Dailies 07/21/14

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Daily Fragrance: Atelier Cologne Rose Anonyme. Rose Anonyme is the perfume that convinced me to really start paying attention to Atelier Cologne. Dishy perfumer Jerome Epinette took one of the most common note combinations of the last decade (rose and patchouli) and made a neon rose and hallucinogenic strawberry scent that smells anything but average.

Daily Beauty: L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara. Oh, like you could resist a mascara named “Miss Manga”. The formula is way too clumpy for me personally (my usual mascara is CoverGirl Clump Crusher), but it’s ideal for the spiky anime lash look. Nouveau Cheap has an excellent review.

Daily Book: Sophie Dahl’s The Man With The Dancing Eyes. $7.50 at The Strand! Sophie Dahl is Roald Dahl’s granddaughter, and his influence is obvious in her charming, friendly writing. Dancing Eyes is a short, lovely story about the New York adventures of a young woman and her “loyal mongrel” Froggy. I like Sophie Dahl’s writing so much that I own both of her cookbooks despite not caring much for her recipes (very British, mostly vegetarian).

Please feel free to share your own dailies (and to use your own categories)!

11 thoughts on “Dailies 07/21/14

  1. Still haven’t tried anything Atelier.

    SOTD: Tom Ford Shanghai Lily. Lily’s gone by 3 hours in, and it’s something like Black Cashmere without the incense. Nice, yeah. Tom Ford prices nice, nope.

    Iced coffee/vanilla ice cream float thing, delicious.

    Not cleaning out anything today. Instead, am writing. Or, rather, failing at writing so wandering around the perfumoblogosphere instead.

    Today’s earrings are things I’ve had for probably 30 years – tiny white ceramic discs (about 1/4 inch across) with painted pink rose and green leaves on each one, the discs being attached by slip ring to tiny ball studs. They are girly and sentimental and sort of cheap-looking, and I don’t care. I love them.

    1. NO Ateliers?? Woman, I live one block above Elizabeth Street! Give me your requests and I’ll get you samples of whatever you want. You definitely need to try Rose Anonyme, the violet-y one, Sous Paris whatever, and I recommend Orange Sanguine, too.

      I echo every word you said about Shanghai Lily. I honestly would have thought that the Tom Ford pricing is delusional, but plenty of people seem undeterred.

      1. Ooh, very generous of you! Will be in touch.

        Yeah, I keep wondering when people are going to think, “This is just way outside my price range,” about the TFs. Well, the Private Blends anyway. But perhaps it’s one of those aspirational lines where part of the appeal is the high price and you buy it because you can. (SO not part of my financial strategy.)

  2. SOTD was Baiser Vole. It’s long gone now. I’ve been doing housework but got sidetracked but a rare cuddly moment with Greta the poodle. We had a 20 minute snuggle. 🙂
    Just baked some dog cookies for Miss Fussypants.
    Loreal’s Voluminous mascara made my eyelids swell and itch so I tend to avoid all their mascaras.

    1. Those rare cuddly moments! Zelda’s usually happen at 4 AM. Siiiiigh.

      I’m sorry to hear about your itchy eyelids! I don’t have much experience with L’Oreal- I tend to stick with Sephora, since their return policy is such that you can return anything you have a bad reaction to.

  3. I’m so glad you are doing the dailies!
    Also it was you that got me into Atelier Cologne an now I love them especially orange sanguine. It’s really the only thing that can sort of replace my beloved loccitane Ruban d’Orange. As for the beauty I love the miss manga commercial and have been buying quite a few products fronted by the model Barbara Palvin (she’s Hungarian and all and I’ve got to support the fellow countymen 😉 ) but haven’t bought the mascara since I’ve never bought mascara in my life.
    Today’s book on the train “Oscar Wilde and a Game Called Murder”.

    1. Orange Sanguine is still my favorite Atelier Cologne, too. I sold my bottle recently because it reminded me too strongly of an ex, but I know I’ll buy another bottle someday.

      I envy those need-no-mascara lashes of yours, TF! 🙂

  4. Hi there Arielle.
    Last night I spritzed Guilietta by Tocca. It is a very pretty, 21st century, mainstream style, wet bouquet that is this morning, warm, clean laundry. I smell fresh.
    About 3/4 of an inch down my face this morning is smeared Max Factor: False Lash Effect Mascara. It is super black but won’t come off with regular cleaner, then I wake up panda. I will not repurchase.
    Reading Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. Beginning of a fantasy set, quite good. Just finished listening to my first Audio CD Book in the car. Fahrenheit 451, which was bothy gripping and disturbing about census and a very dystopian future, not too far from where we are. Started Susan Boyle’s biography but left it at a buddies, will get back to it when NOTW is done.
    Just so you know, I am loving your new format.
    Portia xx

    1. Fahrenheit 451 is standard high school curriculum for a lot of American students, not just of my day but also currently. I was surprised to hear that they’re still studying it! So much of the curriculum is boring stuff, but not that one – both frightening and hopeful, and beautifully written. Love Bradbury anyway.

      1. Hey there Malsnano86,
        I had no idea that they were giving such gripping reading to the students. WOW! How powerful for them. I particularly like Bradbury’s postscript on censorship, it blew me away.
        Portia xx

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