Monday Motivation


Welcome to another round of Monday Motivation! Monday Motivation is a (hopefully) exciting new feature that I’ve borrowed from the beauty blog Temptalia. Every Monday, I tell you what’s motivating me to get through this week (perfume-wise and otherwise), and then ask you to do the same!

My big news this Monday is that I will be moving home to Bethesda tomorrow! Most college grads don’t get too excited about the prospect of living at home, but I’m really glad to be living closer to my brother and the Santa Maria Novella boutique in Chevy Chase. Now that all of the perfumes are packed (SO MUCH BUBBLE WRAP), my biggest concern is the already-vicious cat who’s never experienced a move before…


What’s getting you through the week? Please share with us in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. Coffee??

    I had a great, relaxing four-day weekend, basically a staycation. And then last night I had insomnia and couldn’t get to bed until after 4am! UGH. What a waste!

    So yeah, coffee, and the excitement of reading a new paranormal romance series nightly this week.

    1. Aww, I’m sorry to hear about the insomnia, but the staycation sounds great! You deserved it with all these orientations!

  2. Great new blog design!

    At the moment, I am smitten by Undergreen White. I received a sample from Perfume 1, and this stuff is soo interesting. Coconut, Tuberose … and Iris! I’ve been going through white flowers fragrances for a while, I liked many but nothing really worked for me, and then this thing randomly lands into my house. The problem is that I don’t want to buy another FB right now (I got two last week!), but I see that I’ll have hard time resisting this one. Help!

  3. Dearest Nerd
    Sunshine is mainly motivating The Dandy as that rarely seen around these parts beast the Summer has actually arrived in London town!
    Yours ever
    The Perfuemd Dandy

  4. My nephew, whom we have a few days a week this summer. We swim, watch reruns of Bob’s Burgers, and play cards. (He’s taken to draw poker, and I hope to teach him gin next.) He starts middle school in the fall, so I’m enjoying this time while it lasts. I’m glad you’re getting to spend some time with your family as well.

  5. Glad you got things worked out for now. I hear ya on the cat-moving concern. I’ve been through a few moves with my two cats. It’s no fun, but you get through it. I don’t know how your cat is about carriers, but if she’s not too psycho about that, it’s not a big deal. I have one that’s pretty easy, and if both were like her, the move would be no problem at all. Right in the carrier in one try, no scratching the crap out of me. But the older cat is utterly psycho when it comes to the carrier, and it’s always a battle that usually involves me bleeding.

    And as for Feliway… they make plug-in diffuser things. They’re kind of pricey, but they do seem to work. I tried them when my (now ex-)boyfriend and I were living together, and I was at my wits’ end with the older cat being a jerk to him. It did seem to make a difference in how the cat acted toward the bf. And peace descended upon the land.. sort of.

    Best of luck on the move, and I hope your cat isn’t too difficult about it. 🙂

  6. AAAAARRRGGHHH! Moving is something I would rather not do. So much that I’ve only lived in 2 places since 1995, though there has been movement between them. Good luck with it.
    Keeping me going? New and exciting blog developments (more as things hot up), a recently arrived 1990’s Amouage UBAR that needs opening, Friday night home made NACHOS with the works and some excellent red wine, some interesting meetings/lunches/coffees over the weekend and my fab/crazy household filled with fun/love/smells.
    Smiley face at YOU Arielle.
    Portia xx

  7. I saw on Twitter you have arrived. Congrats! What’s motivating me this week? Luckily: everything. I’m on vacation. 🙂

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