Apologies to all of my Twitter followers, who have already received a similar PSA! Zelda and I are finally joining the real world, complete with a new home for both of us and a job search on my end. If you know of any opportunities for an almost-22 year old (this Friday!) with a Johns Hopkins University degree in Natural Sciences and experience in blogging/social media, I would be thrilled to hear from you! Please email me at or DM me on Twitter at @thescentsofself. To keep this post at least a little on-topic, what perfume(s) did you wear to your first job(s)?

6 thoughts on “PSA

  1. Congratulations!!! I started my “first job” over 25 years ago and back then it was White Linen perfume all the way… Boy, have things changed! Best of luck to you, Ari – something tells me you’re going to be amazing at whatever you decide to do!

  2. Good luck on the job search! I’m not sure what my perfume was at my first job but I could probably guess it was either Poison or Giorgio because it was the 80’s and I had big, no, huge hair and was probably rocking an outfit with shoulder pads.

  3. My first job… ha! I kind of opted out of the job market by going to grad school. Not such a great decision since I pretty much did it because I was afraid of getting a job!

    In grad school, I didn’t wear much perfume, except on the weekends – feminine stuff wasn’t necessarily thought of as kosher. I wore a lot of BBW Brown Sugar & Fig. Then after dropping out of grad school at the height of the economic downturn, I worked at Macy’s. Whilst there I didn’t usually wear perfume to work – because I could change my scent every day at the perfume counter there!

    Anyway, good luck on the job search!! And by the way, the Hopkins graduation kind of looks like Marc Jacobs Honey, n’est-ce pas?

  4. For various complicated reasons of the plot, when I first started working right after college (I’m assuming for your purposes college jobs don’t count, of which I had 3 simultaneously), I wore perfume oils from The Perfumed Dragon. They used to do personal blends. They did a vanilla lavender for me I still have and love though I never wear it any more.


  5. The less said about my spotty employment history the better, but my first post-college perfume was Opium, which my sister gave me for Christmas, saying I was “too old to be wearing that awful cheap stuff,” i.e., Tabu. I haven’t gone back to smell today’s Tabu, but she may have had a point.

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