Amouage Interlude Man

Hellboy is my very favorite superhero, based entirely on his endearing grumpiness and his affection for cats.

Since I’m a perfume blogger, I often wonder what my favorite characters would smell like. Hellboy creator Mike Mignola has gone on the record as stating that Hellboy is supposed to smell like “dry-roasted peanuts”. Black Alchemy Phoenix Lab has a Hellboy fragrance, with alleged notes of “aftershave, candy wrappers, brimstone, and cat”, but that delightful concept ultimately didn’t translate into a wearable scent for me. Now, I know that Hellboy would never actually wear anything as extravagant as Amouage Interlude Man (you just know he’s an Old Spice guy), but it’s honestly the perfect fragrance for him.

Interlude Man opens with a hot burst of charred wood. This goes way beyond mere smokiness; we’re talking straight-up fire. The frankincense top note creates the distinct impression that the source of the fire is a forest of pine trees. After about twenty thrillingly dramatic minutes on the skin, Interlude Man continues to smolder, but it’s softened somewhat by a subtle leather note and the sweetness of myrrh. It’s actually sweet enough that several friends expressed surprise when I told them that it was a men’s fragrance. Despite being classified as a masculine, I feel strongly that Interlude Man is appropriate for fierce, brazen people of any gender. That being said, if I ever did happen to smell this ferociously sexy brew on a man, I would be all over him like Hellboy on a Baby Ruth.

I usually try to keep a safe distance from the Amouage line, because I very literally cannot afford to fall in love with them. But I will grudgingly admit that Interlude Man is worth the price. This is a truly exciting fragrance, and I want y’all to be able to try it! So I’m giving away a sample of Amouage Interlude Man (oh, hell, I’ll throw in the Interlude Woman too). Just leave a comment telling us your favorite Amouage fragrance(s) to be entered to win the samples.

37 thoughts on “Amouage Interlude Man

  1. Ari, you’re back! It’s good to see you.

    Like you, I’ve been avoiding the Amouage line a bit, as I don’t know if I could afford to fall head over heels for one, but fellow blogger Melou mailed me a sampler this week, so it’s time to take the plunge. (If you ask a week from now, I’ll likely have a different answer). Thus far I’ve only tried Opus IV, but it’s a fascinating thing that I can’t decide if I like or not.

    1. And I am thrilled to see you back here in the comments section, Dionne! 😀 I look forward to hearing your opinions on the samples in a week! I haven’t tried any of the Opuses, since they are somehow EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE than the regular line.

      1. Oh, and how could I forget to acknowledge your most excellent use of Hellboy in a perfume post. Nobody else in perfumeland hits my geeky button quite the way you do, Ari. (Wait. That sounded naughty. Awww, you know what I mean.) Live long and prosper, babe.

  2. This is my favorite Amouage, followed closely by Memoir and Honour Woman. I agree that although this is a male scent by design it could definitely be worn on a woman, I love wearing it. The smokiness reminds me of a fire on a cold winter night. No need to enter me in the draw, I have plenty since I have a FB of both the Interlude man and woman (and yes my bank account hates Amouage!).

    1. Oh my lord, I am so jealous. You know, I just tried Memoir earlier this month and loved it too! What excellent taste you have 😉

  3. It’s so good to see you back in my inbox. I’ve never smelled any Amouage scents & probably never will, unless I travel out of the swamp. However, when I read the notes on Interlude man, it sounded much more my cup of tea than Interlude woman. Thanks for the draw, & batten down the hatches.

    1. Oh, I teared up when I saw this. Thank you so much, Julie! My hatches are as battened as apartment hatches can be. I hope I’m not jinxing it, but this hurricane has been pretty fun so far! I still have power and internet, and my classes for tomorrow have been cancelled!

  4. It is wonderful to see you back. I was excited when I saw the email..My favourites are Memoir and Dia. They both make me swoon. 🙂

    1. Like Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger, I just couldn’t quit you!! Dia is really such an impressive perfume. It smells just like my vintage bottle of Joy!

  5. Glad you’re back! And I’m happy you liked Interlude Man. I really liked it and Interlude Woman too.
    Same as you I can’t afford to fall in love with these fragrances

    I’ll answer your question: my favourite Amouage is Lyric Man. No need to enter me in the draw as I have nice juicy samples of both Interludes.

    1. Thank you, Lucas! I’ve only tried Lyric Woman, I’ll have to try the men’s as well. One problem that I have with Amouage is that (in my opinion) the masculine bottles are uglier than the feminine. Not cool!

  6. It’s good to see a post from you in my in-box! I was delighted and intrigued when I first tried Interlude Man. Yes, I think I like it more than Interlude Woman. My other deep likes (can’t be love, because then I’d have to mortgage my house and buy a bottle) in the Amouage line are Memoir Woman and Lyric Woman. No need to enter me in the draw, I already own generous decants of both Interludes. Hope you stay dry and with power during the storm.

    1. Thank you so much, Tatiana! Zelda and I are having a blessedly easy time so far- we still have power, and even internet! I haven’t spent nearly as much time with Interlude Woman as Interlude Man, but I find it much less impressive.

