Dailies 07/18/14

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Daily Fragrance: Le Labo Lys 41. Despite the aggravating city exclusives and the intentionally confusing naming scheme, Le Labo always delivers on their perfumes. Lys 41 is a robust, true lily fragrance with a delicious vanilla drydown. I like it even better than the gold standard lily, Frederic Malle Lys Mediterranee, which goes too sweet on me.

Daily Nail Polish: Illamasqua Raindrops. Caution: needs at least three coats. That third coat takes Raindrops from a streaky mess to an ethereal, shimmering dove grey.

Daily Game: Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. Dark Moon stars the unwilling ghostbuster Luigi, younger, greener brother to Nintendo mascot Mario (aka Maurice Roucel lookalike). Timid, bumbling Luigi’s willingness to face his fears (ghosts, and lots of them) in order to save his brother never fails to make me sniffle. Vacuuming up ghosts is also surprisingly satisfying!

Please feel free to share your own dailies (and to use your own categories)!

16 thoughts on “Dailies 07/18/14

  1. Ah, Le Labo Lys 41 has been on my list to try! It sounds divine.

    I still need to get a 3DS. When I was a student/instructor I didn’t have time, and now I have time but no money…LOL.

  2. Hey Arielle,
    Today I wore Queen of Hearts by Queen Latifah, second day. Tonight I had a bubble bath in Amouage Honour and used the shower gel to make bubbles. That’s what I smell like right now with a little Halle by Halle Berry lotion on my arms.
    My toenails are Purple with mixed Red and Silver glitter over the top, they look fun.
    I cannot stop playing Frozen on the iPhone.
    Portia xx

  3. SOTD is DSH’s take on Iris Gris, called Scent of Hope. I’m not much of an iris fan, so it’s not wowing me, but I suspect that’s merely the focus and not the execution. I’d have thought there would be more peach in here, but it’s not sticking much of its head up. It’s THERE, yeah, but not an equal portion with the iris. Instead, I’m getting a lot of violet leaf and cedar.

    No nail polish. I cut all my nails short before going on vacation, as I knew it would involve much Hiking Around Lakes. And my toes desperately need a fresh polish. I’m just too lazy to take off the old.

    Just finished Quantum Demonology.

    1. Oh – and the closet decluttering is done. There’s still a box of videotapes I must scan and decide whether any of them need to be transferred to DVD… and a big box of photos that I must cull, sort, date, organize, and put in albums (I know, I know, SOOOOO 90s). But I took two ancient hardsided American Tourister suitcases (both mine. both purchased in 1984) and two soft garment bags (one mine, one The CEO’s) to Goodwill, and took out an entire 20gal trash bag of rubbish.

      Next? The upstairs linen closet. GAH. If I don’t come back in three days, call the Marines.

      1. Photo albums are great — I love to sit beside someone with their photo album on my lap and hear the family stories.

    2. Thank you for the Scent of Hope info! I was blown away when I tried Iris Gris (thanks to the Non-Blonde and her spectacular vintage collection), and the peach was definitely the most prominent note. I hope someone eventually succeeds in replicating it! Bond Chinatown is the closest thing I’ve tried, but they’re nothing alike aside from the peach note.

  4. Always impressed by people who have the patience for *three* coats of nail polish — clearly another of the girl things that I didn’t practice enough as a teenager.
    My favourite Maurice Roucel moment is him dancing the tango with Micheline. I’m one of the few who has and loves Missoni — it was a blind buy that I thought too sweet on initial wearing but smelled so fabulous on the fabric I inadvertently spritzed that I went back to it. On me it is beautiful floral with a touch of nutella (Elisa says Tootsie Roll).

    1. I find the the nail painting process itself to be very relaxing! It reminds me of painting piggy banks when I was in the hospital. The more coats, the better!

      Congratulations on snagging Missoni before it was discontinued. I don’t remember it very well, but I do love tootsie rolls!

  5. Hi Ari! Just wanted to say I like this new series and I hope you keep doing them. My SOTM was Carnal Flower, from a tiny sample, half of which I spilled on my desk — but now my desk smells really great. Not sure what my evening scent will be…something that layers well with my desk scent I guess. xoxo

    1. Thank you very much, Elisa! I love Carnal Flower, and the idea of a desk scent. I mostly work on a laptop on my bed, so my desk scent would have to double as a bedtime scent.

  6. I’m A little late on my dailies!

    Daily steps – I won’t horrify you with the details but it was definitely over 10 miles

    Daily lip balm – Neosporin SPF 20

    Daily reminder to people hanging around tour groups – people participating in the tour like to hear the guide; if you whisper, we can still hear you LOUD & CLEAR so shut your trap or move way away from the group!

    Daily App – Google Maps! If you are walking the route, make sure to click on the walking person icon or you’ll be sent where only motorized vehicles should be (like the on ramp of a busy highway). For someone who was absent when God was giving away navigation genes, this app is a Godsend (see, He makes up for my shortcomings).

  7. Hi Ari
    Late to the conversation!
    I really wanted to love Raindrops. I was living in Seattle at the time I blind bought it and it’s such a nice concept for a color. Unfortunately it doesn’t look quite right on my skin. Sigh. My bottle is looking for a new home… if you’re interested, I sent you a pm about it to the email address shown on your Contact page…

    As for Lys 41, I also wish I liked lily scents. I’ve learned to appreciate many floral notes in the past few years of perfumistahood, but this is one nut I haven’t cracked yet. Le Labo Ylang 49 is more my speed.

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