Puredistance I

I’ve talked about my fear of death here before. I don’t do very well with cemeteries, either. When forced to visit one, I start hyperventilating and muttering about how the world will explode in a few million years and none of us will have mattered. Some people seem to take comfort in that sort of nihilism. I don’t.

I went to two cemeteries over Thanksgiving break; first to bring irises to my great-grandparents’ graves, and then to the unveiling of a family friend’s tombstone. I wore Puredistance I to the second cemetery. Puredistance I is a soapy green floral, and y’all know that florals are not my specialty. I can’t parse this particular perfume’s notes in the way that The Candy Perfume Boy does in his own review. All I can tell you is how this perfume made me feel: safe. CPB called Puredistance I “atmospheric”; I call it spacious. This perfume gave me somewhere quiet and still to escape to when I began to feel afraid at the cemetery. I’m very grateful that I had that bottle of Puredistance I with me; it was a great comfort.

Disclaimer: 17.5 fl oz of Puredistance I was provided to me by Puredistance.Ā 

10 thoughts on “Puredistance I

  1. I am glad Puredistance was such a comfort to you. It is truly an amazing scent (as all in the line are, in my opinion). As a side note, I think you meant to say that you received 17.5 mL not fl. oz. but, if you really did get 17.5 oz then you better be sharing with all your loyal readers šŸ™‚

  2. It’s always good to find something that can soothe your anxiety that’s not a pill. I’ve never tried Puredistance I. I’m curious about it now to see if I would have a similar reaction to it.

    1. It’s lovely, Poodle! But very expensive. There must be some perfume that can provide a similar effect, but I haven’t come across any yet.

  3. It’s so wonderful when a scent creates such a comfort zone for you. I love how different scents can be comforting, uplifting, embracing or calming. I have samples of Puredistance I and Antonia and am waffling between the two, trying to decide which one will become the big splurge.

  4. Puredistance I is a beautiful perfume. I think so even though it doesn’t work for me. “My” Puredistance is Antonia. I’m glad you have in your collection a perfume that makes you feeling safe: we all need that type of help in our lives from time to time.

    1. Thank you for the kind comment, Undina. I think that “my” Puredistance is really M, but I don’t think it would have been quite right for my whirlwind cemetery tour.

  5. The very first time I tried PD 1 I was having a major computer crisis that lasted a whole day and involved hanging on the phone to a call centre in India for hours at a time. The PD 1 was indeed the very comfort blanket you found, even if my particular circumstances were a tad more mundane. ; – )

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