Halloween Poll

Happy Halloween, y’all! What are you (or your Halloween-age family members) doing for Halloween this year? What’s your costume, and what perfume are you going to pair it with? I still don’t have a costume yet, but it will probably involve my Pikachu hat (see above). For perfume, I’m thinking Sonoma Scent Studio Fireside Intense or maybe one of my father’s BPAL Paranorman samples.

23 thoughts on “Halloween Poll

  1. I’m back at work after a two-day closure due to Hurricane Sandy. Most of us are without power at home and the schools are closed. Given all that, Halloween has been postponed around here, so no costume for me. I’m finishing up a sample vial of Malle’s En Passant, rather incongruous for this gray and chilly fall day.

    1. Patty, I hope that your and everyone else’s Hurricane Sandy troubles will be en passant, too! We were so lucky to escape the worst of it in Maryland.

  2. Because Halloween is on a Wednesday this year, I will be staying in w/ a 6 pack of Fall Woodchuck, watching Supernatural, and eating all of the candy corn. I do have a Halloween party on Saturday, though, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be reprising an awful travesty of a costume I wore to Dragon*Con this year … or maybe taking my fiance’s suggestion and throwing together a Ziggy Stardust costume because for some reason half of my Halloween costumes in recent years have been male glam rock stars.

    As for perfume, today I layered CdG Avignon w/ Jo Malone Red Roses because clearly I needed to smell like a vampire crypt.

    1. Your plans for tonight sound sooo good. I can’t WAIT for the candy corn to get discounted tomorrow!
      I tried Red Roses for the first time recently and was surprised by how much presence it had. I was expecting something wimpier from Jo Malone. It was very nice!

  3. Just Sunday, Taz – whose last trick-or-treating year it’s supposed to be – announced that he was going to be a Roman soldier and he had everything he needed. “everything he needed” turned out to be a boxy shield made out of cardboard, and the spear he carried for the past two years as a Viking. Kilt? Cape? Helmet, sandals, tunic? NADA. And I don’t want to make it, either. Bleurgh. SOANNOYED. STressed over getting Bookworm’s Yale early-action application in today, too.

    1. She’s getting in, no question. And I think she’ll love it- I applied to TWENTY SIX FREAKING COLLEGES, and Yale was my very favorite. (Not that I had anywhere near Bookworm’s chances of getting in!)
      I hope that Taz is able to get everything together in time for tonight!!

    2. Thanks to Gaze’s Mad Art Skillz, the costume turned out pretty cool after all. Taz had black leggings, a long red t-shirt worn as a tunic, a breastplate made of cardboard covered with silver lame (duct tape to the rescue!!) and “abs” drawn on by Gaze, plus a red cape. Lacking: helmet and sandals. It was so cold out (mid-30s) that sandals would have been riDICulous, but I wish I’d had time to make a helmet. Oh well.

      How’d the Pikachu thing turn out?

      1. Oh, and I forgot to say, but I was wearing vintage Magie Noire edt, which is kind of a beast. I’ve heard it called a rose scent, but to me it’s really herbal and sorta witchy. Both my boys said it was interesting but weird and smelled like smoke. When I asked Gaze what sort of name he’d give it, his response was, “Let’s call it, ‘Is something in here on fire?'” Greaaaat.

        We did get the Yale early-action app submitted. THANK GOD. Now we wait and see…

  4. I will be locking myself upstairs with the dogs who do not like Halloween one bit. Too much doorbell ringing. Hubby can pass out the candy. I am not very good with kids. My perfume for most of the day has been Tokyo Milk Dark Arsenic. I’m not sure if I’ll wear that tonight. I might switch to Avignon.

    1. Oh, poor things! I hope that Halloween passes quickly for you. My local perfume shop carries the Tokyo Milks, but not the Dark line. I’d love to try more of them. How do you like Arsenic?

      1. I like it but it may be an acquired taste. It has an edge to it. There’s a salty note that sometimes comes off as metallic or maybe like blood. It’s odd. I have a full bottle so if you are interested in a sample let me know.

