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You know, I was trying to write a review of the Marni fragrance the other day and didn’t get much further than “Smells like Le Labo Rose 31.” (Not that that’s a bad thing! Marni is much cheaper and more attractively packaged than Rose 31.) 2013 just hasn’t been the most inspiring year for new perfumes so far. But instead of dwelling on the Jo Malone Sugar and Spices or Diptyque Eau Moheli, let’s look towards the future! Which upcoming perfume releases are you most excited for?

I’m definitely looking forward to the new L’Artisan trio, especially Skin on Skin (creepy name, awesome notes).The new Hermessence, Epices Marine, sounds very intriguing, and Neela Vermeire Ashoka has been getting killer reviews. We’ve got a new Serge Lutens coming up, although it will be in the exclusive line, so I’ll probably never try it. Finally, I’m praying for Jo Malone Saffron to eventually be released in the U.S.

Knowing what perfumes you’re interested in hearing about is enormously helpful in planning reviews, so thank you in advance for participating in the poll!

Image courtesy of Fragantica.

23 thoughts on “Poll: Upcoming Releases

  1. Most definitely looking forward to all three new L’ Artisans. Especially Deliria because of the rum note. But I feel guilty because of all the Bertrand Duchaufour controversy!

    1. He’s so prolific now that it’s getting awfully inconvenient to avoid his perfumes! Barbara, you might be interested in Duchaufour’s comments on the controversy on Ca Fleur Bon, in which he states that he didn’t realize who he was working for. I don’t know whether I believe it or not, but hopefully other perfumers will be more cautious in the future about projects that they take on. http://www.cafleurebon.com/duchaufour-on-his-trip-to-uzbekistan-bertrand-speaks-out-uncut-and-unedited/

  2. I’m really wanting to try Silver Iris, the new Atelier Cologne. The Golden Leather one sounds OK too but Silver Iris is probably more likely to be up my alley.

    Andy Tauer, my personal fave, has at least one perfume coming out this fall: Tableau de Parfums Ingrid. So far all the Tableau de Parfums have worked for me, so I’m really excited about this one – he hasn’t blogged about it in ages but I think it’s supposed to be a floral blend with frangipani. He may also release something in the Tauer line this fall or winter. It sounds like he’s got a couple of perfumes finished but is deciding when and how to release them.

    I’m also interested in the L’Artisans and Neela Vermeire although to be totally honest, I have mixed results with Duchaufour.

    I also have vague hopes for Estee Lauder Modern Muse because I like them so much as a brand. Also curious about Mona di Orio Violette Fumee, Penhaligon’s Iris Prima, the new Lolita Lempicka, and the mythical 2014 Louis Vuitton fragrance.

    1. How did I forget about those Atelier Colognes?? I fully expect Silver Iris to be up your alley, and Golden Leather to be up mine 🙂 I don’t expect to like Modern Muse much, since the main note is jasmine, but I definitely want to try it so I can try to gauge what direction Estee Lauder is moving in.

  3. I’m interested in the new L’Artisans. The one that had gunpowder and caramel or something like that in its note list (I can’t remember which one it was) has me intrigued. I’m also wanting to try Ashoka. The only NV I’ve tried so far is Mohur, which I really liked. From what I’ve read about it, Ashoka sounds right up my alley. The two new Atelier Colognes sound good too. I haven’t been all that impressed with any of the Hermessences that I’ve tried, but the notes in Epice Marine do sound kind of interesting.

    And if, as Susan mentioned above, Tauer is coming out with something new, I will probably want to try it. Not many of his perfumes have really worked for me, but they’re always interesting.

    1. The one that supposedly contains gunpowder is Amour Nocturne, and it smells really good! I agree with you about trying new Tauers when they come out, too.

      My only other new release interest is not really new, but I’m looking forward to trying Mary Greenwell’s Lemon.

    2. You know, Mohur is a gorgeous perfume, but I’d also say that it’s the least innovative of the trio. If you liked Mohur, I think you’ll be blown away by Trayee and Bombay Bling!

  4. I review Ashoka so I encourage you to read it to make the lemming even bigger.
    As for the new releases. I can’t wait to buy my own bottle of Atelier Cologne Silver Iris

    1. I loved your review! But I notice that you didn’t mention anything about leather, is the leather note mentioned in the promotional materials not very prominent?

      1. I think it all depends on the skin but on me leather definitely wasn’t the main star of Ashoka. It was iris, tonka that dominated on my skin.

  5. Nothing much to add to what has been said, but as an Iris-and-Incense girl, I’m really looking forward to trying Ashoka and Silver Iris, and also Penhaligon’s new iris, Iris Prima. And considering how much I’ve grown to love Bottega Veneta, news of the new masculine version intrigues me.

  6. In general, I’m fine, I do not really look forward to any of the releases, I’ll try them as they come. Well… Maybe new By Kilian’s from the last series. And only because I want to see if I like it more than the one that I’m kinda planning to buy (I want that bottle and that clutch!)

    1. I would really like to try that By Kilian Flower of Immortality, but it wasn’t at Saks when I went this past Friday!

      1. Oh, I didn’t mean Flower of Immortality – tried this one and really disliked (but it’s just me: I don’t like peach in perfumes). I was talking about the new perfume from In the Garden of Good and Evil series that is supposed to be launched this Fall but I don’t remember the name.

  7. You should review whatever interests you, so it doesn’t become a chore. Oh, and I forgot to say congratulations!

  8. As much as I have lost faith in lemmings of all sorts, I am really curious about MDO’s violette fumé and Tom Ford’s Shanghai Lily.
    I’ll make sure to test them as soon as they are released!

    1. Yes, Bois de Jasmin made Shanghai Lily sound so lovely! It will be a nice surprise if that one is good after the Jardin collection, which I thought was awfully overpriced for the quality.

  9. I can’t wait for Ashoka, Vilotte Fumee and the new SL. Also, I heard TF has a new oud scent coming out soon which I would try.

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