Marc Jacobs Honey


Look, Marc, I totally get it. Between releasing your new makeup line, designing for Louis Vuitton and your own lines, and being JACKED AS ALL GET OUT, you must be awfully busy. Way too busy to, oh, I don’t know, pay much attention to your fragrance line.


Marc Jacobs Honey is a fresh floral that smells more than a little like shampoo. Bizarrely and disappointingly, it at no point smells like honey. I like it better than last year’s Marc Jacobs Dot, which was a fruit punch floral, but leagues less than Marc Jacobs’ first fragrance. Honey is pleasant enough and only a little shrill, but it is also completely devoid of character. If you had told me that this was a Bath and Body Works scent, I would totally have believed you.

You know, great perfumes tend to say something about their wearer. Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur says, “I’m definitely getting some tonight.” Robert Piguet Bandit says, “I might as well be wielding an axe.” Marc Jacobs Honey says, “We can put literally anything in this bottle and it’ll sell anyway because the bottle is cute and it says ‘Marc Jacobs’.”

14 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs Honey

  1. These fragrances are basically designed for four-year-old girls. I know because I have one. She desperately wants Dot and I’m sure she’ll like Honey too. I thought Dot was OK, pretty inoffensive, light, and BBWish. I’d actually buy it for her if it was BBW prices instead of department store prices.

    Anyway, thanks for nothing, Marc Jacobs, for giving me one more obstacle on the mall obstacle course with my daughter.

    (Oh, also, I should mention, I like Marc better when he was a frumpy/cranky/grungey looking dude. He was so much more relatable then.)

    1. Awww! Dot and Honey just became so much more cute now that I think about them in the context of four year olds. And as impressive as Marc’s shirtless shots are, he was pretty adorable in those huge glasses and sweaters.

  2. I’ll be over here with my axe. I mean, there is a reason my online alias is klytaemnestra.

  3. My hubby bought Dot for me so I wear it for his sake once in a while. Sadly, it’s one of my most complimented scents. I don’t want a bottle of Honey. Ever. I’d rather be wielding an ax too.

    1. Well, I’m glad that it at least gets you compliments! And your husband better wear some delicious niche concoction in exchange!

      1. Everything! The bottle (I HATE cheap plastic), the perfume (I HATE cheap perfumes)… Ok, not everything: they didn’t have a disgusting ads to go with this one – but probably only because, as you susan correctly noticed above, it was targeting “four-year-old girls.”

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