Anna Sui Flight of Fancy


So Sephora is carrying the Anna Sui line again! And this time, the perfume bottles aren’t shaped like creepy doll heads! This could be a positive or a negative, depending on your feelings about creepy doll heads. I am anti-creepy doll head, personally. They are terrifying.


I find Anna Sui’s goth cat lady aesthetic delightful; unfortunately, her new perfumes are much less interesting.

Flight of Fancy is a discernibly lychee fragrance. It is sheer and very smooth, with none of the sharpness too often found in less successful fruity scents. There is really very little in the way of a dry down. Flight of Fancy is a perfectly nice fruity fragrance, although it does strike me as more than a little Bath & Body Works. The packaging looks cheap (the font is freaking Papyrus), but Anna Sui does offer an $18 rollerball, which is always welcome. I don’t predict much success for Flight of Fancy, but I will say that it is a pleasant and reasonably-priced fragrance. Warning: two different reviewers mention on the Sephora website that their sample of Flight of Fancy was very different from the full bottle. I am also testing from a sample.

7 thoughts on “Anna Sui Flight of Fancy

  1. I tried this last time I was in Sephora. I liked it on paper, so got a sample to go (sprayed from the bottle). When I sprayed it on, it was relentless. Very linear and screechy and I couldn’t get it off fast enough. I actually liked the bottle a bit – didn’t notice the hideous font though!

  2. I agree that the doll heads are not a good look. You have just reminded me that I have a mini of an Anna Sui that I inherited I can’t even remember how. One moment while I rummage under the bed and see what it is…Secret Wish! My Secret Wish being that it was a mini of something else entirely.

    1. I would NEVER dump you, Portia. I stopped writing for a few months to focus on passing all my classes, and now that I’ve somehow managed to do that, I’m back! So glad to see you back here, too!

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