Gorilla Perfume Sun and Sikkim Girls


Out of the nine Volume 2 Gorilla Perfumes released in 2013, only two are continuing on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model. Sun and Sikkim Girls are joining the main Gorilla Perfume lineup, while the others have been called home to The Great Lush Bathtub In The Sky. So what makes these two scents worthy of the adorable new Gorilla Perfume packaging? Your intrepid girl reporter investigates.

Sun is the obvious crowd pleaser, a cheerful, candied orange scent. It’s completely unchanging/linear; think Gorilla Perfumes Karma or L de Lolita Lempicka without any base notes. Sikkim Girls is a little more complicated. Let’s get this on the table: I hate jasmine and I rarely enjoy tuberose, and Sikkim Girls has plenty of both. Sikkim Girls is a thick, natural-smelling tuberose scent, with the realistic rubbery quality of a true tuberose note. “Thick” is actually generous; I find Sikkim Girls muddled, but it’s important to note that I was only able to test the solid formulation. It’s kind of hard to imagine such a strong white floral being as widely popular as Sikkim Girls has become. Your intrepid girl reporter wonders just how many shoppers are more taken with the “exotic” Sikkim Girls name and illustration than with the scent itself, but your intrepid girl reporter might just be grumpy because she misses Gorilla Perfume Furze.

13 thoughts on “Gorilla Perfume Sun and Sikkim Girls

  1. I’m not surprised that Sun made the cut. It’s a little more surprising that Sikkim Girls is popular enough to stick around. I think I remember liking it. I haven’t been to Lush in forever and a day. =/

      1. (Sigh), back to the mall then. The one near me just opened a couple of months ago, and last time I checked, had still not gotten any perfumes. They had a few solid testers the first time I went, and I remember Breath of God being rather wonderful.

  2. I’m happy that Sikkim Girls made the cut. It was my favorite of the Volume 2 line (the liquid anyway.. I haven’t tried the solid). I also liked The Bug, but didn’t love it enough to buy it. I haven’t smelled Sun, but while I don’t dislike citrus-centric perfumes, they don’t tend to interest me much either.

    When I was in Lush recently doing some Christmas shopping, I revisited Breath of God, which I remember really disliking the first time I tried it. I actually kinda liked it this time around.

    1. Thank you for bringing your Sikkim Girls fan perspective! Breath of God is in the “interesting, but would not ever ever wear” category for me.

  3. I loved watching ANTM and to this day am still trying to learn to ‘smize’ with my eyes. The hot bod may take longer. I did actually see the house that was used in the 2010 series in Venice Beach, and was ridiculously excited!

    Anyway, yes, LUSH / Gorilla scents – haven’t tried these but a friend of mine who is a LUSH loyalist and wears the white floral monster that is Lust is probably onto Sikkim Girls too. Furze means something rude – I think in German? – but I can’t for the life of me remember what.

      1. That might explain why I hated Furze so much. Scrubbed it, gave away the sample and it somehow came back to me in the mail, like a curse????

  4. Still haven’t done much testing of LUSH – though I did enjoy my small bottle of Rose Jam shower gel. I love the smell of Snowcake soap, but our water is so hard (even with the water softener) that there’s not much point in my buying real, actual soap. The liquid stuff doesn’t leave soap scum. And I suffered through the first hour of The Scent of WEather Turning, but really liked it after that.

    I’d probably try more of their scents if I had a LUSH nearby.

    1. When you come to the Mosaic District, we’ll make a detour to the Tyson’s Corner Lush. You have to try the new Tapaoica massage bar- same scent as Rose Jam.

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