Etat Libre d’Orange Cologne


Etat Libre d’Orange introduces their latest fragrance, Cologne Eau de Parfum, with the words, “It’s an easy pleasure, a scent for everyone, to splash on all over and wear everywhere… It’s a very nice cologne.” Cologne opens with a bright, flat orange note and soft orange blossom. I almost always loathe orange blossom for its syrupy sweetness, but the orange note keeps both in check very nicely. It’s easy to sniff a resemblance to the recent Atelier Cologne Cedrat Envirant during this beginning stage, but unlike Cedrat Envirant, the citrus in Cologne is very streamlined, intentionally unnatural.

Now, here’s the fun part. Traditional colognes are much like Hollywood ingenues: bright and fresh, with very limited lasting power. The delightful trick up Cologne’s sleeve is that it gets better with time instead of fizzling out. The best and most interesting stage of Cologne is the drydown, when white musks mingle with polished, unsweetened leather. The lasting power is surprisingly good, and the holographic silver label is gorgeous in person.

Cologne is not the most daring, exciting Etat Libre d’Orange fragrance. It’s not the one that I, personally, would spend $150 on (Cologne is currently only available in the 100 ml size). But it is exactly what Etat Libre d’Orange set out to achieve: “an easy pleasure”. “A very nice cologne” might be just what this heavy-hitting brand needed.

14 thoughts on “Etat Libre d’Orange Cologne

  1. This sounds really nice, but yeah, for $150 I expect something a little more remarkable. I seriously haven’t bought anything since April and that was on a whim because I’m so jaded by the price of some perfumes these days. This is coming from someone who likes to buy Amouage, unopened vintage, & imported, marked-up Serge bell jars. I remind myself that the perfume I have received the absolute most compliments on ever is a bottle of Dita’s original fragrance, which retails for about $35.

    1. Don’t even waste your time with this one, A. It’s not nearly bold enough for you. I doubt you’ll be crazy about the new Amouage, either- Journey Woman is very fruity. The only new release I can think of that you NEED to try is Aedes de Venustas Oeillet Bengale. Have you smelled that one yet?

        1. My pleasure! It’s a very complex carnation that reminds me of some of your Carons. I think you will love it!

  2. thanks for sharing, Ari. just a double typo here: it’s Cedrat “Enivrant”, of course – Google translates “enivrant” by “intoxicating” but in my opinon it’s more of a cross between “heady” and “getting high”, something at once strong and unviolent, lifting, like a wave.

    cheers and kudos for the writing – should make a book out of this, or are you already writing for Vogue?

    1. Oops! Thank you for the correction, Jim! I am hilariously bad with French perfume names. In fact, I avoided Cedrat ENIVRANT for too long because I assumed “cedrat” meant cedar!

      Somehow I am not yet writing for Vogue! 😉 Thank you very much for your kind words!

  3. Heya Arielle,
    I think $150 a very good deal for 100ml quality niche. You can pay more than that for mainstream dross.
    I think I have my colognes sorted though so while I may try the ELdO one it will have to be pretty spectacular if it’s to join the Guerlain, Parfums de Nicolai, Tabac and others that don’t spring to mind.
    Portia xx

    1. Very true, Portia! ELDO has the fairest prices in niche perfumery right now. I hope they’re able to keep it up. I mostly meant that if I were going to buy one of the $150 ELDOs, it would be something like Afternoon of a Faun instead!

      1. OMG! Arielle. The last line that I scrubbed before I posted the comment was that I would like to own a bottle of Afternoon Of A Faun before I fall for another ELdO.
        Or, it would have been snap if I’d left it in.
        Portia xx

        1. I really wish Afternoon of a Faun was available in the 50 ml. It’s fantastic, but it’s so potent that I know I would never need 100 ml.

  4. Cologne. Ehhhhh. Also, ELd’O, double ehhhhh – there are several PdNicolai scents I’d buy before I purchased my favorite ELD’O (Hotel Slut, of course, which I probably won’t buy because I like Citizen Queen better).

    1. You and your slut perfumes! 😉 Juliette Has A Gun is another line that does a very nice job of keeping their prices reasonable.

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