Dailies 07/23/14

Daily Fragrance: Sweet Anthem Juliet. American women are already a rarity in the perfume industry (except in indie perfumery, where they dominate. Get it, ladies!) But an American, female perfumer that’s also my (hilariously diminutive) height? Well, there’s only one: Meredith Smith of Sweet Anthem. This pint-sized perfume wonder makes some of the most polished indie perfumes I’ve ever tried, and at crazy-reasonable prices. The jasmine in Juliet eventually goes too sweet on me, but the mango opening is so much fun. I think I’m going to try Petra and Owl next.

Daily Tea: Pukka Love. Never again! Way too much licorice for me.

Daily Lip: NARS Eros Lip Lacquer. One of my all-time favorite colors in one of my least favorite formulas. So goddamn sticky, but that gorgeous plum is worth it.

Please feel free to share your own dailies (and to use your own categories)!

Disclaimer: This post does not contain affiliate links. All products listed in this post are my own purchases, much to my wallet’s dismay.

22 thoughts on “Dailies 07/23/14

  1. Heya Arielle,
    Today I wore vintage Boucheron Femme EdT while cleaning the house. It helped me sail above the tedium and was so much fun. Big, Bold, FUN.
    Tonight I went much quieter, YSLs Paris Premier Roses. It is a dainty little whisper of a thing and bears very little resemblance to my memories of Mum in Paris. Still it was fragrant and pretty.
    Tea? https://www.harney.com/ These guys do some amazing teas. We don’t get quite the range here that you get in the USA but YUMMY.
    Standard lips for work tonight. Ben Nye Plum Pencil + Shu Uemura Gold Glitter Eyeshadow. Tonight I added some white highlight in the upper lip dip, a la DIOR last year.
    Portia xx

    1. There’s a Harney boutique five minutes from my apartment! Their Soho blend (chocolate and coconut) is very tasty.

      My ex’s grandmother gave me a bottle of vintage Paris, and it’s magnificent. YSL should take better care of its classics. At least Yvresse is safe for now!

    2. Mmmm, Paris. I don’t remember smelling much of it back in the day, unless what I took to be Coty Exclamation was really Paris… or maybe Virginians just went for white florals at the department store instead (Giorgio, Poison – I smelled PLENTY of those as well as the Big Orientals). Shrug. I dunno.

      But it’s so lovely, Paris.

      1. I don’t know whether to be nostalgic for a time when people were less afraid to wear perfume, or just grateful that I missed the Giorgio era!

      2. Hey there Malsnano86,
        Ha! You are funny.
        Paris in the 1980s was way bigger than now. It was competing on BIG turf. It was richer too, the dry down was almost oriental. They were BIG roses back then. She also wore Giorgio, it was her car re-spritz for when she felt her fragrance had left her.
        How I loved the 80s fragrances.
        Portia xx

        1. I liked Giorgio then. (If you haven’t smelled it recently, DON’T. It’s Awful, a chemical spill.) Poison was too much, but then I think everybody was overapplying it; I love it now, even the vintage stuff.

          I can’t think of a reason why I never came across anybody wearing Paris in the 80s, unless maybe it wasn’t available at our small-town Macy’s. I didn’t even smell it at college – unless, as I say, I misidentified it as some really-good Exclamation.

        2. I have an old tester of Giorgio now Malsnano86. The top notes are a bit wonky but the heart is exactly as I remember it on Mum. I think it might be last century or early this one.
          My BFFs Mum wears only Opium, I have recently had to grab a bunch of vintage because the prices are already crazy and I know they will skyrocket. I even managed to get a boxed set with powder and 100ml EdT. Looks like it’s had about 5 sprays and still in its box perfectly. It was a great find though it nearly blew my months frag budget.
          Portia xx

  2. I love Sweet Anthem, as well, even though I actually only own Juliet–also too sweet for me. I was expecting Oliva Hussey, instead I got Claire Danes.

    Daily Perfume: Acqua di Parma Colonia Assoluta, closer to what I’d expect a fragrance called ‘Juliet’ to smell like. Wearing it because the DC area has been having abhorrently humid weather for days.
    Daily Lip: Too Faced Melted Ruby. This is an amazingly vibrant lipstain.

    1. Okay, now I have to try those Too Faced glosses. They got great reviews on Temptalia, too.

      I’m amtraking to DC today! Thank you for the weather warning. I’ll bring my sample of Kurkdjian Aqua Universalis.

