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I’ve always been a little skeptical about claims of musk anosmia. A Google search produces far more anecdotes than studies. But with Beyonce as my witness, I cannot smell Indult Tihota after the first ten minutes. I can smell the thick, foody vanilla extract top notes just fine, but then I put my nose to my wrist and smell nothing. The only notes that Luckyscent provides for Tihota are vanilla and “musks”, so I’m forced to conclude that one or more of these musks is standing between me and Tihota. The weirdest part is that I have no issues smelling perfumer Francis Kurkdjian’s other musk-heavy fragrances, like Aqua Universalis Forte and Narcisco Rodriguez For Her. Really and truly bizarre.

This is obviously not much of a review, but I wanted to write about Tihota because I’m hoping that one of you readers can tell me what it actually smells like! I also wanted to praise Indult for being one of the very few niche perfume brands right now to lower their prices (from $225 to $200) rather than raising them. Parfums MDCI also deserves a shoutout after lowering their prices from $265 to $250 and below, depending on the fragrance. TAKE NOTE, KILIAN/AMOUAGE/GODDAMN EVERYBODY.


26 thoughts on “Indult Tihota

  1. I’m behind testing anything new so I have no input on either thisperfume or musks in general but I loved your last sentiment and just want to add to the hall of shame: according to the SA at Dior Boutique prices for their Privee line are about to go up 20-24% (dependent on the size).

  2. I’ve never sampled this one but I can relate to being anosmic to certain perfumes. I cannot smell Bottega Veneta. On paper there’s the barest hint of something. On my skin, nothing. Oddly enough, my hubby couldn’t smell anything either so I don’t know if I’m truly anosmic or my skin just chewed it up and spit it out almost immediately. Whatever the case, nothing is still nothing.
    I agree with wishing prices would go down a bit. Some of them are out of control.

  3. Tihota smells like a giant vanilla cookie! I recently smelled this wafting beautifully from Daisy across a table all through our decadent lunch, so I must not be anosmic to it.

  4. I cannot smell Nahema, which everybody says is an huge overblown rose with enormous waft… can tell there’s SOMEthing on my wrist, but alas, I have no idea what it is.

    1. Wow, that is indeed a heavy hitter to not be able to smell! But considering those parfum prices, it might be for the best!

  5. I also think that Tihota fades too quickly. However, I can still smell it on a scarf I wore the day I sprayed it. Weird.

  6. I haven’t tried Tihota, but I have trouble smelling Narciso Rodriguez for Her. I can smell some musk and orange blossom at first, but after a little while I still get maybe a faint orange blossom but not much else.

    I know that there are some musks that I can smell no problem (i.e. Galaxolide, Exaltolide, Ethylene brassylate), and others I’m not so sure about (Velvione, Cosmone). But with the ones I’m not sure about, I can’t be sure if it’s anosmia on my part, or if the material I got from Perfumer’s Apprentice has gone off. Another material that was a weird one to me is a fruity chemical called Berryflor. Again, not sure if I’m just anosmic or if the stuff has gone off, but I can get the stuff on my hand undiluted and still smell nothing.

  7. I totally believe it. As you know, Tihota is one of my all-time favorites, but there is really not much to it but a masterful blend of vanilla and musk, and if you can’t smell the musk…. (Shrug.)

    I can’t smell Jour d’Hermes. If there was going to be a scent I’m agnostic to, I’m glad it’s that one and not Tihota.

  8. I can’t smell the dirty musks. It just kills me, too, because I want to know what all the fuss is about! To me those perfumes just smell “nice”.

    Also I can’t smell Prada Infusion d’Iris edt for an hour in. It’s such a weird disconnect to see that wet spray on your arm and smell Nothing. (The edp version I can smell.)

    1. How bizarre! Infusion d’Iris is certainly light, but it’s very distinctive. I wonder if you can smell the EDP or the Absolu!

  9. Is it a dry skin issue? It’s been so cold and dry. I can smell the profumum vanittas and confetti for 30 minutes and then it’s gone. It’s sad. I really love them. Après l ondee, same condition.

    1. Après l’Ondee is very light no matter the weather, but I’m surprised to hear about the Profumums- they’re supposed to be very concentrated!

  10. I sampled this just the other day following Sandra’s glowing review on OT – i got the warm, foody vanilla and nothing else. It was pleasant, lovely even, but a bit linear and one dimensional – maybe I am in the same anosmic camp and cannot smell the missing dimension either. 😉

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