Stop By For Christmas!


Merry Christmas, y’all! I am one of those lucky Jews who gets to celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, thanks to my (very) lapsed Catholic relatives. Please drop by anytime during the next few days with any fragrance-related Christmas news: what perfumes you’re wearing, or any perfume presents that you’ve given or gotten!

My present request this year is not a perfume (I want a Nintendo 3DS SO BAD YOU GUYS), but I’ve been selling off some perfumes in preparation for gifting myself the Frederic Malle Women’s Coffret. I’m not still sure what perfume I’ll be wearing for Christmas itself, but yesterday I chose Andy Tauer Lys du Desert to visit this awesome zoo called The Living Desert, because I am almost frighteningly literal. I found it immediately likable, and the amber drydown is virtually perfect.

I can’t wait to hear about your Christmases!

33 thoughts on “Stop By For Christmas!

  1. So far, and it is only still Christmas Eve here..I received Mitsouko and Fou D’Absinthe by L’Artisan Parfumeur! (which I am wearing right this minute.)
    You can read about the Fou present on my blog. Merry Christmas!

    1. Just got back from reading it- what an amazing gift from L’Artisan!! Fou d’Absinthe is one of the few L’Artisans I haven’t tried, so I’m looking forward to reading your review and learning more about it!

  2. Still need to run out and do some last minute shopping, especially if my family wants real food for Christmas day dinner! Wearing Olfactive Studio Chambre Noir. Wishing you and your family the happiest of Holidays! And a joyous New Year!

    1. Thank you so much, Tatiana! I hope you get that last-minute shopping done. You are a brave woman- I can’t imagine facing the stores today!

      1. Well, I have only my own procrastination tendencies to blame. It was pouring out yesterday and I didn’t feel like braving the rain. It really wasn’t too bad. I was just happy I didn’t need anything from the deli counter or bakery because the lines there were dozens deep.

  3. Happy Holidays! I tried to find a(n affordable) linden-scented product for my mom as a knick-knack, but it’s really hard to find!!! I had decided on getting the L’Artisan Tilleuls au Vent candle (the tiny one), and it did smell really good, but my city’s store only sold the huge $70 one… I finally found a linden-scented soap from L’Occitane. I didn’t even get the chance to sniff it, so I don’t even know if it smells good, but for $6 it’s more about the thought!

    BTW that coffret is AMAZING!

    1. Isn’t it fantastic?? I really wish more lines did coffrets (Etat Libre d’Orange has an even more reasonably priced one!) Congrats on finally finding something linden-scented, I’m sure your mother will love it!

  4. Merry Christmas. No perfume for me under a Christmas tree but what I got is a lovely duet of polo shirt and jumper in burgundy. I dreamt about a jumper in this color and my parents found one perfect for me.

  5. Darling Arielle,my secret girl crush.As I write this ,it is Christmas morning..7.30AM.Waiting with excitement for hubby to wake..I know what is under the tree for me and the choice of what to wear shall be difficult……Tom Ford,violet blonde or Noir. and AESOP’s Mystre or Marakesh HELP!!!!!!!! And to all the others who reply to your blog…..To each of you a Safe and Blessed Celebration

    1. Saffy, you must be so excited for your favorite holiday!!! I love both Violet Blonde and Noir (haven’t tried the Aesop), but maybe Noir is a bit more Christmas-y? I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Sweet holiday wishes to you, my dear. ❤
    Right now I'm wearing last Yule's gift from my spouse (Tokyo Milk Arsenic) and hoping he will be tempted to put on some of MY last Yule's gift to him (Puredistance M).

  7. I never understood why some people get upset when you say Merry Christmas to them. Although I’m not feeling celebratory this year I usually say celebrate everything. Why not?
    Dad is in the hospital although slightly better, I’m still having the in-laws over tomorrow and I’m in a holding pattern with prep work because I don’t have enough fridge space. I got a few small gifts from coworkers but nothing from hubby yet and with my dad being sick I have no idea when I’ll have Christmas with my family.