  3. I always feel slightly guilty when I run across somebody reviewing an indie line I’m not familiar with, because I can’t get to all of them. I just can’t. I’ve come to accept that I’m not going to… but then there’s that “I bet they’ve got nice things I’m missing” guilt. Sigh.

    I don’t feel guilty about my decision to stop pursuing Soivohle, since Liz Zorn announced her plan to only create limited editions from now on – when it’s gone, it’s gone. I can live with not knowing what’s new with that (especially since I got that backup bottle of Centennial). And other than Ballets Rouges, I’ve had very bad luck with Olympic Orchids, so I think I’m done there too. Also Opus Oils; not one of the dozen I tried was anything I would wear (Dirty Sexy Wilde was FASCINATING and really well done, but not me). Ineke fragrances I usually like starting out, and then later go off them after I’ve bought; there seems to be something in the base that makes the back of my throat go all raspy. Bad luck with Neil Morris too (and I picked my samples sooooo carefully!).

    A lot of indie perfumers seem to be very pricey, probably because they’re working with naturals. I applaud that, and if I could just stop by and smell their stuff for free I might be more interested in plonking down the big bucks, but I just don’t think I can afford to splash out on samples from Ayala Moriel and Mandy Aftel and I know I’m forgetting some really good ones. Ack.

    DSH I try to keep up with, and SSS. I have reliable success with those two houses. Tauer’s hit-or-miss with me, but even the misses are nearly always worth smelling.

    Enough angst and self-justification. SOTD: Byredo Flowerhead, the first time I’ve put it on since Hayley died. I had it on when we took her to the vet, expecting nothing more serious than x-rays and maybe some medication, and then she didn’t make it home with us. It’s really beautiful, though I kind of wish the big loud tubey opening stayed big and loud instead of shrinking down. LOTD: Just Bitten Lipstain in Romantic. Earrings OTD: pink faux baroque pearls with lantern-shaped clear red beads on French wires, from Etsy. Love these.

    1. Dude, I can’t believe how many indie brands you keep up with! Of all the brands you named, I consistently follow maybe two: Ineke and Tauer. To me, you’re a true indie patron! Don’t you dare feel guilty!

      I’m so, so sorry to hear about Hayley, Mals. She’s so gorgeous and happy in your interview from a few years back. I hope that Flowerhead brought you only happiness this time around.

  4. Hey Ari! Have I got the product for you– Google Captain Blankenship, go to the “goods” tab, then click on lip and face care. It’s the Plum Rosy Lip Balm. No stickiness, gorgeous sheer color, softly herbal/geranium scented, all natural and organic. I adore the brand. I regularly use the Rosy Red Lip Balm, myself.

    Ok, my dailies!
    1. Fragrance: Sage Machado Jade & Topaz perfume oil blend
    2. Incense: Indian Ashrams brand, Chandan Champa (slightly perfumey, sophisticated version of nag champa- my current fave)
    3. Lips: Ginger Chi Heal & Shine

    1. What a cute site! I think there are some shops in Brooklyn that carry this line- I know I’ve seen that Mermaid Spray around. Thank you for the recommendation, Carrie!

  5. Today’s:

    Scent- Chanel no 5 eau Premiere. My go-to for days when I just want to smell good, not interesting or complex.

    Lip- Laura Mercier lip stain in Mulberry, topped off with Phoenix Botanicals’ warm red lip tint. True love. Perfect color with my complexion and I don’t have to worry about getting it all over my face.

    Song- Boom Clap. Nooo whyyy make it stop.

    Fun fact- 1/3 of leprosy cases are a result of contact with an infected armadillo. The more you know.

    1. NO WAY re: infected armadillos

      Are you using the Phoenix Botanicals balm in the black tube? It looks amazing on the website- can’t believe she got so much pigment into a balm.

      1. Yep! The one in the black tube. I was disappointed when I first swatched it on the back of my hand – it looked like another halfheartedly tinted balm. But the color actually shows up on my lips. Not extremely pigmented, but a noticeable wash of plum/garnet. I really like it, but personally prefer the LM stain. It’s one of those “damn, I look good” bond girl colors.

      1. Adorable little purveyors of death. Who knew, right?

        Also, yes, Eau Premiere was my first “grown up” scent. I got it as a reward after surviving a really stressful experience, so I douse myself in it as protection against stress/nervousness/lack of confidence. Liquid luck 🙂

  6. I finished a small edp of Juliet – it’s spicier on me (tobacco) than it sounds on you, but it is still quite sweet. I have a sample of the oil but I liked the edp better…but I do love many of SA’s scents! I have four or five that I wear fairly often. Right now I’m on a linden kick so it’s Lucille!

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