Vicarious Perfume Shopping


I don’t even know myself anymore. I bought five things in the Sephora VIB sale last week, and not one of them was perfume. I could redeem myself with one of the killer perfume sales going on right now, but I currently have no money because I am the world’s best daughter and spent all of it on my mom’s birthday present. (Who could say no to that face??)


Well, I might as well share the online perfume deals I’ve noticed lately with y’all so that I can get my vicarious perfume shop on!

Parfum1 is currently having a 20% off sale! If you’ve ever purchased from them before, you should have gotten a coupon email, but if not, I’m happy to send my code to the first person who asks for it. The sale ends on the 28th.

FragranceNet is doing 15% off until the 26th. The code is on the site’s front page.

Sephora is offering a perfume mini with every fragrance purchase over $25! I might actually participate in this one, because it’s just too tempting. I’m thinking the $25 Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine rollerball and then choose the 7 ml Narcisco Rodriguez EDT mini. The code is “TOPSCENTS”.

So will you be getting anything good? Or have you had any exciting recent perfume shopping exploits? Tell us in the comments!

P.S. Please note that the above links are not affiliate links. I don’t exactly know what affiliate links are, but they’re just regular old links.

P.S.S. The lipstick in the picture of my VIB sale haul is Clinique Black Honey. I usually avoid “cult” makeup products (like the hilariously unflattering NARS Orgasm blush), but I really like this berry color. I think I’m going to return the Fresh Rosé lip balm- it’s so much less moisturizing than the original!

19 thoughts on “Vicarious Perfume Shopping

  1. So cute that you got your mom that big present (what is it)! Also, I totally second the decision to return the Fresh lip balm, I don’t know what it has in it that is different form the original bu the Rose made my lips flaky and break out in bumps (allergies maybe?)

    1. Thank you, TF! I got her a cute Ted Baker dress (I’d been stalking it at Nordstrom Rack for weeks, until it was finally $59, down from $295!) and some Bliss Raspberry Champagne products. Unfortunately, she says they smell more like raspberry than champagne 😦

  2. Likewise, I didn’t buy any perfume w/ my VIB discount. I considered it, but I’m really bored w/ what Sephora has to offer perfume-wise these days. Their online selection is better, but in-store doesn’t do much for me. I ended up buying Givenchy Mandarin Bolero nail polish which is the most perfect summer shade and matches the Nanette Lepore swimsuit I just bought. Illamasqua lipgloss in Torture which actually goes pretty well w/ the nail polish, as well. And then Fresh’s Rose Hydrating Gel Creme. I did also use my Beauty Points to get the Chloe perfume gift, but the fragrance is … well, kind of rancid at best.

    I don’t really buy into the cult beauty products either, but I do love some Clinique Black Honey. It was actually the lip colour the makeup artist used on Liv Tyler for Arwen, so yeah, it’s my aloof Elven princess lipstick. I just wish it wore longer, because I feel like I have to reapply it numerous times throughout the day.

    Alas, I don’t think any of these perfume sales are going to help me. I’m after some Andy Tauer, and I think that’s going to have to be a Lucky Scent purchase.

    Also, randomly, when’s your sorority formal? I still have that Melograno to send you, and if you were looking for some Vesper Lynd glamour … that’s her scent.

    1. Ooooh! The formal is May 2nd. If you don’t have time, then please don’t give it a second’s thought, but if you do have a chance, nothing would make me happier than to be wafting Melograno!

      Is the Nanette swimsuit that gorgeous corseted back bathing suit you posted a while back? And what’s the Tauer you’re interested in? I’ve had my eye on Lonestar Memories for forever. Be warned that the Luckyscent Tauer prices are a good $25 higher than the prices on the Tauer website itself!!

  3. I resisted the Sephora sale but I have a harder time when Parfum 1 dangles a 20% off code in front of me. I’m trying hard to resist that one too but I really want to buy something. I just can’t decide what. I have a bunch of things on my wish list but most are Lucky Scent items and those aren’t on sale.

    1. If Parfum1 had L’Artisan Poivre Piquant in 50 ml instead of just 100, I would almost certainly get it. What’s on your wish list, Poodle?

      1. I want a bottle of Rubj. I’ve taken a liking to Carillon Pour un Ange and would love some Incense Rose. I’d also like Whips & Roses. Oh, and Trayee or Kyoto might be nice too.

