Help Us Choose Our Shop Name!


After months of hush-hush searching, I am beyond thrilled to finally be able to share with you that Scents of Self will be opening the first DC-area niche perfume boutique! Our graphic designer (who’s also a Felanilla-wearing fragonerd, of course) tells us that while Scents of Self might be an excellent blog name, it’s probably too long for a shop name. If you’d like to help us choose our shop name, please choose your favorite option in this poll! Write-ins and any other suggestions are more than welcome. Thank you so much for your help and support!

34 thoughts on “Help Us Choose Our Shop Name!

    1. Thank you so much, Steve! We’ve found a wonderful spot at the Mosaic District in Fairfax. You and your champagne are always welcome! 😉

      1. Ohhh!!! I was certain your location would be some hard-to-get-to (for me) place in DC — but the Mosaic District!!! Why, I can see it from my house! (Almost ) I was excited before, but now I’m practically beside myself!

  1. What exciting news, Ari!!
    if your branding, identity and ‘shop feel’ matches it – what about ‘Nosy Ari’?
    oh or ‘Arielle’s Nosy Nook’ / Ari’s Nosy Nook?..ok- I am getting carried away..:)
    How fun!!

  2. Congratulations! Amazing news. I don’t think Scents of Self is too long. It’s clever, says what you’re offeirng and is meaningful to you. Very best wishes.

  3. Ari, by chance have you listened to the podcast called Start Up? It’s this former NPR host (Planet Money) describing the process of starting his new business. The whole series might be interesting to you, but especially the portions of the first few episodes where he describes the process of choosing the name (originally American Podcasting Corporation, now Gimlet Media.) Free on iTunes!

    Congrats on the store!! So excited!

  4. Hurrah – the Washingtonians are very lucky. Does Michelle Obama know? She was partial to that range that sounds like Boadicea last time I looked, but could surely use a bit of consultancy. I have no problem with Scents of Self – love a good pun, I do.

  5. Ari- congrats and best of luck and much success! A fragrance shop is a wonderful thing. My idea for your shop name is “Scent Markt”, so the german does a thing where it’s both fragrance market, and also sounds like “marked by” scent. Otherwise, I like Ari’s.

  6. I was thinking about your shop today. I can’t wait for it to open 🙂 Have you thought about a name like The Perfumari, or Parfumari?

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