  7. It’s so nice to see another post on your blog–I’ve been a longtime lurker in perfume blogdom, and your blog in particular has been one of my favorite dissertation-writing-procrastination tools! And I totally agree with you re. Hellboy-nothing better than a man who dotes on a passle of kitties! No need to enter me in the draw (how generous, though), as I’ve tried a sample from Luckyscent and am already fascinated by it. (Interlude Woman is still only sticky/tropical candy on me, though, sadly, or not so sadly, for my poor grad. student bank account.) Just fyi, though, there’s someone on the flacon.ambaric site that’s selling 10ml decants of Interlude Man for like $35, which has been tempting me for a bit, since I definitely could never afford a bottle. Great to read another post, and thanks again for taking your time to write such a wonderful blog!

    1. Heather, what an incredibly sweet comment. Thank you so much for delurking! I may well end up going for that decant- I think that Interlude Man would be just perfect for this winter.

    1. I was in the same position as you a few months ago!! It’s certainly not a particularly accessible line these days (I think it was sold at Neiman Marcus at one point, but it seems to be gone now).

  8. Good to see you again Ari! Interlude Man is very impressive but I feel the perfume is wearing me instead of the other way around…
    Interlude Woman I found very intriguing, I almost finished my sample already. Other Amouage favorites are Epic Woman and Memoir and Opus III, well Honour Woman and Lyric Woman aren’t half bad either! So far I haven’t splurged on a FB, but I’m considering Epic.
    No need to enter me in the draw!

    1. I’m so happy to see YOU again, Eva! 😀 I feel similarly about Interlude Man, it has a very distinct personality that’s pretty much nothing like mine. But it smells so good that I just don’t care!

  9. Wow, sounds absolutely delicious. Love the image of Hellboy! I’ve only had a chance to get a quick whiff of Lyric woman but this sounds much more appealing to me. We lost power for the afternoon but are lucky to have it back for at least a little while. I choose to use my internet restoration to read your post!

    1. I’m so honored, noisyboys! I hope that your power is back by now! I may have written this post solely to have an excuse to post that picture of Hellboy with the cat.

  10. Mmmm, nothing wrong with smelling like dry-roasted peanuts! Wonder if there’s a fragrance that duplicates it? Anyway, I couldn’t tell you my favorite Amouage, as, like you, I’ve avoided the line due to the price. However, I really enjoyed that Interlude sample that I got at Sniffapalooza. No need to enter me in the drawing, glad to have you back!

    1. Thank you, Patty! I don’t know about dry-roasted peanuts, but L’Artisan Bois Farine has always smelled a little like peanut butter to me.

  11. I LOVE Amouage perfumes. My most favorite perfumes are Ubar, Gold, Dia, Beloved and Lyric though I like many others as well.

    No need entering me into the giveaway, I have samples of both (and I’m still undecided on either I like them) – I just wanted to say Hi 🙂

  12. good to “hear your voice” again, Ari
    hope all is well with you
    Never had the chance to try any “Amouage”- too expensive- but would love to be able to…
    thanks for the draw

  13. Ari, glad to see you posting again. You and cutie cat Zelda stay safe in this big storm. I have not tried any Amouage because of the stratospheric price point. I just don’t dare fall in love with any more expensive perfume. I am also with you on Hellboy, how can you not love a superhero that loves kitties and candy.

  14. Ari is baaaaack!!!! Yay!! I am so happy to hear/read your voice. I know you haven’t been gone very long but I still felt the loss. (but don’t want to get in the way of your education either)
    Haven’t tried either of these Amouages but quite sure they are as lovely as they are expensive. Sending a cyber hug…

  15. Glad you’re writing as you feel like it and not being burdened. Mwah.

    I haven’t tried either Interlude – to be honest, although I like that blue bottle, the box packaging puts me off. Way too garish-80s… I think I once owned a blouse resembling it, a purchase from one of those cheap-and-trendy stores. Interlude Man appeals to me, on the basis of notes, more than Woman –

    – though, to be honest, I competely dismissed Memoir Woman on the basis of notes. ANimalic chypre, no WAY that’s gonna be my style, I can ignore it. And now it’s my favorite Amouage. It blew my nose, and then it blew my – wait, sorry, Mick on the brain…

    Love Lyric Woman. Enjoyed Dia but didn’t want to own any. Am pleased to spritz a bit of modern Ubar once in a while, though it is a bit of a floral skankfest.(lemon, flowers, civet, rrrrrowr). Did not like Epic at ALL.

  16. I liked Interlude Man way more than Interlude Woman, which I found really sharp and unpleasant. Man was just as you described: charred, smoky, frankincense, sweet myrrh and smooth leather. I really enjoyed it, but only wish I could commit to everything that made my motor run! A decant though . . .

  17. Epic Woman is one of my favourite perfumes. Just glorious. I really love Lyric, as well, which my best friend wears. We went out the other weekend both wearing Amouage and kept receiving compliments on how good we both smelled so they must mesh well together.

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