Lubin Gin Fizz

Have I mentioned that I like gin?

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 6.39.48 PM

I thought I might have.

A Gin Fizz is a glamorously retro cocktail from New Orleans that consists of gin, sugar, lemon juice, and soda/tonic. (13.5% in Baltimore makes a gorgeous grapefruit Gin Fizz, if you’re ever in town.) Lubin Gin Fizz really does smell remarkably like a gin and tonic, meaning a prominent juniper note and nose-tickling aldehydes. Not to the extent that you’ll be labeled the office lush, of course; I think that anyone who didn’t know that this was supposed to be a gin perfume would simply interpret it as a refreshing, effervescent floral.

The original version of Gin Fizz was released by Lubin in 1955. I don’t know a thing about it, except that it was apparently good enough for Luca Turin to request its re-release in his Perfumes: The Guide. A Luckyscent review claims that the new Gin Fizz smells the same as the old, but has inferior lasting power. I actually get higher-than-average wear time with Gin Fizz, but if you don’t, the price ($150 for 100 ml) is decent enough for a niche perfume that you can feel okay about frequent reapplication.

Oh, and if you were wondering what happened to my gin masterpiece, it’s coming along quite nicely.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 6.40.10 PM

16 thoughts on “Lubin Gin Fizz

  1. I like gin too. Am very fond of Tom Collinses… if I ever go out and order a mixed drink it is likely to be a Collins, and I’m getting a bit tired of explaining, NO, not a Vodka Collins, that is insipid and boring, I WANT THE GIN. It tastes a little like cleaning fluid, but I sort of like that.

    I have tried Gin Fizz, but it was from a sample a friend sent me and I think it may have been vintage, because I remember the aldehydes being off (i.e. nailpolishy). Did not like. But then, as I say, it might not have been fresh. Gin plus aldehydes? that just sounds like a big Yes Please for me.

    1. Oh, I should clarify: I frequently wear vintagey things in which the aldehydes have gone off, but since the aldehydes sort of seemed like they were the whole point of this fragrance, having them go off was a major FAIL.

    2. This happens to me EVERY TIME I order a gimlet. Who would want a vodka gimlet?? Groooosss. I have never tried a Tom Collins, but now I will in your honor, Mals!

      There is nothing remotely nail-polishy about my (new) sample, so I definitely encourage you to retry it sometime!

  2. Gin, glorious gin! I haven’t tried this yet but I will eventually. I think I was concerned about the lasting power so I didn’t rush to test.

  3. I love gin too! I drank it so copiously in college that I sort of shy away from it now (I mostly drink wine and beer now because liquor just seems so INTENSE), but I am now feeling sort of inspired to try gin fizz, the drink.

      1. oh, you know, I was about to say I’m not cool enough to know of such places anymore, BUT I went to such a place recently, with Meredith of Sweet Anthem and Nikki of Rebel + Mercury when they were in town.

        I had the Fig Manhattan. Holy snap, was it good! Also, going there made me feel so not old… LOL

    1. I see a lot of online reviews hating on Bombay Sapphire, and I just can’t understand it. Sapphire is as juniper-y as it gets, and if you don’t like juniper, then why are you drinking gin??

  4. I’ve dubbed Gin Fizz as “Hot Laundry” because it reminds me of that moment when you open the dryer to check your clothes….not quite ready…needs 5 more minutes. I love this one and a full bottle made its way to me. Hmmm. Now that summer is here, I’ll have to wear it today!

    I’m also a big fan of gin and tonic! Try adding Roses lime to your drink. And check out Hendricks Gin – cool as a cucumber.

  5. I keep meaning to revisit my Gin Fizz sample now that the weather’s heated up, but it keeps getting lost in the shuffle. I got the sample in the fall, and I really loved how true the opening was to its name. But it was fall, so I was all about tobacco and leather and such, and it wasn’t the right time for it.

    And speaking of which… I haven’t had gin in a while – mostly beer and wine. I used to drink Tom Collinses all the time at bars, and I like me some gin & tonic. That’s sounding really good.. maybe a stop by the liquor store is in order after work. 🙂

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