Atelier Cologne Silver Iris and Gold Leather


I never miss a new release from Atelier Cologne, and perfumes like Silver Iris are the reason why. With its listed notes of saffron, rum, and leather, Gold Leather was the one that I was expecting to love, and I do like it very much. Gold Leather is a warm, boozy leather, heavy on the rum and minimally sweetened with a plum note. Of these two fragrances, Gold Leather is probably less original than Silver Iris, but it does fill the spot for darker fragrances that Atelier Cologne was previously missing. Silver Iris pairs an earthy iris note with a sweet, sparkling effect that I recognize from Philosophy Falling In Love and L’Artisan Mure et Musc. I’ve never smelled anything with this combination before! The drydown is sweet and clean, for anyone concerned about the listed patchouli note.

Silver Iris and Gold Leather come in silver-plated and gold-plated bottles, respectively. I saw them in-person at the Elizabeth Street boutique, where angelic S.A. Rossiter generously made me three samples (look for a review of Sois le toit de Paris soon!) They’re very glamorous, in that more-is-more way, but I suspect that more than a few perfumistas would prefer a plainer bottle and a price cut.

12 thoughts on “Atelier Cologne Silver Iris and Gold Leather

    1. These are $175 for 100 ml, other Atelier Colognes are around that price for 200 ml. The 30 ml size also isn’t available outside of a set 😦

      1. Wonder if they’ll push it to a 30mL size eventually. hrmph. I mean, I can’t complain too much, a lot of other things on my buy list are priced around $150-180 for 100mL.

        1. The last time I was at Neiman Marcus, the SA there told me that AC is phasing out the 30ml bottles as a separate purchase and is moving to only offering them as a gift with the 200ml bottle. Which sucks because the 30ml is what I want. I don’t want 200ml of anything. I don’t even want 100ml of most things.

  1. I tested the two at Neiman Marcus today. I have Silver Iris in my left wrist and Gold Leather on the right. I like both of them, though I think Gold Leather is a little more my style. It actually kind of reminds me of Lubin Idole a little bit, but with a stronger tobacco note.

  2. Just testing the Silver Iris now. It’s gorgeous! I’m still in the first half hour, so we’ll see. It’s a bit sweet and candy-like for my tastes – normally. I usually steer clear of anything fruity or berry-like. But I think the other elements seem to be tempering that a bit. I’m a sucker for iris, so I may end up loving this!

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