New Year’s Resolutions for Perfume Brands


Happy New Year, y’all! Since we last spoke, I’ve mostly been sleeping off the mono and forcing various family members to see Frozen with me. Of course, I made hella New Year’s resolutions, some perfume-related (comment on my favorite perfume blogs more, keep a record of my SOTD) and some not (teach Zelda to walk on a harness, moisturize after showers). Out of the goodness of my heart, I also decided to make some resolutions for ten of our favorite perfume brands! No need to thank me, guys!

Atelier Cologne: I will keep doing everything right (quality fragrances in reasonably-priced 30 ml bottles).

Frederic Malle: I will allow customers to choose any three fragrances for their refill sets rather than the current system of being restricted to three of the same fragrance. Hermes does it. Le Labo does it. What’s your excuse, Malle?

L’Artisan Parfumeur: I will seek therapy or something. God damn. Alternately, I will stop discontinuing Olivia Giacobetti’s masterpieces and bring her on as house perfumer.

Jo Loves: I will find an American vendor. (I want to try A Shot of Thai Lime Over Mango!)

Jo Malone: I will BRING BACK BLACK VETYVER CAFE WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO MEEEEEE. Alternately, I will offer the upcoming Rain collection in 30 ml bottles.

Juliette Has A Gun: I will continue to use pugs in my advertising.


Lush: I will make the Rose Jam perfume permanent.

M.A.C.: I will take a break from making endless Rihanna collections to figure out the fragrance line. (When M.A.C. discontinued their six fragrances, including my beloved MV3, in 2011, the official explanation was that the discontinuation was to make way for new fragrances. Three years later, there’s still no sign of this revamped perfume line.)

Serge Lutens: I will stop talking about how bored I am of perfume in interviews. (To be fair, I was pretty bored by La Vierge de Fer too.)

Tom Ford: I will sell the lovely and shockingly overpriced Sahara Noir in a 30 ml bottle for $75.

Do you have any resolutions for Serge, Frederic, or any other perfume brands? Please share them with us in the comments!

27 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for Perfume Brands

  1. Funny. Everybody has room to improve, right? And what about Frozen? Did you love it? I am 35 years old and I actually bought the soundtrack. That ice castle scene just floors me.

    1. I loooooved it. I have a “Let It Go” Pandora station! 😀 The message that siblings can hurt you but still love you was a very powerful one for me.

  2. This is just a general one both niche and designers should follow…I will offer rollerballs/travelsize of all scents. I am getting to the point where even 30 ml is too much but samples are not enough, I need 10-15 mls. (I also had too smile at the moisturizing resolution since I made the same one and have not been keeping it)

    1. Travel spray for everyone!! Even that Atelier Cologne’s getting right! They have travel sprays in Vanille Insensee, Orange Sanguine, and Rose Anonyme. It would be nice to have them for the whole line, but those three happen to be my favorites anyway.

      1. Oooh there’s a Rose Anonyme travel spray now??! Last I looked it didn’t exist, and I couldn’t find it in 30ml anymore either. I need to look for that. I’ve been wanting one ever since I knew AC did anything in a travel size.

    1. Thank you very much, ambrosialgal! I’ve been very excited to see Sephora offer smaller sizes of niche blends like L’Artisan, Atelier Cologne, and Tom Ford Private Blend last year. Hope they keep it up!

  3. Yipes. Well, Ananas Fizz is back in stock, and there’s another 25% coupon today and tomorrow… to buy or not to buy? hrmph.

    I love your resolutions! Especially Jo Loves. I like what I’ve tried of theirs and would love to have better access.

  4. I’m with you for L’Artisan, Ari! I wish some brands are a bit more accessible in Europe – all the American labels of natural perfumery, Naomi Goodsir’s elegant creations, Le Labo…Actually, Le Labo should do something about the seasonal restriction for the city exclusives…and maybe they should expand them to different cities and more boutiques. Come on, people, the world is shrinking and the snobiety in distribution and accessability is just…annoying…!

    1. There’s a LOT I wish Le Labo would change about the city exclusives- make them accessible all year round online and lower the price a good $75!

    1. I always knew it must not have been a big seller, since it didn’t have any matching body products, but I’m very sorry to see it go- don’t know anything else like it.

      1. Certainly used to do a candle as I used to buy it & sure at some point they used a hand cream in it in a hand massage. Can’t believe it sold less than a number that are still part of the range

      1. We will be in New York in November Arielle. I am quite excited because I haven’t been there this century. I am excited to see the changes wrought in your fair island.
        Hopefully we can hang while I’m there, that would be extremely special.
        Portia xx

  5. Ari, I love you! 🙂

    I’ll sign under everything that you said (well,technicallyIdo not care about M.A.C. but if it’s important to you… 🙂 ). One more NY resolution from me to multiple niche brands: Bertrand Duchaufour is a great perfumer but he’s not the only one out there – just a thought.

    1. I feel so grateful to have wonderful readers like you who come back even after long breaks, Undina.

      It would definitely be nice to see some new names in the perfume press releases, especially since quite a few of Duchaufour’s recent creations seem like variations on each other rather than distinct entities.

      1. Bertrand long since became the Mark Ronson of perfumery sorry if that offends folks and way he’s going he’s going to end up the Stock, Aitken & Waterman if he’s not careful.. started with Divine ended up Sonia..

  6. Happy New Year to you! This was great Ari, as always.
    Still waiting for MAC to repromote my beloved Naked Honey!

  7. Frederic Malle: I will make holders for my travel spray refills that cost less than a quarter of the $120 I currently charge.

    I am so sorry your mono came back! I hope you kick it asap.

  8. Loved this a lot – a very sound set of resolutions for the brands! For Ormonde Jayne I would additionally say – don’t charge for the Perfume Portrait and make customers obliged to buy a FB on the spot. What if they don’t like the range that much?

    The small sizes and mix and match travel sets should be standard practice – how that would transform our purchasing behaviour and access to Lots of Stuff!

    1. Yesterday I used the last of my Ormonde Jayne Champaca body lotion. Linda’s only producing them in top 4 selling scents know as the factory where they’re “tubed” has to have high minimum orders for each one. Suggestion would be a body cream instead in a jar that doesn’t require use of a crimping machine to construct the tube

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