Dailies 08/05/14

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Daily Fragrance: Serge Lutens L’Orpheline. I don’t like this. It’s very quiet, and the lavender note smells like old-fashioned men’s shaving cream. It’s more interesting than the last Serge, Vierge de Fer, but less pleasant. Full review forthcoming.

Daily Soap: Lush Shark Fin Soap. Shark Fin Soap is exactly the kind of product that makes me such a huge Lush fan. 100% of the selling price of this achingly adorable soap goes to the United Conversationists Fin Free Campaign. You get to play Sharknado in the bathtub, sharks get to keep their fins. Everybody wins!

Except for Tara Reid and her shark-hand, or lack thereof.
Except for Tara Reid, who bravely sacrifices her hand to the Sharknado. Moment of silence, people.

Daily Nails: TonyMoly TonyNail Trendy Mellow Mint. Behold TonyMoly‘s genius: $3 mini bottles of bright, trendy colors, so you can try out a trend without splurging. You’ll need three coats, but the formula has no particular issues otherwise. TonyMoly just opened their first U.S. boutique in Midtown. I hear they are extremely nice to people who spill half a bottle of bright pink nail polish on themselves and the floor.

Please feel free to share your own dailies!

Disclaimer: This post does not contain affiliate links. All products featured in this post are my own purchases, much to my wallet’s dismay. L’Orpheline sample provided by Twisted Lily upon request.  

14 thoughts on “Dailies 08/05/14

  1. Hey There Arielle,
    I didn’t hate L’Orpheline but I got a kooky ride with it. VERY much like Lainne de Verre but not really the same.
    Love LUSH but currently using a Tabac Original soap. Smells wonderful in the shower or bath.
    Toenails continue purple with sparkles, I think it must be nearing week 4 and they are still perfect. Pedi booked this weekend.

    1. Yes, similar fuzzy, synthetic vibe to Lainne de Verre. Between those two and Vierge de Fer, Serge is doing too many quiet, subtle ones for my liking.

  2. L’Orpheline doesn’t sound at all like my kind of thing from the reviews I’ve been reading. I mean, “not my sort of thing” on top of being “the new Serge,” because I typically don’t love Serges anyway. (Cringes. Prepares to have her scent judgment questioned to the end of her days.)

    Small, inexpensive bottles of nail polish sound like The Thing. Marketing genius!

    (Oh, all RIGHT, I do love La Myrrhe. Datura Noir and Fleurs d’Oranger are really nice, too.)

    Yesterday I wore Monyette Paris – very overrated for a suntan lotion smell, I say. Today I’m doing a throwdown between the two different versions of Ines de la Fressange, which I had MEANT to do for the past three years, but which Portia had to remind me about.

    1. I have a real fondness for Monyette Paris because my best friend wore it in college. A little would rub off on me every time she hugged me, and I would smell her all day.

      1. There is a ton of musk in it under the white-flowers-and-coconut, which nobody talks about but that adds to the beachy-skin effect. I will say that it was pretty, just not worth the bucks for me (i felt the same way about Kai – nice but why the $$$?). However, I will add that The CEO followed me around while I was wearing it. 😀

  3. L’Orpheline doesn’t sound like my thing either. I don’t usually like beachy scents but I’m curious about the Monyette Paris.
    Daily Chore – Waiting for dishwasher repair man.
    Daily Scent – Le Labo Ylang 49
    Daily Pedi Polish – Chrome Girl Poetic Potion. A metallic bronze.

    1. Ylang 49 is wonderful. Monyette Paris is more of a tropical white floral than a traditional beachy scent (nothing aquatic), so it might work for you!

  4. If I had the sort of dedication it takes to post dailies – why, I’d have a real blog!

    Please feel free to order me out of the house. I need cat food badly. And cheese.

  5. Oh no! I was just at LUSH yesterday and the SA was so excited to show me all their new stuff but she didn’t mention Shark Fin (and it was at the very first original store in SF too!) I did buy the Lip Service lip balm and Zeste hair gel and am kicking myself for not buying the Flying Fox shower gel which the SA said is good for “when it’s that time of the month”.

  6. I actually really like L’Orpheline! Everyone says it’s so quiet, but I haven’t found it quiet or subdued. The cashier and Whole Foods asked me what was that smell. I think she meant me and I think that meant she could smell L’Orpheline from a few feet away.

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