  4. I didn’t get anything at all in the Sephora sale. I refuse to order online from them (I have placed 3 orders online and they screwed up all 3 of them. And their customer service trying to get the orders fixed was horrendous). I thought about picking up some more Josie Maran moisturizer or Fersh Brown Sugar fragrance, but I am pretty stocked on them at the moment so I’ll wait til the next coupon! Clinique Black Honey is a truly amazing color that does work on everyone. For a cheaper alternative, try the Revlon Lip Butter in Fig Jam. If either of them lasted at all, it would be the only lipstick I need. I was about to take you up on that parfum1 code, but I see they don’t have PdN Eau d’Ete in the small size : ( So it stays on the Luckyscent wishlist for now. Not sure what I’m waiting for – $35 is so ridiculously cheap, but I just hate paying for shipping!

    1. How strange and annoying about Sephora online! I haven’t had any problems, but I think I’ve only ordered from them once or twice. Fresh Brown Sugar is DELICIOUS, for the ten minutes it lasts on me. 😉 Thank you for the Revlon recommendation, dear Odonata! And if you do end up changing your mind about Parfum1, the code is yours!

  5. I haven’t been buying much of anything lately. I’m really trying to pay down my debt this year. Lately I’ve just bought a few used books. And nail polish. I haven’t been good about nail polish. And a few of those Revlon lip butters, which I have a weakness for. Other than that, I haven’t bought any fun stuff since February, and I feel GOOD about it. Can’t wait to have the credit card paid off. After that… student loans, I’m coming for you.

    One good thing about working at Macy’s in makeup/fragrance was I have a couple years worth of pretty much every beauty product imaginable. So I’m just trying to use up what I have for the moment. I just recently opened a Clinique blush that I’ve had for eons. I put off opening because I’m not a big Clinique fan generally. It’s called Totally Tawny or something. For all I know it’s discontinued now. But it’s a really good color!

    I’m skeptical of “cult products” too, but I do think Black Honey lipstick is nice. I just usually wear something bolder on the lips.

    1. That’s so great, Susan! You should be super proud. And used books and nail polish sound like excellent occasional splurges 😀

      Another shoutout for the Revlon lip butters! I almost never buy drugstore makeup since you can’t try it on, but clearly these are worth at least a look.

      1. I have like 3 of those lip butters.Thus far I’ve gotten 3 very safe colors (for me): two shades of red and the shimmery peach. There are certain colors I can always feel pretty safe with – I dunno, I’ve been wearing dark lips for so long, since like 15 or something, I can often pick things out blind and be pretty sure they’ll work (reds, mauves, certain shades of peach, certain shades of brown). Not always though. I got one of the L’Oreal Colour Riche Caresse lipsticks, which is kind of the L’Oreal version of the Revlon lip butters, and I wasn’t pleased with it at all – I went out on a limb and got a orangey shade and it was all wrong, plus I don’t like the formula nearly as much as I like the Revlons. 😦

        I forgot to mention the other lipstick I’ve been obsessed with lately – Estee Lauder Pure Color Sensous Rouge. I got one of these in late fall and it’s amazeballs. Now granted, I am pretty much into Lauder everything, but this lipstick has blown my mind – one of my top 2 or 3 of all time.

  6. I didn’t buy anything from Sephora with that coupon. I don’t know why. I planned to check it out… and then forgot (probably because I wasn’t feeling good and spent a LOT of money on a chiropractor 😦 ).

    I was also good for the last couple of months not buying any perfumes at all but tonight I go to a perfume event in my local Nordstrom and plan to add at least one of the Jo Malone’s Sugar & Spice perfumes to my collection. Maybe 2.

    1. Undina, I so hope that you’re feeling better now!! If you get a chance, come back and tell us which Sugar & Spice you ended up getting! (My bet is on the Chocolate ;))

      1. You won’t believe: I actually hate Bitter Orange & Chocolate (or I should rather say it hates me – on others it smells great). But I still bought it 😉 since it’s almost gone (the only place you can buy it online is Jo Malone website, all other online retailers are out of it). I also got Elderflower & Gooseberry that I like.

        1. Elderflower and Gooseberry was my favorite of this set. If I had any money in the perfume budget, I’d consider getting it – but I really don’t at the moment.

  7. I loved your crack about ‘regular links’ haha. And that photo of your mum’s face – who could deny her a whopping big present as you say?!

    I must stick up for Orgasm, though I know it gets a bad rap – Katie P has had a pop at it too. I was sold this by a Space NK SA in Belfast, and while I think Penny Lane is my preference for everyday, I promise that Orgasm doesn’t look clownlike or claggy on me. Or age-inappropriately glittery. And I really think I would know. The glitter is very subdued and gives more of a hint of sparkle.

    Black Honey I really wanted to like, but it is too berry-ish on my overly thin lips, sadly.

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