Dailies 07/17/14

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Daily Fragrance: L de Lolita Lempicka. L is the golden retriever of perfumes. This seriously scrumptious orange creamsicle scent is one of the happiest fragrances I know. L has been discontinued (boo! hiss!), but can still be found for a very good price at several online discounters.

Daily Magazine: Vogue July 2014. Gorgeous photos, weak interview. Karlie Kloss’ modeling transcends the deeply wretched clothes in her editorial. (Please note that my understanding of modeling is almost entirely based on the first 12 seasons of America’s Next Top Model.)

Daily Jewelry: Nona’s earrings. I almost never remember to wear jewelry, but the blue and gold of the L de Lolita Lempicka bottle reminded me of my great-grandmother’s aquamarine earrings. I got them at my Bat Mitzvah, where they matched my powder blue eye shadow perfectly.

Please feel free to share your own dailies (and to use your own categories)!


27 thoughts on “Dailies 07/17/14

  1. Heya Princess,
    Fille en Aguilles by Serge Lutens was my fragrance today and I enjoyed its Christmas Pudding vibe all evening and still. On my skin it is almost woodless and is totally about fruit and nuts in yummy pudding.
    Didn’t do any magazine reading but I wore my newest red paste necklace & earrings tonight, they are ridiculously oversized and fun. Worn with a greige lace tablecloth turned gown, red & greige feather headress and vintage red Balenciage coat copy. It was pretty damn wow.
    Portia x

    1. WOW at “greige lace tablecloth turned gown”! Were you the one who did the turning? I’ll be impressed either way!

      1. HAH! Yes, It was my Mum’s favourite table cloth and I always hated it. I couldn’t throw it out but I could transform it. Lined in a fun pink and orange with gold random sequins and some gold strip sequin cornelli work with red jewels it is a minor masterpiece. It always makes me samile when I wear it and very few people pick up on what it was.
        Portia xx

        1. Portia, you are so talented. I hope somebody got a photo of you in this dress, so you can post it to your Facebook page.

        2. Thanks Tatiana,
          The dress is pretty old now but I’ll put up a photo when I get one. I’ll put it on the Australian Perfume Junkies Facebook Page so you can see it. Wearing it tomorrow night so I will try to remember.
          Portia xx

  2. SOTM is YSL Paris.

    No lipstick. No fashion mag. (i don’t read them. OBV.)

    Task of the day: cleaning out the closet under the stairs. The card table and chairs are in there, as are years and years worth of kid art – I’ve gone through it at least once, but it needs further culling – and all the sleeping bags. Plus school supplies and miscellaneous suitcases and various computer supply thingies. GAH, I should just chuck it all.

    On the up side, I have my fabulous fake CZ dangle hoops on. 🙂

    1. Paris and dangle hoops strike me as a natural combination! Your task of the day sounds herculean- I’m excited to hear how it went tomorrow!

  3. Earrings of the day – mauve and pale blue dragonflies as we seem to be inundated with those beautiful winged ones this year.

    Tea of the day – white tangerine – even though it’s hot weather here in Oregon, somehow the crispness of the tangerine and the cleanness of the white tea feel cool.

    Trip of the day – we have family vising so we’re taking a drive along the Columbia Rive Gorge where it may be a bit cooler.

    SOTD – I’ve added some 4711 cologne to a water spritzer bottle (my mum always wore this in the summer back when I was a kid in the 60s) and will spray with abandon as the temperature creeps up!

    I really like this idea of dailes 🙂

    1. Dragonflies and tangerine tea sound just wonderful. I love your 4711-in-water-spritzer idea! Do you keep it in the fridge, too? Extra cooling factor!

  4. SoTD – Test driving Hermes Un Jardin en Mediteranee for a second day. It seems to be working int this unusually muggy weather we’ve been having.
    I have that issue of Vogue as well, but it has sat unread and unloved on the coffee table since I bought it. I love the photo of Lupita on the cover.
    Moments of the day – Listening to my two kitties purr, then driving to the barn to hear my mare nicker at me, then snuffle my pockets looking for treats.

    1. I think “snuffle my pockets looking for treats” must be the cutest phrase in the English language. What a perfect day!

      Lupita does look gorgeous on the cover. The woman seems completely incapable of taking a bad photo.

  5. These dailies are fun! So glad you thought them up – they seem easier for me to respond to as well. Anyway…..
    my daily magazine = the August issue of Lucky and technically I read it last night before falling asleep. Has anyone else noticed that Lucky keeps getting thinner and thinner? There is almost nothing left of it.
    My daily jewelry = unimaginative. my go-to giant gold hoops.
    My perfume = Violette by Fresh so nostalgic for me and sadly discontinued

    1. I’m so happy to hear you like the dailies, Kate! Every magazine is shrinking, year by year. It’s very depressing. The beauty section in this issue of Vogue was literally three pages!

      That Fresh Violette was very popular on the Makeup Alley forums back in the day. I never got a chance to try it 😦

  6. I’d just like to add my voice to the group that I love the idea of the dailies!
    Since it was a beach day for me today:
    SOTD: None, since I never wear perfume on the beach anymore(I think I learned that here from a comment by Portia sometime ago) but I was smelling like lobster after lunch 🙂
    Daily Mag: the latest issue of Marie Claire. I only bought it bc it had Mila Kunis on the cover and since she moved to the US from Ukraine at a very young age I feel she sort of knows where I’m coming from. But I really liked their feature on a series of Brazilian women from different walks of life.
    Daily Jewelry: My cheapest and blingiest forever 21 earrings (again, beach day)

    1. I picked up Marie Claire today, too! Mila Kunis is just disgustingly pretty.

      If you ever decide you want to re-experience that Eau de Lobster, Demeter (who else?) has a Lobster scent!

  7. I like the Dailies:

    Daily steps – 21,200 today!!!

    Daily Sunscreen – Neutrogena Baby (SPF 50) for face and ears, Cerave Face Sunscreen ( SPF hmmm, not in my room right now but I think it is 60) for my arms, neck

    Daily Caffeine – one Illy espresso shot and a small coffee from Mike’s Bakery

    Daily Bangle – from Kate Spade

    Daily Stupid Answer I got from a Sushi restaurant – “Sorry, we do not have vinegar.” Ummm, hello? Everyone knows that the rice used in sushi has vinegar as an ingredient.

    1. HOLY SHIT. That’s ten miles, you bionic woman! I’m so impressed- I pat myself on the back when I manage five!

      Also super impressive: your sun-protected ears. I always forget to do the ears.

  8. I’m glad you’re back and think the Dailies idea is fab. I have a bottle of L de Lolita and agree that it’s delightful….and the bottle is interesting too!

    1. Thank you so much, sweet CM! Whoever does the Lolita Lempicka bottles is a true artist. I’m ashamed to admit how many times I’ve had to talk myself out of buying Si Lolita just for the bottle.

  9. Went to look at Baylor University with my son today. I don’t really wear jewelry for my job, so when I’m off work I forget about it. I wore Kate Walsh boyfriend. My magazine was People with all the cute pictures of the little prince.

  10. L de LL is discontinued?? That makes me sad. I love it, even if the bottle is kind of broken (got it for a really great price at Marshalls because the box was trashed and sprayer broken, but I was able to rig it up with a spray top I pulled off a sample vial)

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