Pharrell Williams Girl


After years of watching Anthropologie have all the fun, Sephora is finally getting in on the niche/mass-market collab game. They’ve partnered up with Commes des Garcons and the very busy Pharrell Williams to create Girl, “a stylish wood-based fragrance for girls and boys that strikes an attractive balance of masculinity and femininity”. I loved the concept of a Commes des Garcons fragrance at Sephora prices, but admit to being a little nervous about the execution. I’m happy to report that Sephora got everything right, from the juice itself (a lavender and cedar blend as smooth as Pharrell’s ever-so-slightly autotuned vocals) to the adorably whimsical bottle and perfectly-priced 10 ml option.

Much like Pharrell himself, Girl is pleasant and interesting without being overly challenging. It’s as unisex as its tagline suggests: the notes are traditionally masculine, but the cedar note is sweet enough to make most men think twice. Girl is unquestionably the best celebrity fragrance of the year, and a very good perfume by any standard. I like it much better than I thought I would from the notes list (which starts with my nemesis, orange blossom). In fact, I’ve been talking about Girl so much that Daisy bought me the 10 ml bottle just to shut me up. It’s earned a spot in my purse, and I find myself reaching for it most days.

12 thoughts on “Pharrell Williams Girl

  1. I’ve only smelled this briefly from the bottle but it reminded me a lot of Nirvana Black (which is also nice! celebrities ftw!)

    1. Hopefully more celebrities will follow in Pharrell and the Olsens’ woody, niche-lite footsteps! (Are you taking notes, Kanye?)

  2. Hello from New Orleans, Ari. Maybe I should keep going on and on about that new Xerjoff Sandalwood (forgot the name) so Daisy can buy me a bottle 🙂

    I bought the 10 mL too – smart marketing. Someone at Sephora must read the perfumista blogs.

  3. I’ve smelled it a couple of times at Sephora, and I think I must be sensitive to whatever they use for the violet leaf note because it’s super prominent on me, but nobody else seems to mention it. I get a lot of violet leaf and a raspy wood. I don’t smell orange blossom at all.

  4. Okay, I think this may have tipped me into dangerous blind-buy territory. I talked myself out of it a few days ago, because what I really DON’T need (but want!) is another woody perfume with a cedar note…but violet? lavender? I don’t have either of those spots filled yet 🙂

    The bigger problem was then talking myself into blind-buying Nirvana Black to get to the free shipping mark…

  5. My darling dear! I’m so glad that you have your Pharell Girl! It smells terrific on you and is so much more convenient in a purse than a big ol’ bottle from L’Artisan 🙂 So happy that you are happy!

  6. Fun scent, fun review! I agree: this collaboration was done perfectly. It’s a win-win situation. So glad you’ve been able to add Girl to your collection, thanks to D!

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