even my father thinks it smells “lovely”, and as a lifelong smoker, he’s never even been able to smell any of my other perfumes, so a spontaneous compliment means a lot.

  15. Ooof, good luck on your busy semester!! And glad that horrible mono is a thing of the past!

    Ahhhh… in college, I wore B&BW Honeysuckle and Pear Blossom for the first quarter or so. Then my first boyfriend and I broke up right after the holidays and I moved on to the new bottle of Burberry Brit EDT that I’d scored at Marshalls over the holidays. I wore a pretty decent sillage bubble of that for the next year or two, so much so that my second boyfriend sometimes called me “vanilla bunny” LOL. Sadly then I had a pretty bad depressive spell and all of the smells changed and I suddenly couldn’t stand Brit anymore. I tried to wear Pear Blossom once after that first breakup and catching a whiff of it from my hair made me dead-stop in the middle of crossing an intersection because the deja vu of lounging around his dorm room hit me so hard. Needless to say I never wore it again, and though I still have a tiny sample of Brit I haven’t worn it for years either. After that I tried to find something new and wore Theme Fragrance’s Love Letter for a while but then I accidentally spilled a rather large amount of it on carpet in the middle of an moving-packing-all-nighter and never went back to it. Then I more or less stopped wearing perfume because I decided it was too expensive of a habit for me to keep up in college, but I got little sample sprays of Jo Malone Orange Blossom and Nectarine Blossom & Honey from a fried whose mother bought her the entire fragrance arc lol. Oh, I also bought and wore Harajuku Lovers Baby for a while later on. It was a good everyday. And I think I also had a CSP vanilla something in there as well, can’t remember which one now, which is a little sad considering I’m only out two years lol. Oooh, towards the end I was super super into figs and I wore Ava Luxe’s Figuer. I still have my bottle of the oil too, and I think I was able to score Satellite’s a la Figue! near the end and I wore that all the time too.

    Now I own bottles of Orange Blossom and Nectarine Blossom & Honey and wear them on days when I need to feel pretty and presentable, I keep a decant of Chanel Beige for the same purpose. Haven’t worn Baby in ages and am still trying to sell/swap it. I haven’t worn any fig perfumes in quite a while… probably because the weather in San Francisco is much more suited to the dark tabacco/incense ambers I’ve been favoring recently

  16. I went to college in the mid- late eighties. I wore Ruffles ( Oscar de la Renta ) and later, Obsession. All the sorority girls wore Georgio and hair bows. I remember also wanting Tresor (and never getting any) and jovan white musk. I still have a bottle of vintage Obsession (it’s great) and jovan white musk. Yum!

    Good luck in your studies!

  17. I went to college the first time in the late seventies. The only perfumes I can remember wearing then are Bakir by Germaine Monteil, now discontinued, and the original Lagerfeld for men, which I loved. Still have a bottle of Lagerfeld, but it smells awfully sweet to me now.

  18. I was a Lancome girl. I wore O and Magie Noire back in the early 80s. Both have changed in character, while O is still a great cologne, the Magie at Lancome counters in the UK is a very different creature and not to my taste. I also stole spritzes of my mother’s No 5 EDT – this hasn’t changed to my nose, well done Chanel!!

  19. Believe it or not, I didn’t wear a thing in college. Wore perfume in high school, then stopped, and didn’t come back to it until my mid 20s. By which time, thankfully, I was out of college. As you will be. 🙂

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