Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale


Okay, clearly I’m not the sharpest crayon in the box (or, like, most of the boxes), but I’ve been avoiding Sushi Imperiale for years because I assumed that it would smell like, well, sushi! Imagine my surprise when I cautiously sprayed the decant sent by The Muse in Wooden Shoes and discovered a spicy oriental fragrance instead of raw fish. Unfortunately, when all is said and done, I think that I might have preferred the raw fish. On paper, Sushi Imperiale is a warm, fruity scent spiced with cinnamon. It reminds me of an orange pomander, or a less sweet version of Hermes Ambre Narguile. On skin, however, the orange note feels much more synthetic and buzzy. That orange really grates on me, and it never really goes away.

If you like unsweetened spicy fragrances or enjoy more synthetic-feeling citrus notes, you may get along better with Sushi Imperiale than I did. Still, it’s not like spicy orientals are exactly uncommon (four different Basenotes commenters pointed out a resemblance between Sushi Imperiale and Yves Saint Laurent Opium Pour Homme), and many of them are bound to be cheaper than Sushi Imperiale.

By the way, if you were hoping for a genuine sushi fragrance, Demeter (who else?) has you covered

14 thoughts on “Bois 1920 Sushi Imperiale

  1. Ha! You and me both! I have a sample vial of Sushi Imperiale, but haven’t tested it yet because I find the name so off-putting. I like eating sushi, but don’t want to smell like it! Wonder who decided to call it that? Anyway, it doesn’t sound terribly exciting. There are plenty of good orientals out there, so it may not be worth the skin time.

  2. I have always been intrigued by Bois 1920 simply because the packaging reminds me of Old World apothocary bottles, but never enough to actually buy anything.

    I want to try the Demeter fragrance. Sticky rice and ginger … now I want sushi, dammit.

    1. I also want to try the Demeter now! I wish it was easier to try them- I don’t know of any brick-and-mortar store that has the whole range, or any websites that do samples.

  3. My brother loves this one – has a bottle if I am not mistaken – but it does nothing for me! Actual sushi every time, thank you. With pickled ginger on the side.

  4. I’ve avoided this one too because of the name. It doesn’t sound like it would be something I’d like now that I see your review.

    1. This is the third comment expressing confusion about the name- something really ought to be done about this! Although maybe it’s a good attention-getter for a scent that might not get as much attention otherwise.

  5. I think the name is baffling too, so that makes me #4 I guess. Google didn’t help alleviate the bafflement either. 😛 I haven’t tried Sushi Imperiale, though not because of the name. I just haven’t really paid much attention to the Bois 1920 line in general. Not sure I’ve tried any of them, come to think of it.

  6. I just have to join others: the name has never attracted me. Also I don’t like the brand name. And their bottles. No wonder I haven’t tried a single perfume from the line.

  7. Sushi refers to rice not fish. There are all kinds of sushi, even vegan sushi (my favorite)i with vegetables, tofu, etc. Sashimi is the raw fish. Now I’m not defending the name of this perfume, but perhaps if you think “rice” when you are smelling his fragrance, it might smell different to you.

  8. Hey there Arielle,
    I quite liked this when I tried it, was going to post about it but the decant I had mysteriously disappeared from my desk. I wouldn’t like to point a finger but I have a feeling it was nicked by a certain loved one who commented effusively about how it smelled on me.
    The name intrigued me but it didn’t smell at all like the sweet, sugary, vinegared rice that Jin uses to make his Sushi. Also, I quite like the simple but unusual bottles and the houses packaging, though I don’t own a FB of anything by them yet.
    Sorry i am late to this post.
    Portia xx

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