  8. Merry Christmas Ari! SOTD is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille — I quite liked it but V&R Spicebomb is a scent-alike so my little decant of the TF is now destined for the swap pile. As for gifts, so far I had received generous gift cards to Macy’s and a nice scarf, but the gift-giving and gift-getting will continue through January 6 as several groups of friends get together on New Year’s Day and sometime after the New Year to celebrate Christmas and New Year because the “real” dates are spent with our respective families.

    I am also thinking of gifting myself the FM Coffret but I will wait and if they all somehow go pouff….I guess I wasn’t meant to have it 🙂

  9. A very merry Christmas to you, Ari. I hope you have a fantastic day and are surrounded by those you love. My family hasn’t opened christmas gifts together yet- that’s for tomorrow morning. I am not expecting any perfumes for Christmas, as they’re something that my family doesn’t really “get”. However, I bought my mother one of her favorite perfumes, Darling Clandestine’s Mishigami. I am tempted to buy myself Caron’s Parfum Sacre, but am forcing myself to wait. We’ll see how long I last.
    Tomorrow I will be wearing Lolita Lempicka’s L. The happy cinnamon-orange-vanilla-sandalwood is a perfect match for Christmas mornings at my house.

  10. I wore Parfum Sacre for Christmas Eve dinner at my cousin’s, and for Christmas I received Reglisse Noir from my husband (of course, I picked it out!) Last week I got some Shalimar EDT from a co-worker; she used to love it but became terribly allergic, and she knows I like it.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Ari, and may 2013 be a wonderful year!

  11. Happy Holidays Ari! Hope you get your 3DS. The boy child is setting up his WiiU before we leave to go grandma’s for Christmas dinner. My mom is giving me Guerlain Liu (the powder thingy) – my only perfumey present this year! She doesn’t even know what it is – I do 80% of her shopping for her and picked that for myself! Merry Christmas to those celebrating it!

  12. Happy Holidays, Ari!

    For the Christmas Eve celebration (it’s not my holiday but I still celebrate it) I wore Amouage Gold. And today to a Christmas dinner party I plan to wear Amouage Ubar.

  13. Happy Holidays. Ari and all the best for the New Year.
    Had a great Christmas Eve at my sister’s celebrating her birthday — much food and mirth. Included a discussion of perfume as my (slightly younger than me) nephew has given up his signature scent of 33! years — Aramis — at his wife’s convincing and after much sniffing has chosen Chanel pour Homme. We’ll be a smaller group there this evening for tuurrkeyyyy. I’ve been in a vintagey (or nostalgic) mood so yesterday was the woody floral, Shiseido Zen Classic (the current version of the original that I wore in my 20s) and today will be a soft, spicy sandalwood, the discontinued Bird of Paradise from Avon I fell across at a thrift store and which was one of the first scents my sister gave me when I was a teenager.

  14. Merry ho ho ho, young lady! My holidays started with the Solstice and are progressing nicely (actually, they started with making sure gifts got to my in-laws by the start of Hannukah, though I’m not sure how much credit I’m going to get for that. 🙂 Rocking Gaiac 10 when I get the chance, and my brother actually got me some Malachite, from the Gap (long discontinued, and actually surprisingly lovely). I also got some new cast iron pans, and a new longbow! I am swimming in riches. Hope you got the NIntendo! HUG!

  15. So we all want to know, did you get the 3DS? In my house Dragongirl got a DS as well as Kirby’s Mass Attack, Nintendogs and How to Train Your Dragon, not to mention she’s borrowing Frodo’s Super Scribblenauts. Archimedes has been saving up for the WiiU and with his Christmas gift cards can go pick it up, and I’m wafting my new Coromandel while binging on the first five seasons of Supernatural that Bones gifted me with. I hope your holidays were just as wonderful. 🙂

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