Lush FUN

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FUN is basically fragrant play-doh that can be molded into Totoros. This is pretty much my dream product, guys. I bought two varieties, the Pink (vanilla and tonka bean) and the Yellow (vanilla). The Pink definitely doesn’t smell like tonka beans, but it does smell wonderful- sweet and vaguely fruity, just like pink cotton candy. Childhood nostalgia achieved! The Yellow smelled much more strongly of play-doh, and was less strongly fragranced in general.

Lush claims that FUN can be used as a soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and “malleable toy”. It succeeds on three of those counts. It’s a perfectly decent soap and didn’t strip my skin’s moisture. A thumb-sized chunk produces a tub full of bubbles, which is particularly awesome considering how expensive Lush’s other bubble-producing products can be. It can indeed be molded (please see my masterpiece below). DO NOT USE THIS AS A SHAMPOO. Maybe, if you’ve never colored your hair in your life, FUN would be an acceptable shampoo, but it was by far the most drying thing I’ve ever used on my hair.


Oh, a word of warning: don’t leave this on the side of your bathtub. The wrapper is biodegradable, and when your cat inevitably pushes it into the bath, it will instantly melt. And then you will resent her fluffy little face even more than you already did because she also bit through your computer charger DURING FINALS WEEK and OH MY GOD HOW CAN SOMETHING SO CUTE BE SO EVIL.

12 thoughts on “Lush FUN

    1. I don’t think Ari meant their shampoo bar: she’s talking about the new product that, as suggested, can be used for different purposes, including for shampooing one’s hair – and that fourth use she didn’t recommend. Though, of course, I don’t know if she’s ever used the real shampoo bar and like/disliked it. Ari? 🙂

      1. Thank you for the totally correct clarification, Undina! I have used 2 Lush shampoo bars, Seanik and Jumping Juniper, and they are sooo fun. They both smelled amazing and produced lots of suds, and are very convenient in this age of the 3-oz-or-below TSA rules.

      2. I did read the post, Undina. I just blindly called it a shampoo bar as she used it as a shampoo bar too (one of it’s uses) and didn’t like it as a shampoo.

  1. I really need to try some LUSH stuff. We finally got a store here in San Diego and I’ve only been once. It’s a tiny shop and the SAs were a bit overbearing, so I got out quickly.

    It is dangerous to leave things on bathtubs when you have pets (and really just about anywhere!). My dog ate a bar of soap that I left on the side of the tub. Luckily it was a homemade (by a friend) oatmeal soap, and he was fine! Thank goodness Gilbert (my gravatar) outgrew the chewing/destroying phase pretty quickly.

    1. OMG, Gilbert!!! You need to submit that story to Dog Shaming, odonata. I think Lush employees are trained to be really enthusiastic, and some people don’t pull off enthusiastic all that well. I hope that you have a better experience if you go again!

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