  5. My daughter is at her dad’s for Halloween this year, so I’m doing boo, basically. 😦 I’m handing out candy in my regular clothes here at the apartment, but wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t get any trick or treaters. 😦

    I did take her to the UT Pi Phi house yesterday because the sisters put on a Halloween party for the kids of local alumnae. That was fun. 🙂 She had a party today at school, today, too, but everything is cuckoo at work because it’s UT registration week, so I wasn’t able to get away. 😦

    I’m wearing the remnants of today’s Guerlains’ Rose Nacree du Desert, although I might apply something else after dinner.

    1. The pi phi party sounds so fun! I hope that I’ll get to do things like that too as an alum! None of the Hopkins sororities are allowed to have houses (the frats are, of course), and I really feel like we miss out on some great experiences as a result.
      I got to try that Guerlain really quickly during Sniffapalooza, and I don’t remember a thing about it. How do you like it??

  6. We had a wonderful Halloween potluck in the office today. I wore Zorro costume and I figured out it would go nicely with Chanel Cuir de Russie. And now I’ll go home and wait for neighbour kids to come and get dark chocolate candies and truffles (I know they don’t like dark chocolate but I’m trying to teach them 🙂 ).

    1. Those kids are getting better than they deserve!! At 21, I am only JUST starting to transition from milk chocolate to dark. Cuir de Russie is perfect for Zorro! 😀

  7. I went to a (homemade) costume party last Saturday. I was bloody PacMan (I ate the trick or treaters, stole their candy and gave them away). I wore ELd’O Tilda Swinton Like This (I love pumpkin but this is too sweet on me; I will give it one more try before I give up on it).

  8. I went out with friends to a dessert cafe doing a Halloween themed night. My costume was Katniss Everdeen, and I paired it with Mitsouko (EDT, new version).

  9. My 8-year-old was Artemis, complete with appropriate iconography–handmade bow, arrows, and quiver, plus trusty hunting hound and stag (stuffed dalmation puppy and THE CUTEST stuffed baby deer EVER). Said iconography created a lot of juggling along with treat bag. (Hand jacket to mom, pick up dropped puppy, arrange under arm with fawn, adjust bow, move quiver string because it is digging into neck, ring doorbell, “Trick-or-Treat!,” obtain candy, thank you, have mom drape jacket back over shoulders, drop stuffed animals in process, move to next house, repeat.) Those Greek divinities had their work cut out for them. Her best friend was Athena, fierce with handmade spear and stuffed owl. My 11-year-old was “the spirit of darkness and messenger of Hades” (yikes! where did she come up with that!?) in handmade high-fashion sparkly black and orange draped dress (made on her own sewing machine–I don’t sew!) that involved a lot of tugging because straps are obviously waaaaaaaaaaay to boring to add. Plus orange leggings, my old black boots with the 3-inch heels (thank god she’s a dancer with good balance) and a $5 black pleather blazer thing from the thrift store.

    I didn’t really have a costume but figured an all-black ensemble including a black game convention t-shirt with a skeleton in a fedora on the back would do the trick. The con’s name is “Carnage” (“Carnage Noir” this year, obviously due to the Noir trend in perfumery… … ok, ok, maybe not…), which seemed appropriate. I wore OJ Ta’if edp—I love the warm saffron for fall, and it didn’t clash with with the raw pumpkin smell from pumpkin carving.

    And now I’m off to Carnage!

  10. I forgot to say; Yay, Pikachu! My 11-year-old was a Pokemon shark when she was in first grade–scourge of the 10 to 12 year-old boys who made up the Pokemon club LOL! You must be the cutest Pikachu EVER!

  11. I’m still at the stage where Halloween is a big deal in my house. Spud went as a doctor, with scrubs, lab coat, stethoscope, gloves, mask, hat, booties, the works (I lucked out with the eBayer I bought from, she’s a nurse and threw in all the extras); Dragongirl was an owl, and I spent HOURS putting fleece “feathers” on a hoodie, but she looked fantastic so it was worth it; Frodo went as a Dragon Priest from Skyrim, his older brother took tech theatre at school, so made this amazing custom mask for him after taking a mold of his face; and Archimedes sprayed his hair gray and crazy, wore a fake moustache and argyle sweater vest under a lab coat, and went as Einstein.

    I just threw on my black and orange striped tights and skeleton earrings with a black top and skirt, made my hair crazy and wore Avignon. I handed out candy and The Engineer took the younger Wild Things trick-or-treating, and it was cold and snowy last night, so very few kids were out. You want some candy?

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